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Has it only been four days?

Feels like a lot longer. I’m so tired. But the news is good.

After being in ICU for three days and kept fully sedated, with a pump inserted that was essentially working his heart for him, a respirator and a million other contraptions keeping him going, John was taken off the pump and the respirator last night, and allowed to waken. And this morning, he was taken from ICU to a regular room. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday and Thursday, I went to the hospital in the late morning/early afternoon, and his brother went later. All we could do was sit in ICU and watch him breathe. On Thursday, he was more mildly sedated, so he was moving around a little, but not conscious. I told him over and over that I loved him, I stroked his hair. And then I left, because there wasn’t anything else I could do.

But later Thursday night, I got a text from his brother: “Look who’s back among the living!”


I was overjoyed to see his eyes open, and see the color back in his face. Shortly after I got the text, his bro called me, and then put John on the phone. At first, I just heard breathing, then a lot of mumbled gibberish. “Hi sweetie! What, honey? What did you say?” I cried. Finally, I heard, “Lubyuveymush.” Which translated, of course, to “Love you very much.” โ™ฅ

The first thing I did was text that picture to Alex and SpankCake, to John’s co-worker/friend and to a couple of other friends. SC, ever mischievous, texted back a photo of herself, beaming and holding up a sign that read: “Hi John! Welcome to 2017!”

Today, I got there around noon, and stayed there all day, leaving at 7:15. He was sitting up in a chair; he’s still hooked up to IVs and drains, but he is fully awake, eating solid food, talking. He’s very weak and isn’t supposed to stand without help, but he was able to use the restroom with assistance and they had him walking around the floor. At lunchtime, he was struggling with his food a bit, so I cut things up for him and fed him. By dinnertime, I still cut up his chicken breast, but he fed himself completely and ate everything. He’s drinking more water, too — at first, he wasn’t, because he kept aspirating the water. But after some practice, he got better at it. The nurse was gently insisting that he drink more, because he needs to stay hydrated.

Kaiser Permanente (his HMO) is quite the mixed bag. Their administrative staff can be really difficult, and some of their doctors are kind of harried and impatient, but overall, the doctors and nurses give top-notch treatment. John had round-the-clock care in ICU, and today, he was checked on all day, and treated very gently, kindly, and politely. Which isn’t easy, because John, my beloved, is not the easiest patient. He challenges and questions everything — I watched him resist his pain meds, and his nurse never lost patience, just let him put themย off, all the while convincing him that it really was a good idea to stay on them, even though he was feeling OK at the moment. Sure enough, he took them, an hour later. (sigh) You have to know how to handle this man. Push, and he resists. Gently cajole, let it seem like it’s his idea, and he capitulates. Even his brother, when he came this evening, said, “It’s good to see you back to your stubborn self.” When John shot him a look, he teased, “I’m sorry… was ‘stubborn’ too harsh a word?” John said, with exaggerated dignity, “I prefer determined.” Humph.

Of course, there had to be comic relief every now and then. When you enter the main building, you have to check in at the front desk, show your ID and get a name tag with the floor number that you’re visiting. So yesterday, after having checked in for the past two days, I knew the drill and stepped up to the counter, where a flustered-looking young woman was clearly in training, with an older woman right behind her. I said, “Hi, I’m visiting Cardiac ICU on the Third Floor.” She looked blankly at me and then said, “Are you the patient?”

Um… WHAAAT?? I stared at her, then I couldn’t help it… I burst out laughing. No, sweet pea. I’m not the patient; I’m visiting the patient. She asked for his name, then my name, then futzed with my driver’s license, all the while giggling nervously. Yeah. She’ll go far.

Oh, and I’m supposed to tell y’all — when I arrived at John’s room today, and walked up to his chair to give him a kiss hello, the first thing he did was snake his arm around me and grab my ass. rolling eyes

I have never been more grateful for texts and emails in all my life. The past few days, I’ve heard from so many concerned people, wanting to know how John was (and how I was). And as much as I appreciated them all, if I’d had to talk to them all on the phone, I would have lost my mind. So I’ve been very nimble-fingered, catching people up, texting friends, his brother and sister-in-law, his co-workers, his neighbors. John is one well-loved man, it turns out. And as for me, I have received my own acts of kindness. Both John’s neighbors and his bro/sis-in-law sent ME flowers! John’s not allowed to have flowers, plants or balloons in his room, so he jokingly told people, “Send the flowers to Erica instead.” But I didn’t expect to actually get them!


Unfortunately, I can’t bring him sweets either — he’s not allowed to have chocolate! No caffeine. (sigh) I hope that won’t go on for too long. John loves his chocolate.

I have been taking care of myself, promise. I’m eating and sleeping and I even went to the gym. Did laundry, kept up with bills and errands, the usual stuff. The things that fall to the wayside when you’re consumed with worry. As timing would have it, I had almost no work this week. While this is obviously not something I wish to continue, it was for the best this week.

Tomorrow, I’ll go to his house to collect the mail, go in and do some cleaning, and then I’ll head back to the hospital. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and good thoughts. You guys have really helped keep me going. And I promise I’ll let you know when John goes home! ๐Ÿ™‚ They won’t let him go until they can unhook him from all the apparatus, he is fully mobile and ambulatory and his vitals have been stable for a while. Personally, I hope they are conservative about it. He’s well taken care of in a completely sterile environment, so let him stay there a bit, I say. We’ll see.

Sleep time. After I eat my and John’s share of chocolate. I’ve earned it.

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19 thoughts on “Has it only been four days?

  1. Serious Part: I can’t say how glad I am that John’s recovering and that you’re looking after yourself. Wishing you both all the best

    Less Serious Part: You did do the cleaning in a French maid’s outfit, didn’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Country Spanker on said:

    Wonderful news, that determined streak will serve him well x


  3. This is absolutely splendid, the best news I’ve had all week, thank you for the update! Much love to you both!


  4. Erica,

    So very happy, wonderful news. Thank you for updating us.

    Love and hugs to you and John,


  5. That’s great news. He looks quite chipper in the picture, and he’ll be back to normal in no time.



  6. Thanks for the update, Erica – – SOO glad he’s doing well and YOU are taking care of yourself, also!! I’m sending you a cyber-Bouquet of flowers as you deserve them!! Take care and be joyful that this will be over for both of you soon!! HUGGGGSSSSS


  7. Very glad to hear this wonderful news, Erica. Long may John’s improvement continue! It’s been a long enough time coming.


  8. Still an Admirer on said:

    Isn’t it a miracle how fast people can bounce back after open heart surgery? Amazing. I am so glad John is on the mend and that you are taking care of you too. The caretaker needs care also. Happy recovery John!



  9. A.E. Mouse on said:

    Thanks for the updates. Good news all around with more to come I hope.

    Anon E. Mouse


  10. Been away … wasn’t ignoring you. Hospitals are tough on visitors, too. One of my good friends, who already had a replaced hip and a built up shoe, busted his femur last week. He is very easy to talk to but, with nurses coming in and out (damn scrubs are not very form fitting!), linen changers, and the patients and visitors in the next bed, the whole thing becomes awkward. Patient’s / friend’s health can only receive so many iterations before it becomes trite.

    Which is a long way of saying you must really love this guy to hang in there so consistently day after day. Very sweet – in all the good senses of that word – to hear about and your words help me feel grateful. You have made him real in your many posts for us. Please add another wish for his health (and your continued taking care of yourself!!!) to those of my fellow readers / internet friends. Jon


  11. Downunderdon on said:

    Blessings to both you and John. Just remember to take care of yourself


  12. Thank you, everyone! At John’s house now, where I did some cleaning (no, not in a French maid outfit!), picked up his mail, and am now off to the hospital.


  13. Great news, Erica. Heยดs ll recover soon – apparently, when it comes to core business, he’s already half way. Undoubtedly also because of your inspirational presence.
    But seriously: I’m happy for you folks,. Hope the whole things is just past really soon. Take care.


  14. Alex and I are delighted that John’s on the mend. He is indeed a very special man, with a very special lady. If he wants some company watching The History Channel in the coming weeks I’m sure that can be arranged!

    Our love to you both.

    p.s. I was on the receiving end of SpankCake’s wicked sense of humour myself last night. Again!


  15. Awesome news! I’m so glad to hear everything is going well. I’ve been thinking about you both! Love you both!


  16. MrJ — thank you!

    Paul — you guys are wonderful, and we both appreciate the support. John’s been very touched by all the good wishes. โ™ฅ

    Jay — thanks, hon. My biggest fears now is how he’ll be when he comes home, and if he can take care of himself as he insists he can. We’ll see.


  17. Hi Erica — I am so happy that John is doing so well ๐Ÿ™‚ I been thinking about you both. Sending much Love and hugs to you both ๐Ÿ™‚ From naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean


  18. poppamark on said:

    The road may be long and have a few bumps but in the end it will be so worth it. So happy for you both. Hang in there kiddo you are stronger than you ever imagined! ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. Happy to hear he’s slowly gaining back strength. His stubbornness will probably benefit him in the long run! You deserve all the chocolate in the world. Hugs.


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