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Sorry, guys…

I really do hope to get back on topic here and have a bit of fun again. Just not sure when that will be. Hope you’ll all stick around until then.

John is walking a bit every day, showering and washing his hair, etc. We talk twice a day. He is very tired and weak, as is expected, but the bizarre thing is that his biggest complaint right now is the sore throat and cough he has from the breathing tube being in there so long. This morning, he said, and I quote: “This cough is killing me.” I begged him to please choose other verbiage.

I will head there Friday, do his laundry, change his sheets, replenish his groceries, spend the weekend as per usual. Here’s a bit of silver lining in all this mess: I finally, finally got him to throw out all his old sponges. I swear, that man keeps sponges until they crumble into dust. It’s disgusting. When I told him that I read sponges are the germiest thing in the house and we were getting rid of his, period, he didn’t argue.

He’s eating a little, but still has no appetite, which bothers me. But then again, he’s not moving much either. So he doesn’t need that many calories, I guess.

Heading for the gym for the first time this week. The Basket Case needs some endorphins. Later…

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11 thoughts on “Sorry, guys…

  1. You tell John, it sounds like He is well on way to a full recovery…. Also, young lady, YOU make sure you take care of yourself for Him…..


  2. I hope John gets well soon, and then first act in his new condition thoroughly spanks you for the implicit suggestion that we might leave fro you sharing your thoughts & feeling these days.
    Well, may be the second act. The first one he might wish to reserve for a concern of more direct relevance. πŸ˜‰


  3. LOL, sometimes you just have to put your foot down about some things, like the sponges. I probably would have gone the fun route of throwing them away while he wasn’t looking and then got spanked for it later. Win, win!

    It’s okay if you aren’t “on topic” but by the title of your blog, you actually are as this falls under Life and Love. ❀️


  4. Ah, I remember “Crumbling Sponges,” by Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers! Thanks for the continuing update, Erica! It sounds like both of you are recovering steadily!


  5. Jay nailed it there. The title of the blog is Life, Love & Spanking. Life needs love in it. Then some spanking. You’re doing very well. Both of you. Please just keep on keeping on.


  6. wthwing — trying to. πŸ™‚

    MrJ — I think John has hung up his spanking arm for a very long time. I’ll have to get that elsewhere.

    Jay — you’re so right. It’s gonna be Life and Love for a while! πŸ™‚

    Wolfie — you always make me laugh. Sometimes I wish I could just hang with you for a couple of hours!

    Joe — thank you. We will.


  7. Hi Erica — So glad that John is doing a bit better, I hope his sore throat and coughing goes away soon 😦 I think your both doing a excellent job πŸ™‚ Your taking things day by day and that’s all you really can do. Of course, I will stick around your blog is also about life and Love πŸ™‚ So glad you got rid of those germy sponges YUCK. I went to the hospital yesterday to have a endoscopy, I now have a ulcer in which I am taking 4 medications to try and heal it.I have another one done at the hospital in 3 to 4 months 😦 I see the Neurologist this month on the 23rd, I beat pseudo tumor YAY. but I have symptoms that has nothing to do with that.hoping for some answers very soon. You and John are always in my thoughts πŸ™‚ Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean


  8. Pick up some Lemon Mint Ricola for John; they should help his throat. They aren’t minty, just lemony and good for sore throats. Glad to hear he is up and about, even if its slow.


  9. Jade — so sorry about the ulcer.

    Kaki — I love Ricola. Will that help with his cough, too? Ugh… it causes him so much pain to cough. 😦


  10. Glad to hear that John is on the mend. And that you are trying to get back to doing hangs you enjoy and need to do. So how are you holding up?


    • KB — honestly, not great. It’s been a rough week with a lot of concerns and about a dozen meltdowns on my end. But John is finally having a home care nurse visit him today, and I am taking him for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. So hopefully things will get better.


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