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Public swattery

Yeah, I know that’s not a word. It should be.

I think I’ve mentioned before that John is fond of giving me a swat (or two) in public places. Sometimes while we’re walking down the street, or in a parking garage. Oftentimes it’s in some kind of store, when I’m leaning over to get something off a shelf. I’m sure our hi-jinks have turned up on many a security camera.

You know, it’s weird. As open as I am about the spanking thing, I am embarrassed when I get swatted in Vanilla Q. Public. (I guess that’s the point, huh?) I immediately dart my head around to see if anyone saw us. We’ve gotten some smiles, some snickers, even a couple of whistles and catcalls from cars driving by. One woman called out, “I saw that!” But most of the time, no one sees (that I’m aware of), which is my preference. Silly, right? Considering how open I am about this and all. But I don’t want vanilla strangers gawking at me.

Last Sunday, we were at CVS Pharmacy, and I was reaching for John’s shampoo. As he is wont to do, he gave me a good smack on my right cheek. “John!” I snapped, straightening briefly and looking around. Then I went for the shampoo again. “I’m sorry, I meant this one,” John said, and smacked the left.

“Stoppit!!” I hissed, turning around, and then I saw an older woman walking toward us. Oh, crap. She was smiling, so of course she saw. But I didn’t expect the following — she went right up to John and said, “You’re embarrassing her. Stop that.” HA!

John, always quick on the uptake, came right back with, “It’s all her fault! She started it.”

To which our friend shook her head, gave him an “You’re so full of it” smile and replied, “Oh, don’t even go there with me. I know better.” Then she walked on down the aisle.

I didn’t stick around to watch John feign indignation… I was too busy stumbling around the corner, laughing my butt off. She sure told him!

How do you guys feel about public swattery? 

Have a great weekend, y’all. To my friends who are currently at Crimson Moon, I am freaking jealous and miss you like mad and can’t wait to see you at the end of the month!

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32 thoughts on “Public swattery

  1. Dunno. But you do inspire a social experiment. May be an interesting comparative set-up: New vs Old World.


  2. Tom and I do it at times too…It doesn't really bother me, If someone says something, I usually have a smart ass answer and sometimes it even starts something goin with the other person…LOL


  3. MrJ — not sure if New vs. Old is pertinent; more like exhibitionism vs. privacy. 🙂

    Nancy — I can picture you two!


  4. Anonymous on said:

    I tend not to get into physical acts of intimacy in public. Most of the time I prefer to keep deep kisses, swats, groping, dirty talk, etc restricted to private places. I think part of it is physical intimacy is, to me, a personal and private affair. Also, I don't like to make others uncomfortable with PDA.


  5. Anonymous — to each their own, certainly. I have mixed feelings on the subject. While I don't want to be groped in public, I do love certain acts of PDA — playful kissing, hand holding, etc. John and I engage in that and get a lot of smiles and friendly comments from checkers and other strangers, calling us “lovebirds.” 🙂


  6. Hi Erica — I feel the same way,as you do about it 🙂 John sounds like a lot of fun LOL 🙂 I never got swatted in a store before.but if I did, I would look to see if anyone was watching.Vanilla people wouldn't understand anyway. Wishing you and John a WONDERFUL weekend 🙂 Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  7. Brat E. Pants on said:

    I don't care about playful swats in public, although I find it interesting that my own instinct is to feign shock and playful indignation, as though I didn't just formally request some “ASSistance” from Mr. Pants in letting go of a particularly stressful week rather than continue carrying it around. I haven't been living the lifestyle long, but it already feels like a front when I don't just openly act like I genuinely recognize the affection in the gesture.


  8. Kelly on said:

    As long as they're playful, I think they're fun to watch and receive. In fact my best friend is typically prone to give me a firm smack or two at our Friday night karaoke hangout-especially when I bend over a table to fill out song slip.
    And on my birthday celebration several girl friends took their turns giving me swats. They didn't count to my true age. But that was ok since one who gave a few thuddy smacks to me announced she wasn't going to “break my fucking hand on YOUR ass!”
    As for a genuine punishment smack-best to save that for private quarters.


  9. Jade — John may drive me crazy sometimes, but yes, he is quite fun. 🙂

    Brat — I think for many of us (for me, anyway), pretending the shock/indignation is part of the fun. It's the whole “consensual non-consent” thing.


  10. I'm OK with a playful swat in public as long as there aren't kids around. I usually get swatted at least once every time we go to Walmart together.


  11. Kevlarbottom on said:

    I have to say I think along the same lines as you. Only I would be So embarrassed. I am a shy quiet person to begin with.


  12. Jay — I guess it's obvious I don't have kids. That never entered my mind! (blushing)

    KB — people often assume I'm not shy, when it's just the opposite. In many circumstances, I actually don't want attention called to me. 🙂


  13. I always give my lady swats in public. Usually after the first one she sticks her butt out for more.


  14. I BELIEVE in it!! I think about the security camera later!! lol


  15. Robert — good for her! 😀

    bobcat — yeah… I don't even want to know how many of those I'm on after all these years!


  16. One could say she's got your back (side)! Har har–sorry, I couldn't help myself.

    She sounds awesome, for sure!


  17. Autumn — ha! Yes, she did!


  18. Ron is reluctant to show any kind of affection in public, so when they happen, I'm over the moon!



  19. Anonymous on said:

    Jan and I did it often. She enjoyed it. We had to stop due to medical reason and today she is no longer with us. If it is fun for you as a couple, the hell with the general public. Life it too short to worry about what somebody else might think. Hal


  20. Erica, it's funny (ironic funny, not funny ha ha) but it is me that will give my Mistress swats in public. It's a subconscious act and I don't know exactly why I do it. It's always playful of course because in my true role as her submissive, I'm simply not allowed to haul off and whack her on the bottom. Yet, even though it is playful, there is still a bit of something that she can feel, a message of some sort. Exactly what message, I truly am not sure. Before Mistress and I entered into our FLM, i'd administer spanking to her as much and she would to me. Now that any real spanking that happens in our marriage is from her and on me, it's still a little playful behavior on my part I guess.


  21. Hermione — oh dear! We need to get ol' Ron to loosen up. PDAs are fun! 😀

    sub hub — that's interesting! Perhaps it's a bit of playful rebellion? Or a semi-serious leveling of the playing field? Apparently it doesn't bother her that you do it, so it's certainly harmless (to both of you). 😉


  22. Anonymous on said:

    Erica, It would not be a normal day out with my husband if he didn't come up behind me at some point and give me a swat. The most common places happen to be stores. When we do shopping together we usually separate at some point and he likes to sneak up behind me and give me a swat. Which if noticed by others usually solicits numerous reactions from smiles, laughter, and even strange stares. There has been a few known occasions, where he's been known for giving me a few swats in a parking garage, movie theaters etc. We both view these types of POD as playful, plus there's a certain thrill in getting noticed by onlookers. When it comes to other displays of affection my husband is not shy when it comes to holding hands, hugging, and giving brief kisses in public as well.There's nothing wrong with it as long as the two of you are comfortable with it.


  23. Kristen — awesome! I love to hear that. 🙂 I don't know why PDA gets such a bad rap sometimes.


  24. Your story gave me a great laugh, Erica! It's a delightful facet of your character that unanticipated public swattage (also a word) can make you blush! (All cheeks) If that Aunty only knew! Maybe she does!!

    When I was a teen and going to church, we had a wonderful older woman named Gigi. She was originally from France, and had sort of adopted us all. One Sunday morn in the foyer, I met my girlfriend Ann (who was exactly a foot shorter than I) and as we began to walk inside, her hand slipped from around my waist and patted my butt! As it happened, Aunt Gigi was behind us and said in a loud stage whisper, “Ann, Honey, not in church!”

    That was not only funny (Ann giggled and blushed) but also just. The boys would never have been allowed to get away with that, why should the girls? It was also nice to get implicit permission for bottom pattage in the proper time and place. 😀


  25. Dave — personally, I think church is the BEST place to do that sort of thing. (snicker) And yes, I blush like crazy. Always have, and I hate it!


  26. There is a funny commonality about public swattery (great phrase by the way) that I have experienced now that you mention it. All the girls I have been with all seemed to dislike it or be embarrassed by it. The odd part is that these girls run the gamut of not into PDAs in the least to very much touchy / other forms of PDA.


  27. Enzo — when I was young and perpetually single, I'd watch couples being sweetly affectionate in public and want to cry with envy. I wanted that so much. Perhaps that's why I never tire of it now. But the swattage? Well… that's another story. 🙂


  28. I have always been a big fan of PDA and never understood why it get a bad rap. To this day it makes me happy to see couples showing affection in public. Then again I am the person who hugs and kisses friends hello and goodbye.

    I have been told that it is a cultural difference and that Americans (as a mass generalization) aren't raised to express affection and thus the reason for the bad rap of PDAs.


  29. Enzo — that's so sad, really. That's one thing my parents got right, I think — they were affectionate with us. John's parents never touched him or his siblings; it's amazing that he's so touchy-feely, because he certainly didn't learn it at home.


  30. Maybe that is why he is so touchy-feelynow. Which is great.

    People should never underestimate the power of touch!


  31. Swats in public vanilla places would totally embarrass me. But I'm still kind of weird about even playing out in the open at a spanking party. I'm no exhibitionist.


  32. Lea — the weird part is that I AM… and that still embarrasses me!


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