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Happy Easter

It seems I’ve gotten into the tradition of, on Easter Sunday, posting something completely inappropriate. Why should this year be any different, even though I’ve temporarily lost my mind?


I could sing “Peep peep, peep peep, the chick went peep peep peep!” But only people my age and older would get that reference.  making disgusted face

Hope everyone had a happy Easter, and has a happy keister. I sure as hell hope that I get to have one soon.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Hi Erica — How are you and John? My Easter was ok, it was different because my Grandmother wasn’t here 😦 Which made me sad. This little chick is hilarious LOL 🙂 Hoping you see Steve in a few days,That will make you and your butt happy. Wish I could get spanked now, I definitely need a good otk spanking 🙂 Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade/Emily Jean


  2. Erica, that picture is hilarious! I love it.

    Happy Passover to you.



  3. LOL, love the pic! Hope you get a little stress relief soon!


  4. Jade — I know it’s tough, missing your grandma. I’m sorry.

    Hermione — I have to laugh whenever I fleetingly remember that I’m a Jew. I ate ham yesterday, for heaven’s sake.

    Jay — gawd, I hope so too.


  5. You are indeed getting really confused, I must admit: eatig ham, as a Jew, “for heaven’s sake.’
    Hope you had good days. ONWARD TO tUESDAY!


  6. MrJ — yes, I’m confused, among other things.


  7. “Hey, buddy, how can I get this hen out of second gear??”


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