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No tags allowed!

In spanking photos/scenes where panties are included, it is considered to be a bit of a visual faux pas to have their tags/labels showing. From what I have heard, disciplinarian Dana Specht takes it a step further — if she sees that you have not cut the labels out of your underwear, she gives you extra!

I can kinda see the point of all this to-do: an errant tag can certainly spoil an otherwise aesthetically pleasing photo. Now that I’ve been made aware of it, all I can see in this picture is my freaking label sticking out!

However, I rarely cut the labels out of my panties. I don’t know why; seems like it would be an easy thing to do, an extra mini-step when I cut off the price tags. But I don’t bother. The only time I make a conscious effort to do so is if it’s a skimpy thong where the label won’t tuck neatly within, or if I know I’m using the panties in a video and I don’t want the label to show. 

So, Steve has become sensitized to this issue and he makes sure to hide those flyaway tags before taking any pictures.

With one exception: today’s selection, the popular “Baskin Robbins” panties. Or, as they will be forever known from now on, my “Steve panties.”

You see, the manufacturer is St. Eve. However, because of the way the logo is designed, it looks kind of like Steve.

See for yourself:

You’d better believe that’s one tag that will never be cut off. Of course, he did hide it, later.

(That white strip is the gusset of the panties, not the label!)

So there you go, kids. Observe Tag Etiquette.

And to my friends who are going to, or already at the Crimson Moon party in Chicago, have fun! Wish I were with you!

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31 thoughts on “No tags allowed!

  1. Erica, may I be the first to point out that any tags that may or may not be included of any of your pictures, do not hinder the pleasing aesthetics of your photos. In fact, i suggest that possibly the opposite is true because it provides a nice dose of realism into your pictures.

    In my opinion, if there was going to be any “panty etiquette” involved in spanking picture it would be that should be required to be sufficiently lowered when the spanking is being applied. just my opinion … I could be wrong. *smile


  2. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica if there is one thing that pleases me the most is when panties, knickers, or bloomers are down. And a bare bottom is shown. Yes, the bare bottom might be accented by wearing a garter-belt and stockings. But a naked derriere is a must for my sexual and erotic pleasure to be fully realized. XXX Luv ya.


  3. and did you receive extras young lady ? lol


  4. SH — I have a feeling many share your opinion. 🙂

    Six — many feel that way as well.

    D — that's fairly standard, with me.


  5. That I Believe ! lol And might I add, the Color suits you nicely .


  6. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Erica,

    I'm a long time fan/reader of your blog. As I respect you a lot I thought you might want to know that some of your videos have ended up on xhamster, a porn site. If you google hamster plus spanking videos there is a video called Erica 1-2-3. I checked the name and it doesn't look like it came from you. Thought you might wanna know!


  7. Good to know. Don't believe it has ever been an issue for me, because I used cutting the tags off as a way to identify my panties from my daughters. I don't ever recall liking or even considering wanting to wear any panties that my mother would have worn.


  8. Anonymous — thank you for letting me know. No, I did not put that video on xhamster — I hate that site. But unfortunately, what was posted is free content that I put on FetLife videos. Basically, anyone can help themselves to it, just like they can take the stuff off Spanking Tube. If there's anything I can do about it, I don't know what it is. (sigh)

    Rose Lips — LOL! Me neither!


  9. I don't hate the sight of panty tags, but they have a tendency to literally tickle my ass sometimes. LOL But I don't cut them off because the ragged tiny leftover tag looks like shit and takes away the visual appeal of the entire pair.


  10. Kelly — I find that if I cut really close, with manicure scissors, I don't have a ragged end left. But I don't have the patience to do it! 🙂


  11. Not really looking at the tag but at your butt. HA. How often though do we see women with really nice tops and the freaking tag is sticking up. I think the people who put those tags on should be caned. HAHAHAHAHA,I have cut many tags of polo shirts and tshirts. I see no use for them.



  12. Baxter — I always want to fix strangers' shirts when I see their tags sticking up. I may be mildly OCD…


  13. Bobbie Jo on said:

    Yes, Dana Specht does not like tags! I found that out the easy way. At TASSP, during her demonstration of scolding, one of the gals who volunteered had four pairs on with messages on them. They said something like this: If you want a spanking from Dana Specht, This should do the trick.” The last pair had tags sewn all over them! It was so funny!


  14. Bobbie Jo — oh, that's great. I figured you'd know some inside story! 🙂


  15. Anonymous on said:

    I think that you can report the link as it's your content, even if it's free?


  16. Anonymous on said:

    Tags make it appear real, even when the spanking is a joke.


  17. As to the etiquette of it, Six has the right “rule of thumb” as that term is properly used.

    Having never worn panties, here is the issue from a guy's point of view: All briefs used to come with a tag. The tag rubs the sacral/lumbar area. The tag is ripped off and … the little stubble left is more of an irritant than tag … particularly for those of us who feel a need to cinch our belts in tight when they are not in other use.

    Proving that some dumb manufacturers are trainable, many higher quality briefs now have the label printed on the cloth. No tag. Or, the tag is pre-scored to rip off without a stub.

    You're on you own when it comes to field tests of boxers, canine or otherwise.


  18. I can't say that I have ever noticed the presence or absence of underwear labels until you mentioned it. Even so, it isn't something that bothers me. I can see that if it was a very glamorous scene it would stand out. However in a domestic setting where naturalism was the order of the day it would look fine and might even add to any sense of embarrassment. I won't be removing mine any time soon and will happily live with the risks. After all, how many of us can be bothered to cut out our labels in real life?


  19. Anonymous — you think?

    Jon — sheesh! What a pain! Yours are worse than ours, sounds like.

    KM — clearly, I can't! 🙂


  20. I feel I'm firmly in the no tag camp. If it's a vote on the issue.

    If I ever see a tag showing on somebody, I have the urge to tuck it in, obviously I don't though.


  21. Mace — I have the same urge too. John says girls can get away with doing it. 🙂


  22. I have no idea why, but I like seeing tags in panties and pantyhose. Makes no sense, but it appeals to me for some reason. Hey, it's all in how we react, right?


  23. Gary — as the saying goes, different strokes!


  24. Hi Erica — I didn't know that you could get,extra swats for having tags sticking out on your panties thanks for the info 🙂 Your panties do look like Baskin Robbins,that's so COOL. 🙂 I think it's super AWESOME that Steve's name is on the tag.I agree with you that tag is definitely a keeper 🙂 Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean 🙂


  25. Jade — well, technically, it's not his name, it's St. Eve. But he likes to think it's all abou him. 🙂


  26. Erica,

    Although I know that tags can be distracting, especially on video, there's something I enjoy about seeing that little satin-y tag sticking out. Must be something about exposure (being turned 'inside-out', literally and figuratively) that does it for me.


  27. Dana — that's a different spin on it, certainly! You and Dana Specht ought to have a column, no? “The Danas.” Same orientation, varying viewpoints.


  28. Anonymous on said:

    This post is extremely familiar. I bought a pair of panties at Kohls a few months ago specifically because they were St. Eves. They first caught my attention because they were sexy, however when I noticed the label I immediately thought Steve as well. Long story short my husband and I both got a kick out of the play on words and he too calls them his underwear. I wonder how many women who have Steve's in their lives have had this experience. Thanks for sharing.


  29. Kristen — oh, that's funny!


  30. Just love panties, tags or not….thanks


  31. Ron — I know you do. 🙂


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