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Completely OT: Mind if I rant a little?

The question was rhetorical, of course, because I’m going to anyway.

So we went to John’s mother’s memorial this past Saturday. Never mind how tacky it is to have a memorial in March for someone who passed in December. But considering that this family has been bitterly battling for three months, gathering them all for a solemn and sad occasion in the guise of familial closeness and respect seemed like a farce.

John and I took separate cars, because I fully intended to go home right afterward and not attend the reception at his sister’s home. I just couldn’t stand the thought of making small talk with these people. But I wouldn’t let John go to the memorial itself alone. So I dressed up — it was 95 degrees outside, so I wore a sleeveless black dress with a floral print, nude pantyhose (which John hated, but I told him the occasion called for it), and I dug my more conservative black pumps out of the back of my closet. Why I bothered worrying about my appearance, I don’t know.

Because one of John’s sisters, the one who owns the restaurant (and was, no doubt, pissed off that she had to leave her store on a business day), came in faded jeans and flip-flops. Folks, this is no kid. This woman is nearly 60 years old. She knows better.

John’s brother hugged me — twice. But neither of his sisters did. Of course, his lecherous brother-in-law went in for a hug. I went completely stiff and barely hugged back. I don’t even pretend to like that jackass anymore.

I got a warm greeting from John’s aunt (his mom’s sister) and her son. I felt bad for her; she’d lost her best friend. Her sorrow was dignified and real. The others? A lot of crying and sniffling and stories that made me cringe. Great. Talk about how Mom couldn’t tell her TV remote from the cell phone, or how she couldn’t use the microwave no matter how many times you showed her. Make her sound like a mindless dolt.

Just last week, John’s sister-in-law was telling me how John’s mother was complicit in the father’s tyranny over his children. But at the memorial, she wept and said John’s mother was a “total sweetheart.” God, the hypocrisy at these things.

John didn’t cry, but then again, John doesn’t cry. And he softened the remote control stories by saying that those damn things really were complicated, and even he couldn’t figure out how to work them and he’s an engineer.

One of the in-laws played a solo on the flute, some sort of new-age melody meant to sound like birds flying away. All I noticed was that he was off-key. And not just once, but several times. Please, make it stop.

John’s eldest sister said, “She brought spirituality into our home.” Spirituality?? Is that what they’re calling rigid Catholicism these days? Those four kids were dragged to church every single Sunday, and put through twelve years of sexually segregated Catholic school. John has horror stories of abusive nuns. With the exception of John, who was the Good Son, all the siblings broke free of their oppressive environment and acted out in destructive ways. If this is spirituality, then I’ll be happily soulless, thank you.

When it was over, I suddenly and unexpectedly teared up. People around me assumed it was my own reaction to the loss. But it wasn’t.

I was crying because I knew that, with all my heart and soul, I didn’t want to go back to that damned house with these people. And because I knew that I was going to, goddammit. John wasn’t insisting. But I saw the look in his eyes. Pleading. I went.

And so I parked myself on the couch and didn’t move, listening to the stories, holding John’s hand. There was a buffet of sandwiches and salad and so forth, but I didn’t have any. Who the hell wants to eat a meal at 3:30 in the afternoon? I sipped from a bottle of water, nibbled from the crackers on the table, and just listened and observed. I looked at pictures. I watched both of John’s nieces put hard liquor in their Diet Cokes.

John’s sister-in-law was the only one who said anything about John’s upcoming surgery.

We made our escape a couple of hours later. I must have been looking shell-shocked, because John asked if I was OK. All I could say was, “I just want to go home.” And we did.

John thanked me over and over for the rest of the weekend. Said how beautiful I’d looked. Yeah, at least now I don’t have to worry about looking like a surly bitch when I’m not smiling, thanks to the wonders of cosmetic surgery.

I can’t think of a single reason from now on why I need to see either one of John’s sisters or their families ever again. The torture may finally be over. Fingers crossed. The business with the will and the estate still hasn’t been resolved, and there is a meeting between the siblings next Saturday. I am hoping his sister will do the right thing and not bring a lawsuit down on her head. Not because I give a damn about her, but because I don’t want John to deal with the added stress. He had a little matter of open-heart surgery to deal with.

Poor John. He deserves so much better than this. But at least, maybe (I’m still skeptical), he’ll have his brother and sister-in-law. They both told us, “Anything you need, just call,” during John’s surgery/convalescence. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, since I was all dressed up, John said to pick anywhere I’d like for dinner. I thought it would be nice to go to our favorite Italian restaurant — but upon arrival, we discovered it was closed for remodeling. (sigh) So we headed in the opposite direction and went for Chinese instead. I was overdressed, but it turned out to be a good choice anyway.

I don’t know what this blog will be like in the coming weeks, kids. It may not be much fun. It probably won’t have much spanky stuff, unless I go stir-crazy and sneak in some play. But I hope you’ll all stick around.

I’m going to visit Steve tomorrow. Who knows, maybe we can improvise something, even with his knee bandaged and braced. 🙂 I will need to snatch my sanity and stress release as I can get it for a while.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.



Happy Friday the 13th! Today I’m going to answer the questions posed by Ronnie and Dale.

Ronnie asked:

You have participated in loads of spanking/role play scenes. Is there one you haven’t done yet but would like to?

You have been spanked with many an implement. Do you have a favourite and if so, why is it a favourite?

What first attracted you to John?

I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve gotten to live out a lot of fantasies and role plays over the years. I’d love to shoot with Alex, with both of us being co-topped by Paul. We could come up with some really snappy repartee, I’m sure, considering what good buddies we are. But as far as more personal scenes, just for my own fulfillment? Can’t think of any at the moment. I’m sure I will later after I hit Publish.

I think if I had to pick a favorite, it would be a well-worn leather belt or strap. Buttery soft, so it’s not thuddy like a paddle, but with enough heft to pack a serious wallop and sting. I love the sound of it, the feel of it, and the lingering heat that spreads after each smack.

Mmmmmm… that’s a special question. 🙂  I’d have to say his voice! Remember, it was back in the pre-Internet days, where personal ads were answered via a voicemail box. I loved John’s initial message to me — he sounded so smart and interesting, and his voice was calm and deep and delicious. The first time we spoke on the phone, we talked for over two hours (and this from a woman who doesn’t like the phone).

Dale asked:

Have your interests in being spanked changed over the years, and have you ever experienced a different attitude from play partners because you are older?

I think my focus has shifted from challenging myself, proving how much I can take, living up to the “bionic bottom” reputation, into a more personal desire to simply enjoy the scenes and not try to prove anything anymore. Oh, I still get that exhibitionist, competitive edge sometimes at parties, but overall, nowadays I just want to enjoy my spankings, get what I need from them with a partner who is enjoying it as much as I am, and forget about the rest. I probably crave it as deeply and intensely as I did in earlier years, but nowadays, not quite as often. Although I still feel cranky and out of sorts if I go without it for a couple of weeks or more.

Hmmm. From my one-on-one play partners, no. I think I’ve had more attitude about my age than anyone else! (sigh)  I don’t feel or look my age, and I don’t think I act it. How is one supposed to look and act in their late 50s, anyway? I remember when I was in my 20s, my current age seemed ancient. Yet here I am, getting spanked at parties by men young enough to be my sons, and two of my dearest friends could be my daughters.

Here’s something I wonder about on occasion: I’d admit, I’m always a little surprised when the younger men want to play with me. I mean, geeez, all those cute young girls, and they want to play with old me?? To this, I’ve heard, “But you’re Erica Scott!” several times. But what if I weren’t “Erica Scott”? What if I was just Erica, another middle-aged woman in the scene, no videos, no blog, no pictures, no tales to tell, just another butt in the crowd? Would they still want to play with me? Is it Erica Scott they want to play with, or just Erica? Yeah, I think about stuff like this.

I can still recall about a dozen years ago (for those who have already heard this story, I apologize) when a young guy came to his first party, and he had said on the Shadow Lane message board that he was only interested in meeting people in their 20s and 30s. That is, until he was introduced to me and realized who I was, and was falling all over himself trying to talk to me. I said, “Hey, you’re the guy who said he wanted to meet people in their 20s and 30s, right?” He had the grace to look a little embarrassed, and nodded. “Well,” I said brightly, “that’s a shame; I’m 45.” And I turned my back on him. (Yeah, I know, bitchy. But I couldn’t help myself.) So the question is: Would he still have been interested in talking to me if I wasn’t “Erica Scott,” but just a 45-year-old in a sea of 20-somethings?

Guess it’s just one of those unanswered questions. Thanks, Dale and Ronnie!

In other news, met with my beautiful stepmother and one of my father’s former writer colleagues for lunch yesterday, and had a lovely time, talking for nearly 4 1/2 hours. How bizarre for me to talk that long without any sort of spanky discussion! But of course, sitting with these two show-biz veterans, I got to hear wonderful stories and recollections, and ask questions that very few people nowadays are still alive to answer. And how wonderful to sit with an 83- and 93-year-old, with minds still sharp as tacks, who knew and loved my father, who worked with some of the most fascinating people in show business history, and hear what they had to say. I wish all people could age so splendidly.

We were outdoors at a lakeside restaurant — gorgeous day!


This little guy was hanging around, squawking at us, hoping to be tossed some breadcrumbs:


Tomorrow afternoon, three months after the fact, we are going to John’s mother’s memorial. I am so not looking forward to this. He told me I didn’t have to go, but I want to be there to support him, and his brother and sister-in-law. However, there is a reception afterwards at his sister’s house, and I told him I am most likely going to bail on that. I can be well behaved in a church memorial, but socializing with these people doesn’t feel doable to me right now. I don’t want to risk saying things I won’t regret in the least. We’ll see.

Oh, and Steve came through his knee surgery very well yesterday. He sent me a very funny photo — he’s lying back in his bed, his leg bandaged and propped up on pillows, ice pack on his knee. In one hand he has a bottle of pain meds, and in the other, the TV remote. “Let the recovery begin!” 🙂

Have a great weekend, y’all.

More car adventures

When Steve walked in yesterday morning, he had quite the evil grin on his face. “I found a good parking spot in the shade,” he said. “The back of the car is set up again. Let’s go play.” Right on my street?? Despite the tinted windows, it was still a nerve-wracking prospect. But I was game for it. So I threw on some shoes and we went down to his SUV.

Before the play even started, Steve delighted in taking several pictures, purposely waiting until someone or another was walking or driving by so they’d be photo-bombing us. Mine is a busy street, lots of apartments, a lot of foot traffic. We had passersby that ranged from an older gentleman slowly meandering to a man walking his dog to a woman wheeling a baby carriage. Ah, if they only knew what was going on in that big Denali parked at the curb.



But enough with that mischief; we had spanking to do. Steve brought that monstrous “Boot” paddle of his — it had been a long time since I felt that thing. Hadn’t missed it a bit!


He started with his hand, used a nice crop for a while, and then “Mr. Boot Camp,” as he calls that wretched thing, made its appearance. I didn’t want to make too much noise (the windows weren’t soundproof, after all), so I buried my face in the pillow and screeched and moaned into it. He wasn’t really using it that hard, but a little goes a long way with that paddle.

Even though we were in the shade, the car quickly grew warm with all the windows closed and the activity, so I was sweating by the time we were done and feeling like a boneless mass. If I weren’t so eager to get into the cool air, I would have taken a nap right there.

IMG_0117But it was time to put my jeans back on and exit the vehicle, with Steve keeping an eye out for nosy people as I tumbled out the back seat with my hair disheveled, looking like we’d just done God knows what in there.

This was our last hurrah for a while. Tomorrow, Steve is having knee surgery. While it is same-day and he’ll be back home within a couple of hours, this will put a serious crimp in our play for a while, as he will be in a brace and on crutches for several weeks. But at least he will be able to drive after a few days. Next Tuesday, I will probably go to his house, rather than him coming to mine. And then the Tuesday after that… John’s surgery. So. Yesterday was about fun and abandon and release, because I have to make it last indefinitely.

In other news, a lawyer was consulted about John’s sister’s interpretation of the will, and it seems that if she did things her way, it would not only be unscrupulous, but felonious. Once she was presented with this tidbit, it seems she backed down. We won’t know for sure until the four siblings have a meeting on the 21st (just three days before John’s surgery — I swear, she planned that on purpose, the bitch), but hopefully this will be resolved so John can stop worrying about this situation and focus on recovering. If not, John, his brother and sister-in-law will take steps to have his sister removed as executor. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Ugh! These people!

And finally, I have work to do, so I’d better shut up and get back to it. On Friday, I will do a Reply post to the questions I received on Ask Erica that required longer answers. So far, it’s questions from Dale and Ronnie. Anyone want to add to it? 🙂

Ask Erica

Any questions?

Apparently, it’s Questions and Answers time in the blogosphere once again. I don’t think I have any secrets left, but I’m opening the floor anyway. Got a question for me? Feel free to ask in the comments section. If the questions have a simple answer, I’ll reply in a comment, and if not, I’ll follow up with an answers post.

Now’s your chance, y’all. I am an open book. Ask away.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Reality hit us post-party, big-time, with a whole mess of aggravation over John’s mother’s estate. Sisters Behaving Badly. You know what the bright side of all this is? After years and years of pretending I can tolerate those two, now the farce is over. S is a stumbling-down drunk and C is a raving bitch, and John sees it fully. After this is all over (please, let it be soon), I may never have to see them again. I can only hope. As it is, we haven’t been having lunch at C’s restaurant. What a heartbreaker that is.

I doubt either one of those two will be visiting John in the hospital in a couple of weeks. I already told John I’m not having any communications with them; if they have any interest in how their brother is faring after open-heart surgery, they can contact their other brother. Who, incidentally, said that he and his wife will be there for us, for anything we need. At least John has ended up with one decent sibling. Always look on the bright side of life, no?

Off to work and gym for me.

Better late than never: the 50 Freaks party post! (very long)

As my readers know, I make a point of posting about weekend parties right away, while it’s all fresh and so I don’t forget anything. But this time, it simply wasn’t possible. I came home to a lot of work, and I just caught up with it all last night. So today, while I take in a breath and address all the other things that need attention (like folding laundry that’s been sitting in the basket for days, bills, etc.), this blog is first on the list!

What a weekend. So much fun, so many laughs, great play, camaraderie. For the sake of expediency, I’m not going to break this up into multiple posts like I usually do; I’m just going to go for it with one long-ass report. So get your beverage of choice and hunker down.


We made it to the Suncoast in Vegas in record time: three hours and fifty-three minutes. After unpacking and napping, it was time to join the festivities in Room 960, our headquarters for the weekend.

50 Freaks is a misnomer now, since there were about 100 of us this time. But the name stuck at the first party in 2013, so 50 Freaks we will remain, even if we’re 150 next year. We had a lot of newcomers to the group this time, including my girl SpankCake, so the Lunch Bunch (me, SC and Alex) could congregate all through the weekend (and we certainly did!). Thursday night was a whirlwind of hugs and kisses and effusive greetings — finally got to meet MaMaBlue and Ria, two women I’ve adored on FetLife for ages.

My first scene of the weekend was, of course, with my darling Michael (InspectHerHide on Fet). I will refer to him as IHH from here on, because there was a passel of Michaels this weekend and I have to keep them straight. It was a nice long scene, OTK on the bed, with lots of laughs and silliness. For quite a while afterward, we talked, as I continued to lie across his lap with my pants down; perfectly natural, perfectly healthy, right? 😀 I love this man! I can’t imagine any of my parties without him, truly.

The evening went by in a blur of chatting and laughing. A frequent topic of conversation was… my face. Yup, this was my big public debut, four months post-surgery. I admit I was nervous about it, but oh my, people were so lovely. So many beautiful compliments, some that nearly put tears in my eyes. (Thank you, Ellee.)

And then, one of my favorites: The Midnight Flogging! I forget how this came about, but it’s a party fixture now, in which several women strip down, lie in rows on the bed, and multiple floggers work on us. The floggers rotate, so we all get to feel their different styles. Delicious! Here’s my favorite picture of the event: Check out Alex’s expression! I’m center left. And of course, off to the left is our Joe (Dr_JoeLectr).


In the middle of the scene, John walked behind me and unceremoniously yanked down my panties..



Since it was the first night and I’d been up since 5:30 a.m., we decided to call it an “early” night and went back to our room at 2:00. However, we didn’t get to bed until 3:30. Why? Because our damn door wouldn’t open. Neither of our keys worked. We went down to the front desk, got new keys. Those didn’t work either. Long story short, security had to be called, and our door had to be taken apart, the lock changed and reprogrammed. (groan) Fortunately, our technician Earl was a great guy and worked as speedily as he could. We were stuck sitting in the hallway for a while, but he was able to let us in before he started the major work, so I got ready for bed, then got into bed and read while John chatted with Earl. He had offered to come back the next morning, but we told him to go ahead and push through, get it done. And finally, off to sleep we went.


This is where I hate having gone so long before writing — I can’t remember Friday afternoon. (Forget morning — I was sleeping!) We went to lunch at Café Siena with our friend of many years, M (SmartSlink on Fet), and were joined by Roselips for a while as well. Sat and talked for a long time, then I guess we spent the afternoon in 960 until it was time to take a nap. Oh, and our keys didn’t work again. John had already gone that morning to get new ones. I think we went down to the front desk three times to get new keys — they would work once or twice, and then stop! Argghh!

Friday dinner was lovely. Our party loves the steakhouse at the Suncoast, so Joe booked their banquet room three nights in a row. It seats eighteen, so he had sign-up sheets for us. John and I were booked for Saturday night. But on Friday, we were hanging with IHH and SC, and they suggested the four of us have a quiet dinner at the steakhouse. Alex and Paul had gone to dinner earlier (she’d been shooting all afternoon and was starving), so John and I changed and we joined our friends at a lovely corner booth by the window and had a great time. These parties are so wonderful, but they do get loud and raucous and I get tired of yelling after a while, so it was nice to take a break and just sit & talk with two very dear people. ♥

We had one more episode with our door after dinner, and this time, security came up again. They said they would clean the lock and futz with it a bit. We could only hope that did the trick.

Confession time: I was off on Friday night, after dinner. I’m not sure why. It just happens at these parties sometimes — maybe I’m overwhelmed, maybe I’m tired. But I sat in that suite late Friday, with noise and activity all around me, and felt isolated. Plus, guys weren’t asking me to play. I’d played once that evening, with a man named Kevin — he and his wife were new to 50 Freaks as well, and we spent some time chatting with them. They’re quite adorable. But I had asked him! I chatted with different people (Sarah, John O., Beth), but after a while, I got tired of talking and sat on the couch, watching and feeling kind of blech. OK, Erica, so what do you want to do? I thought. I had two choices: I could force myself to stay and feel miserable, or I could call it a night and go to bed. It was only Friday night — there were two full days ahead. Usually when I want to leave, John insists on leaving too, which makes me feel bad. But this time, I was able to convince him to stay, and I left at 1:30. Fortunately, my key worked this time — after three tries! I went to sleep around 2:30. I’m glad John stayed: he didn’t come back to the room until nearly 4:00.


I was determined to turn things around and enjoy the remaining half of the party. Turns out that wasn’t a problem, especially since Saturday got off to such a splendid start.

Readers who go back with me a ways will remember my time shooting for Spanking Court in 2011, and my friendships with the Court Disciplinarian (AKA The Villain) and bailiff Dana Kane. When Spanking Court stopped production, and the CD and Dana moved to Las Vegas, I was bereft. The Villain disappeared for a while, but he has re-emerged on social media in recent months, reincarnated as Michael Donovan. Anyway, long story short — he texted me and asked if we’d like to have lunch with him. I hadn’t seen him since October 2011, and John had never met him. So we said absolutely, yes, let’s have lunch on Saturday. I mean, come on — how could we both be in the same city and not see each other, after all this time? He didn’t wish to join us at the hotel, so he picked us up outside.

What a joy to see him again! We ran at each other and hugged one another to pieces. He’d surprised me with a massive bouquet of flowers — and it was his birthday! We didn’t know about it until the last minute, so all we were able to do was buy him a card at the hotel gift shop. We went across the boulevard to an outdoor market square, Tivoli Village, with various shops and restaurants. It was buzzing, not only because there was a fresh produce farmer’s market set up there, but there were also having an event with training and socializing service dogs. What a treat — I got to have my fill of petting doggies!

We chose a little bar/tavern, Made LV, for lunch. Great choice, turned out! It looked like your average bar and grill, but the food wasn’t the usual greasy spoon stuff. They did have burgers and so forth, but also other sophisticated fare, like John’s curried butternut squash soup and Michael’s stuffed artichoke. I had Chinese chicken salad. But the food didn’t really matter… the company was perfect. We sat and talked for over two hours, which slipped by like minutes. Michael and John clicked immediately and we enjoyed one another immensely.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t go that far back with me, here’s a shot of Michael and me from our Spanking Court days:


Reluctantly, Michael dropped us back the hotel at around 2:30, promising we’d see him again sooner rather than later. I went to the front desk, seeing if perhaps the hotel could locate a vase for me, but alas, they could not. So we improvised and put my bouquet in our room’s ice bucket.


There was a TTYL (Tights, Thongs, Yoga Pants & Leggings — Joe’s favorites) party going on in 960 from 2-4, so we got there about 2:45. I was wearing flowered leggings and a tunic top. Soon after arriving, I started chatting with a man who goes by the name Naughty Michael on Fet — but this weekend he was getting in touch with his toppy side quite a bit, so he was also going by Strict Michael. (Yes, another Michael! I will refer to him as NM.) Anyway, I had seen him at parties before, but we’d never talked. What a great guy! Fun and smart and animated, so when he asked me to play, I eagerly said yes.

Hee! We had a delicious first scene, filled with banter. He was more than receptive to my sassing, and there were lots of laughs. Especially when he admitted to not being the best at scolding, and was floundering at coming up with scold-y phrases. Finally, in a desperate attempt, he blurted, “Bad girl! You stole a cookie! No stealing cookies!” To which I hooted, looked over my shoulder and yelled, “Is that the best you’ve got?” He turned out to have quite the formidable hand, though. He had told me he was about 60% bottom and 40% top, and I ended up panting, “Are you sure you’re not 80% top and 20% bottom?”

Immediately after that, I got whisked right back OTK, this time with IHH, who checked in with NM and was told how sassy I was. Harrumph! We had a nice long scene, right in the main room on an ottoman, and I totally spaced out, limp as a noodle over his lap for a long time afterward. He didn’t even take my leggings down this time, but believe me, I felt it. Mmmmmm.

Alex had been shooting all that afternoon as well, so she missed the party, but SC and I were waiting for her and were planning to share a bubble bath in the giant tub/Jacuzzi when she was done. Joe always encourages people to make use of it, and I’d never done so before. It sounded like a perfect way to decompress and relax for a bit.

This is how it looked before we got in: BUBBLES!!


Here we are, the Bubble Butt Triplets (credit to SC for “bubble butt”):


IHH came into the bathroom with us and did the honors, taking pictures. Oh, and of course, John had to make mischief and encourage us to streak the suite. So we covered ourselves in suds and ran screeching through the suite, trailing mounds of bubbles everywhere. (John, bless his heart, cleaned them up.) IHH tried hard to get pics of that as well, but they all came out blurry. Silliness aside, the bath was lovely. One more (slightly blurry, but still fun) shot of the Soapy Sisters:


After that, I headed back to the suite to wash my hair and start to get ready for the steakhouse dinner. Got into a new dress and my highest heels, blew out my hair, and we were ready to dine in style. It was such fun to see our friends decked out — SC looked stunning, and Alex blew us all away in a new little black dress, vampy hair and very glamorous makeup (SC did it for her). We got the far end of the table, with IHH, SC, Alex and Paul across from us, and my dear darling Pruxie on my left. And this much beloved man on my right…

unnamed (2)

Dinner was fabulous. We had the same server from the past two years — Lawrence — and the food was great as usual. Others in our group included Tall&Strict and BellaBijou, SmartSlink, and MaMaBlue, who came around the table greeting all of us and making us laugh like hell. That woman is such a hoot! One of my regrets of this weekend is that I didn’t get a picture with her.

A quick aside, out of order: I had a wonderful scene with Paul Kennedy. He beckoned me with one finger from across the room, and I was up like a shot. (I seem to recall hearing someone say, “I’ve never seen Erica move that fast!” but I don’t know who it was.) What I can’t remember is when we had it! Was it Friday or Saturday? Well, regardless… it was lovely. That man has one powerful hand! Combine that with that oh-so-yummy British accent and calm demeanor, and I can honestly say that Alex is one very lucky girl. Plus, he’s a sweetie. ♥

Anyway, back to Saturday night. There was a bit of ruckus over a “magic chair” in 960: apparently, women were being told: “Stand on that chair and something magical will happen!” So several girls, including Princess Kelley and SC, stood on the chair. Yeah, some magic — what would happen was NM would lurch at the chair, yelling, “NAUGHTY GIRL! NO STANDING ON THE FURNITURE!” and yank the culprit OTK. At first, I didn’t know what was going on, so after NM was done with SC, I quipped, “What did she do — steal a cookie?” “No, she stood on the furniture!” “Oh, OK,” I said, wandering over to the snack table, where — conveniently — lay a platter of assorted Girl Scout cookies, and helped myself to a Samoa, making sure NM saw me. Sure enough — “NAUGHTY GIRL! NO STEALING COOKIES!” And I was summarily yanked over his lap. “Noooo!” I shrieked. “I didn’t steal it! It’s a party platter! It’s there for all of us!” I waved the cookie out of his reach and kicked wildly until he trapped my legs with his own. Too funny! I had the last word, though (or that last gesture, as it were). When he let me up, I still had the damn cookie in my hand and I thrust it defiantly between my teeth. 😀

It seemed that many of the women were wearing PJs, so SC, Alex and I went back to Alex, Paul and Prux’s suite so Alex could change and remove some of the makeup. I wanted to change into my PJs, but I had one pair with me and they were too warm for the suite with all the bodies and activity. So Prux loaned me a pair of pink ruffly baby doll PJs — not my usual style but what the hell, they were comfortable! Thanks, Pruxie! We trooped back to 960, after Alex had transformed from a siren in black to a mischievous girl in pigtails, knee socks and romper PJs (and SC changed into an ooh-la-la black baby doll with gorgeous lace-topped stockings), and hung out there, where I chatted with Sarah Gregory, among many others.


Love her Cookie Monster PJs (they had “Nom nom nom” all over the back of the shirt).

Late that night, IHH came to me silently and took my hand. Without a word, we walked into the bedroom and had our last scene, because he was leaving the next morning. I was sad that he wouldn’t be there Sunday, but at least we’d had some good quality time. Thank you, sweet friend. I love you.

I also got to have a solo flogging from Fineous, my all-time favorite flogger. He was one among the others for the Midnight Flogging scene on Thursday, so I figured that was it, so getting him all to myself for a good long time was a treat.

The night zipped by, and John and I went back to our room around 4:00, knowing we’d have to get up (relatively) early to make it to Strict Dave’s Punishment court the next day. SDPC is a no-miss event!


John dragged me out of bed at 10:30 so we could shower and dress. SDPC wasn’t until noon, but we like to get there early so we can snag a comfy seat on the couch. I went to get us both coffee while John got our spots, and we settled in to enjoy the fun. There wasn’t a huge docket this time, but the cases were the usual hilarity, including a very funny dispute between Alex and SC involving a can of Pringles. But toward the end, I was in for a surprise: I got called into court, by Ellee and Tall&Strict!

As you may recall, at the last Shadow Lane party, this happened:

I happened upon Ellee and Tall&Strict playing on the side of the bed. I looked down, and I just couldn’t help myself — I loudly blurted, “Holy Jesus Christ!!” Ellee’s right cheek had the most livid, colorful, deep bruising I think I have ever seen up close and personal. Both of them laughed, and T&S exclaimed, “That’s not from me!”
I just kept babbling, so mesmerized was I by this. They both thought I was funny, and I guess I kinda was! But then I realized I had just totally bombed their scene. So I began apologizing profusely, saying I’d committed an egregious breach of scene etiquette and begging their forgiveness. T&S ran with it — “All your years in the scene, Erica; you should know better!” And Ellee said this would be revisited in the next CP Court. Ruh roh! That should be interesting, especially considering that those bruises were from Judge Dave himself!

Sure enough, they hauled me into Court over this! I’d forgotten all about it, until this moment. And I had precious little time to prepare my defense.

But prepare I did. Ellee and T&S presented a compelling case (somehow “Holy Jesus Christ” had morphed into “Oh My God” in our memories, but otherwise, all was accurate). Ellee, with a perfectly straight face, said that I was a role model and an icon in this scene, and I really should know better than to commit such a faux pas. If people couldn’t look to me for proper behavior, then who? Not to mention that her and T&S’s had been “irreparably violated.” The room cracked up.

My turn. I turned earnestly to Judge Dave and said, first of all, it was an “excited utterance,” and I had meant no harm or judgment; it was purely a reaction to seeing The Wonderful World of Disney technicolor on Ellee’s bottom. Second, I had apologized at the time, and they both told me that it was OK. And third: “Judge, I know this will land me in contempt of court for swearing, but really, this happened last year, in September 2014. It is now February 2015. This is a fucking museum trip.”

Aaaaand the room cracked up again.

Guess what? Admittedly by the judge, just barely, but I won! He ruled for the defendant! 😀 So Ellee got four cane swats. However, because I dropped the f-bomb, I got four strokes with the strap. (As I knew I would, so I’d cussed on purpose.) Too much fun!

After SDPC, we went to lunch at Café Siena once again, this time with T&S, Bella Bijou, SmartSlink, SC, and Alex and Paul. The latter two had to leave early to go shoot, but the rest of us lingered until around 3:00. There was a judicial punishment scene going on in the main suite at 4:00, but SC was leaving at around 5:30, so we opted to go to Joe’s room (which was open to all of us, but empty at the time), to just hang out and talk. MaMaBlue joined us for a while as well. Finally, it was time to hug SC goodbye and send her on her way.

John and I, exhausted, took a long nap, then went for a quick snack at the Oyster Bar. Back in 960, things were still in full swing. The guys had taken a bunch of blankets and pillows and made a “cuddle pile/aftercare area” in the middle of the room:


Yes, that’s a bra at the top. I believe it belonged to Maddy Marks.

So much fun to sprawl on that thing and relax! But after a while, I got up and left, because it was time to have a nice little private scene with Joe. The man is soooo busy on these weekends, and playing with him can be a hit-or-miss situation (pun intended), so I was so happy when we were able to make it happen. I love that man so much — he has a heart that’s bigger than all outdoors and he has done, and continues to do, so much for our scene. We gave him two standing ovations this weekend, and they were well deserved.

My final scene of the weekend was with John O. (TripleAAA on Fet). He and Sarah had a pair of those goofy electronic cat ears that move and twitch according to the wearer’s brainwaves, so Sarah had me put them on while JO spanked me, so she could see how they reacted! Wish someone had gotten a picture of that.

And so, the weekend wound to a close. We spent a lot of time talking with various people, and it was so hard to tear ourselves away, but at last, we did. Hugs all around the room ensued. As we were leaving, I went to hug Strict Dave goodbye. He and I had wanted to play this weekend, but the timing never jelled and it didn’t happen, unfortunately. But that’s how it goes sometimes. So as I reached for him, he surprised me by swooping up my skirt, grabbing me up and throwing me over his left shoulder, and giving me a series of hearty smacks! Now that’s what I call a goodbye. 🙂

A few random memories worth mentioning:

  • Encountering MaMaBlue in the hallway, and watching John charmingly sweep her into a slow dance, singing “I Could Have Danced All Night.”
  • Helping Piper and Ellee put up “PiperElleeLand” signs all over the hall. Actually, John was the one who helped; he stuck up the signs in the high places they couldn’t reach! When we found them, they were attempting to stand on a chair, so John said, “May I?”
  • Chatting with FLAPaddler and DominicKing about what a great guy Joe is. Props to those two for being such incredibly loyal friends — don’t really want to go into the reason why I’m saying that, but believe me, it was special.
  • Watching Alex and Sarah get plaques for winning the Spanko Awards’ Female Spanker and Spankee of the Year.

We went into bed a little after 4:00 and up again at 7:00, so we could hit the road early and get the trip out of the way. Despite rain, we made good time again.

Thank you, Joe, and thank you to all the wonderful friends who helped make this party so special for us. It was a great last hurrah for while, since John is having his surgery in a couple of weeks. Thanks for spankings, for hugs and kisses, for laughs, for the sheer joy and camaraderie of convening with spankos. Here’s to 50 Freaks 2016!

P.S. This took a hell of a long time to write and there are probably typos/errors in it. For once, I don’t care!

P.P.S. I know I’ve forgotten people and moments. Please forgive me if I didn’t mention you; you were still special! But I would have been here all night writing this thing if I hadn’t whittled it down a bit. 🙂

Posts coming soon, I hope!

Hi y’all — well, we are back from our four days of spanking debauchery in Vegas, and I am bursting with stories as usual. But as timing would have it, I am also bursting with work! Among other things, I got slammed with a 178-page medical document yesterday — and they want it today. I had to start it last night, when I was operating on about 1 1/2 brain cells. Fortunately, I was able to squeeze in a two-hour nap first.

I have had no chance to keep up with everyone else’s blogs for the past few days, so I apologize for that. FYI — I know that Blogger reversed its decision about adult blogs. But I’ve already made the move, and I don’t trust them anyway, so I believe I will stay here. Please do update your blog rolls! Oh, and please, if you comment, do so on any of the posts, but not on the “Welcome” photo. Technically, it’s a post, I know, but it’s a sticky that was created so I could use my old header photo. 🙂

The party blogs and stories will have to wait for a couple of days, I think. I hope I don’t forget stuff. But in the meantime, just a little teaser…

So, this happened. 😉


From left to right: SpankCake, Alex, and me, three soapy sisters. More later!

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