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Priorities, please!

I think by now, with all I’ve written about him, you all have gleaned that Steve is a bit of a caretaker and a giver. He’s a lot like John that way, always the first to do things for others. Which is lovely, of course. But people like that often get taken advantage of.

He has a friend who recently went into a nursing home. Before she did, he was doing a lot to care for her, and somehow, even though she has her own family, responsibility for advocating for her in the home became his. (Somehow, she says. Right. It became his because he accepted it.) Long story short, he had to remove himself a bit and back off, and she has others handling her care, but she still calls him constantly. She wants him to visit. She wants him to bring her things. It’s at that nursing home that he most likely picked up that freaking staph infection that nearly ate his face.

Anyway… so yesterday, while we were having pre-spanking talk, his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID — guess who? “I’m not answering it,” he said firmly, and we went back to talking. A few minutes later, while I went about closing the windows and preparing for our scene, he checked the message. No emergency. She just wanted him to bring her the mail. (sigh)

I was across the room, ready to come to him. He stood at the couch, holding his phone, looking sheepish. “I probably should call her back, huh?” 

I made such a face, he put his phone down. “Or not,” he added. I just shook my head and snickered at him. “What?” he asked.

“Look at you,” I smirked. “You’ve got a woman all ready to drape herself over your lap and bare her ass to you, and you’re like, ‘Oh, wait, maybe I should call an old lady in a nursing home first.’ Way to prioritize, honey.”

He sat down and glared at me. “Be quiet and get your ass over here.”

Mmmmmm. Yes, please. That’s more like it. First things first, FFS.

I got my much-needed attention, and she got her mail later. Win-win.

That wasn’t too much to read, now was it? :-Þ 

(Thanks to all who commented yesterday.)

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22 thoughts on “Priorities, please!

  1. Lol, men and priorities. My fiancé has been pretty stressed out with his construction company recently so I guess I do understand, but come on – especially when the first thing you hear after a good, hard spanking and hot passionate sex is what's on the agenda for work tomorrow…payroll, build a deck, fix a toilet, etc. Talk about an afterglow mood killer and of course any thoughts of aftercare flies out the nearest window. *sigh* Oh well, we are working on it. 🙂


  2. Jay — what, no aftercare?? Hummph! If Steve didn't give me aftercare, I'd put HIM in a nursing home. 😉


  3. Kelly on said:

    LOL! Brat! You feel better now?! 🙂
    Truthfully I don't envy people who adopt those roles in their lives. Some of my relatives did that over the years for other loved ones. Thankfully those receiving the care always showed appreciation rather than expectation so maybe that's what gives most caregivers the strength to juggle all the other parts of their lives to help with the care?


  4. Kelly — I can sorta see doing it for relatives (although with most of mine, I wouldn't bother). But when it's NOT your family? Bleah!

    Over the years, I've watched John bend over backward for his family, in every way possible, with money, helping people move, going to his mother's nursing home every single week, etc. I have yet to see any of them lift a finger for him. It's been my experience that the givers give and the takers take. Therefore, I have chosen to be neither, if I can help it.


  5. I agree with your priorities. I would prefer my wife give me a spanking followed by delicious sex before everything else. Actually, I would take a spanking rather than do some things that, as an obedient husband, I have to do, like go clothes shopping.


  6. Brat E. Pants on said:

    Just got around to reading this post (and the last one) and let me just say, I appreciate the efforts of bloggers who write thought-provoking posts! It's nice when the post is enhanced with a picture, but not necessary. I am unfamiliar with most aspects of blogging from the blogger's perspective, and I guess I never really appreciated how much they (understandably) appreciate comments. If someone poses a question in an obvious attempt to open a discussion, I can see how it would be frustrating to get nothing but crickets. Thanks for the insight–I'll be better about responding to my favorites from now on.

    As for Steve, it's both a blessing and a curse to be actively caring and willing to serve others. I'm glad he took care of business, though! Nice glow!


  7. Baxter — but clothes shopping is fuuuuun! 😀

    Brat — “crickets” describes it well sometimes! Thank you. 🙂


  8. First things first – exactly! He's got his priorities right.

    I guess the lady is just lonely, and doesn't realize she's an imposition. Those homes can be kind of creepy.



  9. Hermione — oh, believe me, I know. 😦


  10. Bobbie Jo on said:

    Huh? Clothes shopping? Fun? By the time I try on just two items, I am ready to go home. Worse, yet, is shopping for shoes. Now there is a real pain in the kazoo!


  11. Bobbie Jo — I have to be in the mood for it. And I can't stand crowded malls and stores on weekends. But during the week, if I have a good chunk of time, I do enjoy it.


  12. Hi Erica — I am glad that Steve got his priorities straight 🙂 It's good that he chose to spank you first. Nice pic of your red bum 🙂 You both are too funny LOL. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  13. Jade — thanks. 🙂


  14. Yes, givers give and takers take, but the givers feel better about themselves. I'd think that situation could lead to some good spanking. I'm envisioning the lines I would use: “some sweet little old lady wants some attention, the only attention she's going to get this week, and you're inpatient?!”
    ok so maybe the face-eating staph infection and other details aside… you should thank the little old lady for providing a situation so ripe for a well deserved bottom warming!


  15. did I actually write “inpatient” on a comment of a blog written by an editor?! grrr!


  16. SS — yup, you sure did! 😀

    Oh, whatever. I need attention too, dammit!


  17. Unfortunately once his family pegs him as a good person they will continue to allow him to do it and not lift a finger. I was like this for a lot of years and one discovered I was being taken advantage of and stop. At least he stop and realized what his true priority was.


  18. MrJ on said:

    Win-win. Sure! Taking care of two hand-fulls, though one more literally so than the other.


  19. MrJ — yup!


  20. The more literal one 😉 got chrossed! Congrats


  21. Wonderful photo of you!

    Steve is a saint for taking care of others. We need more people like him.


  22. AP — we do, but not for the reason you stated. 😉


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