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Fun with friends, and more Tumblr shenanigans

Been a busy few days. Not so much work-wise, unfortunately, but some really fun times with friends. Last Thursday, AlexSpankCake and I met for one of our epic lunches, this one lasting for 4 1/2 hours as we talked and laughed and chowed down on pancakes. These were mine:

Then on Friday night, a few of us got together for a housewarming to welcome Princess Kelley to L.A. John was able to join us for this one, and it was a nice evening. We’ve been having the heat wave from hell here, with temps in the 100s, but fortunately, she’d purchased some patio furniture and a grill, so we were able to stay outside the entire time quite comfortably. We left a little after midnight. Thank goodness for John’s titanic A/C system is all I can say. It really was horrible to go out anywhere this weekend, and always a relief to come back into the cool.

So, what do I love, kids? Yup, the endless parade of Tumblr spanking photo blogs that post and repost the same damn pictures over and over. What do I love more? That’s right… the Tumblr spanking photo blogs that never give said photos the proper credit. (Some of them do, and kudos to them.)

Remember this photo? It’s from about three years ago; ST snapped it when I was changing the channel on the stereo. It’s certainly gotten around lately.

First, it turned up on Tumblr site called “mindbendersa.” (What the hell does that mean, anyway?) It wasn’t credited. As I scrolled through many pages of this site, I realized that none of the photos were credited. Figures.

Then Alex reblogged it on her own photoblog, crediting it to me and linking back to my blog. (Thank you, Alex!)

And finally, someone called “lingeriespanker” re-reblogged it, adding his own two cents that I’m “way to [sic] skinny.” 


Alex then commented that I am healthy and take care of myself, and shaming people at either end of the weight spectrum isn’t nice. (Thank you again, Alex! ♥) But by now, I just had to laugh at it all. 

First of all, I’m neither in lingerie nor am I being spanked in this photo, so why was it on a blog called “lingeriespanker”? Was it just so he could share his opinion with the cyberworld, because everyone is just dying to know what he thinks of my body?

And second, who the hell do these people think they are, critiquing the bodies in the photos they steal post? Please, don’t do us any favors. If our figures aren’t your cup of tea, then don’t bother gracing your crappy photoblogs with them, k? And if you don’t like the photos on someone else’s photoblogs, just shut up and move on… there are a quazillion others you can perv on.

I have never commented on a Tumblr blog — I can’t, because I don’t have a Tumblr account. Perhaps I should consider starting one. I think some of these posters could use a good dose of snark, don’t you? 🙂

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. 

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12 thoughts on “Fun with friends, and more Tumblr shenanigans

  1. Right! Alex deserves -raise – and attention to her photoblog.


  2. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica, I have found several of your photo's on other spanking blogs. Some give you credit, others don't. XXX Luv ya.


  3. I'm glad you had a good end of the week! We had to break out jackets on Saturday because a cold front came through and it only got up to 71 degrees!


  4. MrJ — Alex is the bestest!

    Six — I'm usually flattered when I turn up on these things, because it's not very often. But people really do need to credit whenever possible. Or at least ask people if they know who it is (some do that).

    Jay — I cannot even begin to imagine that. My A/C is cranking day and night, and I'm currently sitting at the computer in my underwear. (TMI, I know.) And 71 sounds oh so delicious right now.


  5. WOMAN! I resorted to sleeping with my electric blanket on the last few nights. It's been dropping overnight into the upper 40s. LAST time I checked we were STILL qualified as having summer into late September. LOL

    Those pic thieves are pathetic and I wish they could be charged with crimes. But they likely close accounts just as quickly as they create them.


  6. Anonymous on said:

    Erica and I don't agree on much. But in this case, I think if she had the money to hire a lawyer she should. I had all but one of her movies at one time, and I enjoyed them. I got to know Erica on an old newsgroup. Than she corrected a spelling mistake I made on SCSWC. That has to be over fifteen years ago. I paid for a copy of her movies. I did not steal them. I think it is WRONG for anybody to post a picture of anybody else without their permission. Shadowlane had a problem with the newsgroups posting pictures and movies that they owned. Seems they had the money and slowing they put a stop to it. I wish that all spanking/BDSM models males or females could put a stop to it today but that seems impossible. I would at least notify their ISP and let them know what that person is doing. I still enjoy every picture that Erica and others post but I do not repost etc. Hal


  7. Hi Erica — As you know, there is always some IDIOT, that has to make rude comments about someone 😦 You are very BEAUTIFUL and your weight is perfect. I hate photo thieves,they SUCK out loud. Way to go Alex 🙂 YOU ROCK. By the way Erica, you're pancakes sure look YUMMY 🙂 Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  8. Kelly — electric blanket?? Good lord. It's still in the 90s here and it's 8:15 PM.

    Jade — they were delicious. 🙂 I finished almost all of them!


  9. Distracted…your legs are amazing, thank you


  10. Ron — thank YOU.


  11. I'm gonna swear… so stand by!!!

    These fucking Tumblr blogs! It's an awesome idea to share, but these fuckwits that take copyrighted materials then crop the names of the originals off are as bad as pirates stealing our stuff FFS! Give us the credit we deserve, we're not asking for much, if you have the nerve to cut or crop something (and god forbid) pass it off as your own, then that's low…. we don't mind people sharing, I encourage it, but leave the watermark on so people can see where it was from… or at least have the decency to credit the company or person who made that image possible in the 1st damned place.

    It's just typical of the selfish nature of people… of which some SUCK fucking big time!


    To the rest of the (hopefully) decent majority… please respect where you found the images from and try to leave credits or credit where possible…. thank you.

    *rant over*


  12. John — this is definitely worth swearing over. I really can't comprehend why people crop off the watermark. What do they gain from that? Are they so stupid that they don't realize people will recognize the people in the photo and know that it doesn't belong to them? Argh. And yes, credit wherever possible, good folks. It's much appreciated. 🙂


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