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Where are these from — anyone know?

OK, screw nostalgia. Johnny Carson shtick went over like a lead balloon, so I’ll get to something more pertinent. I just saw this photo on one of the bazillion spanko Tumblr sites out there, and I’ve never seen it before. It was uncredited; any ideas?

I think this is stunning! I love the color, the contrast of her full bottom and tiny waist, and that damn near impossible curve in her back. Beautiful. 

Also, because I have OCD, I appreciate the evenness of the color as well. Yeah, it wraps the right hip and thigh a wee bit, but you know, what price art. No short shorts for her for a while.

And while we’re at it, any ideas where this came from? Again, uncredited:

I’m not a big fan of corners, but this is so artistic — the shading, the way her head is dipped down, the innocence of stuffed animals and dolls juxtaposed with the sexuality of a nude young woman. The only thing I don’t like is that stupid cactus. Why is that in there?

And finally, anyone know the origin of this one?

Oh, wait… that’s me. Never mind. 😀

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23 thoughts on “Where are these from — anyone know?

  1. I can't identify the first two, very good though they are. The third pic is the clear winner. Perfect form. 🙂


  2. OK, I won't take any offense at being one of the seemingly lonely few that appreciated your Johnny Carson nostalgia. I'm old enough to remember him, old enough to appreciate and love what you posted and old enough not to let my feelings get hurt from being sol old. *smile

    Erica ….. Picture one …. meh. I see what you mean about the contract and the beauty, but ok. Picture 2 … I agree, stunning symbolism of the beautiful, young, naked woman standing in sexy red heels in the corner, with her lowered head, teddy bear and pig tails. Very erotic.

    Neither of them compare to picture 3. That one is OMG f-ing yummy!

    Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. “Have no money? we don't care. Have no job? we don't care. Have no credit? we don't care. Don expect to pay us back? THAT'S WHEN WE CARE! (slamming his cane on the desk) – Art Fern, Tea Time Movie Host.


  3. (laughing) Oh, Erica, you crack me up!


  4. Mace — shucks. 🙂

    sub hub — no, don't take offense. You were one of two; definitely not my most popular topic! (sigh) I guess Mr. Carson is dated. Still love him, though. “Keep driving until you come to… the fork in the road!”

    Jay — what? Who, me? And here I wasn't even trying to be funny! 😀 OK, maybe with that last picture. But would truly love to know where the first two are from. I wish these damn pictures weren't uncredited so often; it's frustrating for the people who took them.


  5. Don't know the sources of the first two…

    But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the motorcycle pic! It's sooo hot! I think I saw it earlier somewhere (maybe Twitter?) and thought it was just fabulous.


  6. Beth — thanks, sweetie. Yeah, it's my Twitter avatar.


  7. DAMN, girl, that moto photo is HOT!!! My husband has a motorcycle. You're giving me ideas…


  8. Autumn — something about motorcycles, no? Steve has a Harley. However, this was taken by a photographer from Model Mayhem.


  9. Hi Erica — I never saw those pics before either, They are nice pics though 🙂 I agree that stupid cactus shouldn't be there, I think it spoils the whole pic LOL. Well the third pic is my favorite 🙂 You look very stunning and BEAUTIFUL on that motorcycle.You are totally BADASS and very COOL 🙂 Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  10. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica, I see you became one of the “Hells Angels”. and I must admit you look mighty fine on it. “Vroom, and away we go. Ho Ho Maybe one day it will make the cover of Victoria's Angels. XXX Luv ya.


  11. Erica,

    There is just something about motorcycles. Your picture is perfect. You should hang it on your wall.

    Can't help with the first two though I have see the second one before.



  12. Anonymous on said:

    I did a Google image search on the first two photos. Didn't get anything except tumblr and references back to this post for the first shot with the lovely post-punishment colours. However, the second shot turned up a couple of other sources, one which leads back to here:

    Not sure where they might have got it, but one could ask.

    By the way, I kind of like the cactus in the second photograph. It both enhances the “stark” and “unfriendly” environment of the corner. Sort of like a Wild West movie includes a tumbleweed to drive home how dry and deserted a place it. The cactus is also in contrast with the angel wings on the opposite side of the photo. In addition, the cactus is slightly phallic, hinting at more activities to come.


  13. Jade — thank you. 🙂

    Six — I doubt that, but thanks. 😉

    Ronnie — ha! I don't know about my wall; blowing these pictures up tends to have the same effect as HD television; NOT a woman's friend!

    Anonymous — thank you so much for your research! I don't know why, but that cactus really bothers me. It's so incongruous with the rest of the theme — everything else is playful and innocent and soft-looking, and then you have that prickly, ugly thing. (I guess I don't find it phallic! LOL)


  14. Anonymous on said:

    Love all three pictures but have no idea of their origin.

    The young woman in the first picture is indeed posed perfectly. I agree about too much wrap around and my OCD hates the clutter on the bedside table.

    The second really sends my imagination into overdrive. I believe firmly that the cactus represents perfectly the little prick who took the picture.

    Damn but you look good on that bike!

    A. Nony Mouse


  15. Mouse — LOL about the cactus!

    I would imagine many would look at your first comment and say, “What bedside table?”


  16. Kelly on said:

    You look mighty comfy on that motorcycle. 🙂

    LOL! But I WANT a ginormous Saguaro cactus in my non climate friendly yard.


  17. Kelly — I am so terrible with plants, I have even killed cacti, and those damn things are never supposed to die!


  18. Anonymous on said:

    There is a class of cacti known as dildos. Could this be a sly reference?



  19. John — Oh. My. God. You aren't kidding.


  20. Anonymous on said:

    It's a trick! Only we old people connected with the Johnny Carson post, so you had to bring back images with spanking overtones. And we know those have *universal* appeal, especially to those of us who don't want to read words 🙂

    I've been thinking, though…the cool, spiny cactus foreshadows the irritation of the young woman's sore, tender bottom after she's called back from the corner, stripped of her stuffed animal and warmly spanked over a knee.

    (I think it is also significant that her teddy bear is pointing downward toward the center of the earth, but that won't be apparent to everyone.)

    I have enjoyed your recent posts, maybe not as much as a knock at the front door from American Family Publishers and the Human Laugh Track (death is no reason to stop doing this BTW), but quite a bit anyhoo.

    Thanks Erica!


  21. Anonymous — yeah, I could use a visit from Publishers Clearinghouse right about now, myself.

    I still don't like the damn cactus.


  22. I doubt if there is a class of dildo called cactus.


  23. Michael — ouch! I hope not. But yes, but there IS a class of cactus called dildo. I Googled it. 🙂


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