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50 Freaks, Part 3

I was due at Bob’s room for our shoot at 2:00, so John and I had plenty of time to have a leisurely brunch. Usually we run into someone or another from our party when we go to eat, but we didn’t this time, so we just decompressed a bit and chatted. I was checking in with John frequently during this weekend. He was a bit tired, and his right ankle/calf kept swelling, so he had to remain seated a lot of the time with his foot up. Therefore, he didn’t mingle as much as he usually does. But he was able to sleep, and overall, he felt OK — he even went to the hotel gym each morning (which is more than I can say for Miss Lazy here).

I went to Bob’s — he had another party guest operating one of the cameras (the other was on a tripod), but I don’t know if I can use his real name and I don’t know if he has a scene name, so he will have to remain nameless. Bob wanted to shoot three clips. He has a series called “Love Spankings,” where it depicts him spanking women who are enjoying and relishing it, rather than fighting and kicking and so forth. Then he also has a series where he does strappings — also no banter there, just pure belt action (and reaction). And then for the third, he wanted us to do a husband-and-wife scenario, with me being at my mouthy best. 

The scene was your usual stuff: Hubby and I are coming home from a party, having a raging argument, and the inevitable happens. But we had some fun surprises. Bob was quick on the draw, matching my barbs with his own. At one point during the OTK portion, he was spewing some cheesy spank-talk and I yelled, “Oh, you’re going to make me throw up!” Without missing a beat, he reached under the desk, pulled the trash can over to me and said, “Here, knock yourself out.” LOL! The can was full and I reached into it and started flinging trash over my shoulder at him (nothing gross, just cardboard packaging inserts and stuff like that).

We hadn’t planned for this to be any more than a hand spanking video, but lo and behold, Bob’s hand erupted in not one, but two blood blisters. So he stood me up and bent me over the desk for his belt, while I screamed and fussed.

Here’s a couple of screen grabs: Hubby and I yelling at each other…

… and me getting the belt.

Bob also put up a brief teaser on Spanking Tube. For whatever reason, I cannot get it to embed here on the blog. So if you want to check it out, go here.

EDIT: Almost forgot this — for an extra on this clip, Bob filmed a tongue-in-cheek “Public Service Announcement” about getting his hand assed. He held his blistered hand out for the camera and solemnly announced, “I played with Erica Scott, and look what happened to me.” He went on for another minute or so, with me shrieking with laughter in the background.

We were done about 3:15, and then I crashed. There was a theme party going on in the suite from 4:00 on, but I knew I couldn’t make it. I wanted to be fresh for Saturday night, and I needed to be quiet and sleep for a good long time. So I went back to our room, texted John and then crawled into bed, where I slept until 6:00. Refreshed, I showered, washed my hair and dressed for our dinner at the steak house.

Last year, the steak house gathering had been very popular, but unfortunately, the maximum the banquet room could hold was 20. So Joe and Ten booked it for both Friday and Saturday, and a different group went each time, with a signup sheet for both. John and I ended up at the far end of the table, sitting across from Djinn, Sophie and Kelley, so the conversation was fun and lively. And the food was fabulous — I got possibly the best piece of salmon I’ve ever eaten, and a side of sauteed green beans (sorry, Pixie!) with slivered almonds and onions. The bread basket had cheese crisps, a sliced loaf of what looked like French bread and another loaf of dark bread with nuts and raisins in it. The service was amazing. The only slip-up was our waiter forgot to bring John the glass of Cabernet he ordered. So when he brought it, he said, “It’s on the house.” Just because John had to wait for it for a few minutes! Now that’s service.

We had a double birthday celebration in the suite later, with two cakes, for Katarina and Zoey (LostKitten). Zoey’s birthday had actually been a month or so ago, but she’d posted a horrible story about having a birthday party (vanilla) and no one showed up except her mother and her boyfriend. She was so sad, and we were sad for her. How could anyone be so mean to such an adorable little girl? (For those who don’t know her, she’s 22, tiny and so very pretty.) Anyway, Joe got a text from her bf ItsNature before they were about to arrive at the suite, so we gathered around near the door, with Alex holding out this ginormous sheet cake so the first thing Zoey would see was the cake with “Happy Birthday, Kitten” on it, and when she walked in, we all yelled “Surprise!” Her reaction was priceless — she actually didn’t know it was for her, at first, and looked around and behind her. When it dawned on her — “Wow, this is for ME!” — she blushed bright pink, put her hands over her face and teared up. I wish someone had filmed that… one of the sweetest sights of the weekend.

I didn’t play a whole lot on Saturday night, but my two scenes were top quality and memorable. First, no party weekend is complete without a double flogging from Fineous, Flogger Extraordinaire. I watched him doing his thing with Sarah Gregory, and later when he was sitting at the bar eating and chatting, I sidled up to him and said, “When’s my turn?” “As soon as I finish my sandwich,” he assured me. We found an empty bed and I stripped down to my thong. Oh my… it was so delicious. I think he went longer than he ever has before, and I enjoyed every stroke of it. Afterward, he always gives a lovely massage with lotion, and John, who had been watching, came over and joined in, so I had two pairs of strong hands on me. Life was perfection at that moment.

Michael had told me we were going to play every night of the party, to which I heartily agreed, so at some point (my memory of the timeline is starting to blur), he took me into one of the bedrooms. The bed was taken, so he sat on the ottoman of the armchair and pulled me down over his lap there. Again, just a hand spanking, but I swear, that man’s hand is tireless and indestructible. I was getting quite sore by then, so implements weren’t really necessary. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay in the room for aftercare, because a whip was being cracked and it was noisy, plus we didn’t want to be in the way. So I half-walked, half-staggered into the living room, where he sat in one of the plush chair and took me into his lap to cuddle. After I’d settled in and had my head lolling on his shoulder, he sheepishly whispered to me, “I hate to say this, but I have to get up — I have to pee.” LOL! Oh well. Aftercare-us Interruptus happens. Michael is usually one of the kings of aftercare, so I could certainly overlook a call of nature.

As the hour grew late, I settled into one of the chairs with John, just relaxing, chatting and laughing. He and YS got into a lively discussion about the differences between men and women (besides the obvious), and I was laughing so hard, I’m sure they could hear me all the way down the hall. Then Beth joined in, and she was giving YS a hard time about his cussing. Come to think of it, the man does love his s-bombs! So, now that I was aware of it, I started giving him noise about it too. When he said, “Ellee is smart as shit!”, I answered something like, “I didn’t know that shit possessed intellect.” Then John quipped, “Where do you think they got the expression ‘shit for brains’?”

Yes, we are classy. Good times.

Before we knew it, it was after 3:00 AM. Reluctantly we said our good nights — Strict Dave’s Punishment Court was at 11:00 the next morning. I think we got to sleep around 4:00. (Yes, I know a lot of you freaks pulled all-nighters. This girl just can’t do that anymore.)

Still have Sunday coming!

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12 thoughts on “50 Freaks, Part 3

  1. I have wanted to shoot with Erica for years, basically since I started Uncle Bob's Woodshed. Our friendship goes back many years before that, so this was a real treat.
    Thank you, Ericalove, for all your inspiration and fun at our first shoot together!


  2. Bob — we had so much fun! Oooh, I forgot to mention the PSA. I'll go back and add that. 😀


  3. I hope your bum still hurts! I'm looking forward to mine being very sore next Friday! 🙂


  4. Kelly — it does! And it feels weird… all rough. I think some exfoliating will be due in a couple of days.


  5. That's it. I'm joining pottymouths anonymous.


  6. YS — yes, dear, you're powerless as fuck. 😉


  7. Hi Erica — I enjoyed this 🙂 As always it is EXCELLENT. WAY TO GO BIONIC BUTT 🙂 For giving Bob 2 blood blisters.You mentioned that there was a whip cracking in the room, Have you ever got spanked with a whip? I bet it hurts like hell LOL 🙂 Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  8. Jade — it was just a demo, I think, with the whip at the party. I've been struck with a single-tail whip, which is very thin (not like a heavy bullwhip), but it stings like crazy.


  9. Anonymous on said:

    Erica, you look absolutely stunning in the second photo. Thank you for sharing your adventure at 50 Freaks with us.


  10. Anonymous — thank you for reading! It was fun to write.


  11. Very good memories here. And it was nice to finally meet you 🙂


  12. JC — it was great to finally meet you too! Sorry we didn't get to interact much; these events are like a whirlwind. Next time?


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