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Birthday, to be continued

I really, really wanted to complete my birthday with a wonderful Steve session. But I knew he was torn in several directions, trying to pack his house for a move, preparing the new place (painters, etc.), work, his daughter, and so on. Still, I hoped that maybe, just maybe, it could happen anyway.

It didn’t.

However… when we spoke last night, he felt bad about it, and insisted on dropping by today, just for a short time. I said no, let’s wait, you’ve got too much to do, I don’t want to you be more stressed, I don’t want to put more on your plate. “I want this on my plate,” he said. So I said OK.

He turned up on my doorstep at 11:00 AM, and when I opened the door, my mouth dropped open. He was loaded down with a vase of tulips and a cake box. 


And look at the pretty card…

I was overwhelmed. I didn’t expect any of this. I can’t believe he took the time to go get these things, even when all the stuff he has going on. When I told him he didn’t have to, that it could wait.

He couldn’t stay long — just long enough to catch up a bit and for us to scarf down a slice of cake apiece (Red Velvet! Yum!). No spanking. But he said that’s coming. My birthday is To Be Continued, still.

Not sure when it will be, since next Monday is his actual moving day. It may be two weeks. But at least I know it is coming. That things will get back on track. That I will have my joyous connection and fulfillment, my stress release, my top, once again.

Happy me. 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Birthday, to be continued

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Happy you. It's good when special days can be extended and enjoyed in stages.

    All the best,


  2. KC — hey! 🙂 Happy to see you here.


  3. Awww…that was nice of him to stop by and catch up and can't wait till you get your birthday spanking 🙂
    Hope you had a great birthday 🙂


  4. BMD — I am looking forward to it too! Better late than never, certainly. 🙂


  5. Anonymous on said:

    YAY for birthdays! 🙂

    and yummy cake…..


  6. OtkD — … and friends! 🙂


  7. That prospect is worth another congratulation. 😉


  8. MrJ — well, I'm quite fond of milking these things. 😀


  9. What a nice post and a good man you have……you must have felt wonderful which you deserve.


  10. Ron — I did. Between him and my John, I feel very much loved.


  11. Anonymous on said:

    The more you talk about Steve, the more I like him. And as for the birthday spanking, well, good things come to those who wait. It will be extra special when you finally get to go across his lap.



  12. Mike — yes, we have quite a marathon ahead. We haven't played since September 9.


  13. Bobbie Jo on said:

    Sometimes when you least expect it… 😉


  14. Bobbie Jo — yup. 🙂 Things have a way of turning around.


  15. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica, you are a very lucky person to have someone like Steve as your boyfriend. What a sumptuous cake, a bouquet of tulips, that look beautiful as you, and a crowning card.. By the way which movie star past or present, would you like to be spanked by? XXX Luv ya.


  16. Happy belated birthday, Erica. It sounds like you had a great day.
    And red velvet, yum!


  17. Six — John is my boyfriend, now and forever. Steve is my top and my dear friend. And I am lucky to have them both. 🙂

    Kaki — thanks! It was lovely and sweet (both my birthday and the cake).


  18. Hi Erica — That was so sweet of Steve 🙂 The tulips are so pretty and the cake looks Yummy.You and Steve have a great Top and bottom relationship,Which is so COOL 🙂 Your spanking is coming soon which is GREAT. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  19. Jade — we do indeed!


  20. Such a mega cute card-should we refer to you from now on as “Queen Erica” or Princess Erica”? 🙂


  21. Kelly — (snort) I'm thinking no.


  22. I'm very glad your Birthday Week continued to have happy surprises, and happy I could contribute a grin, too.


  23. Dave — you always do! 🙂


  24. How sweet of him! And the cake looks delicious! On the bright side of the delayed spanking, it'll build the anticipation and make it even better when it happens.


  25. Lea — yeah, I find myself really looking forward to it.


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