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Once bitten, twice… bitten

What is it about spankers who like to bite their bottom’s bottoms?

Apparently, this is a thing. At least with the men in my life. 

John has always liked biting me on the butt. He says it’s irresistible. When he helps dry me off after a shower (not that I can’t dry myself off, you understand, but it’s more fun his way), he’ll suddenly lean in and bite one of my cheeks. And then, because he’s OCD, he has to do the other one. He calls these “bun bites.” Clearly he has me confused with a Big Mac. (Or a McVeggie burger, in his case.)

Steve is also fond of biting on my butt during a spanking. He says the bright red cheeks are just too inviting. I wouldn’t know, since I can’t see them. But I was wondering how many bun-biters there are out there.

I’m normally not a fan of being bitten. Light nibbling, yes. Hard sucking that raises hickeys, yes. However, the sensation of teeth sinking in me hard enough to leave bite marks doesn’t turn me on.

Except when I’m in that zone, when my bottom is aflame, when all the nerve endings are hypersensitive, when pain commingles with pleasure. Then, that slow, slow bite, increasing the pressure incrementally until it’s almost unbearable, is delicious.

Here I am in anticipatory mode, with an almost pristine canvas:

And of course, the “I am @#$%ing DONE” mode:

However, in the above shot, you can’t see Steve’s dental artwork.

Of course, he chose the more tender spots closer to the center. Beast.

As usual, these pictures don’t do the redness justice. But trust me, it was there.

I needed intensity yesterday, after last weekend. So much pent-up tension had to be released, and it was. And yes, afterward, I had a mini-session with my little purple rocket while he quietly watched. Damn near screamed the walls down, as it went on and on. 

I wish people wouldn’t drink and use drugs as escape. There are much healthier and lovelier ways to escape from life’s trials for a little while.

So, bottoms, a word of caution: Be careful about to whom you say “Bite me.” They just might.

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20 thoughts on “Once bitten, twice… bitten

  1. Very nice but must comment, love the panty


  2. sixoftgebest on said:

    Erica, why are you so surprised that both John, and Steve, like to bite your BUTT. They both like KOSHER MEAT. And you must admit that is the tastiest food in the world. Along with Kosher wine, potato pancakes, {Latkes) and that ever popular black chocolate cake of your liking. Such a meal, can only be heavenly. In fact they must admit, you taste delicious good to them.


  3. Ron — thanks.

    Six — welllll… both John and Steve are Gentile, so I don't think kosher has anything to do with it. 🙂


  4. Seriously Erica, who wouldn't want to bite that butt? Lovely post. Thank you.


  5. sub hub — aw, thanks. 🙂


  6. I totally agree with your second to last paragraph. Our way to escape is just awesome. Not to mention I'd much rather be collapsed on the bed riding the waves then hugging a toilet promising myself I'd never do that again.

    As for biting…I think Tom prefers kisses, and so do I for that matter though I wouldn't mind a nibble here or there. 🙂


  7. Jay — oh, trust me, I love kissing too. 😉


  8. The opening question is obviously flawed, as you could have knwo form the fact that there appears to be a pattern.


  9. I think the idea of biting or getting bitten on the bum is CUTE. But I can live w/o the activity taking place for myself. 🙂


  10. MrJ — what, two men makes a pattern? 😉

    Kelly — yeah, it's kind of one of those in-the-moment things.


  11. Haha, I think a lot worse would happen if I told my husband to “Bite Me.”

    He likes to kiss my bottom cheeks after he's done…now I really enjoy that. I don't think I will mention the biting.


  12. Autumn — yeah, saying “bite me” has consequences. But it's worth it, just seeing that apoplectic look on their faces after you say it. 🙂


  13. Hi Erica — I like your pics they are AWESOME 🙂 I think that John and Steve bite you because you are so ADORABLE that they just can't resist 🙂 I say bite me a lot but I haven't got bitten yet LOL 🙂 Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean


  14. Jade — aw, thanks.


  15. P does enjoy biting my spanked bottom. Unspanked, no, obviously it doesn't possess the allure of pink cheeks.


  16. Anonymous on said:

    I like biting my partner. Just about anywhere (neck, breast, bottom)… There is something appealing about sinking my teeth into exposed skin, leaving red marks. I think it's part playfulness and part possession (for me at any rate).


  17. DF — the biting actually hurts worse when the cheeks are unspanked, I've found. It's like a hard spanking without warm-up.

    Anonymous — well, that's pretty hot. 🙂


  18. Anonymous on said:

    Any chance you'd treat us a pic or two of the “after party”? 😉


  19. Anonymous — nope. 🙂


  20. Anonymous on said:



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