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Boneless Erica

This was me, last Tuesday…


…after a hard spanking and paddling, and shoulder-to-toe massage. Steve came over and took good care of me, just in time to launch into what became Hell Week… getting John out of the hospital, settled back at home, dealing with his mail and laundry and groceries, and getting him to four different appointments. I am currently up at the godforsaken hour of 6:05 a.m., mainlining coffee and preparing to go for another 100-mile round trip today, picking him up and getting him to the urologist. The good news is, his foot has settled down (we saw the podiatrist) and his eyes are OK (we saw the ophthalmologist and optometrist); he will need reading glasses, but so do most people our age. Bad news… the UTI (and the subsequent catheterization) so traumatized his prostate and urethra, he is now on home catheters for the time being, which means we have to drag those effing cath kits everywhere we go and the poor man has to use them. We’re hoping the urologist will be able to fix him up today.

Oh, and yeah, he’s still healing from open-heart surgery. Ye gods. As he said yesterday morning, “I didn’t sign up for this.”

He has extended his six-week work leave to eight. We’re hoping it won’t be more than that.

Work is also busy, which is good, but the timing is a bit tricky. I’ve barely been online all week, save to check email and tweet on occasion. I just don’t have the time or the energy for it. So again, bear with me. I shall return. And I’ll even have another spanko song parody for you. Meanwhile, have a great weekend, y’all.

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16 thoughts on “Boneless Erica

  1. You’re amazing. Take a couple moments for yourself.


  2. (Hugs) You are doing a wonderful job, Erica! 🙂

    I hope John doesn’t have to use those catheters long. I remember getting one when I wasn’t even in school yet…(shivers) unfortunately I think it is one of my earliest memories and I’ve never forgotten it. :-/


  3. “This too shall pass.” We are extremely complicated pieces of soft machinery. Unfortunately when we break down we do so in complicated ways with parts that have nothing much to do with the main problem choosing the worst possible time to act up. I absolutely feel for John, trying to recover from open-heart surgery, being plagued with eye problems and foot problems and a UTI. I had to use a catheter kit for two months while waiting for surgery some years ago. I found that very distressing. So, yes I really feel for John. He is having a very hard time of it. But then he has you; managing his day to day life and caring for him. So, the hard times will pass and then “All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” For he will be better in himself, and he will still have you. Then hard times come again no more. Best wishes to you both, Joe.


  4. Please remember this erica, there maybe a lot of work getting John back home and running ( so to speak ) butt might have been a lot worse where there wouldn’t have been a John around…. Hang in there….


  5. At least this episode is proving plenty of opportunities to show how great a woman you are. Erica – and you seized them.
    Please give yourself a break, also literally, for just an enjoyable hour a day – and the rest will be more bearable. Hugs.
    And, oh – I AM looking forward to that parody. 😉


  6. Catheters are not pleasant to have inside you. I feel for you and John. it sounds like he is more cooperative now, though, and with all those appointments he will surely be better soon.

    Stay strong!


  7. Jon -=- trying to.

    Jay — they are horrible, I agree.

    Joe — I hope they pass. Because we are both stretched very thin right now. No one human being should have to go through all the things John is experiencing all at once.

    wthwing — I will try.

    MrJ — taking a break today, as yesterday turned out to be a nightmare.

    Hermione — I sure hope so. Oh, by the way, I looked at my settings, and I have already checked off “Show Avatars.” So I have no idea why yours isn’t showing! (sigh)


  8. chrossed!
    Clearly, in all transpiration is some inspiration. 😉


  9. Dearest Erica – – Stay strong and know that you are continually in my thoughts and prayers – – the hard part is over so take some more deep breaths and do what you do best – – HUGGGGGGGGG


  10. Hi Erica — You are AWESOME 🙂 You are doing a GREAT job taking care of John, 😦 Poor John I wish he didn’t need catheters, they totally SUCK, 😦 My Grandmother had them in the hospital, they are very uncomfortable and they hurt.Hope John gets well soon. You will see that, everything will get better soon 🙂 There is always a rainbow after a storm 🙂 Sending much Love and prayers to you and John.Hugs from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean


  11. Jade — I think that rainbow is way overdue. (sigh)


  12. gustofur on said:

    He is lucky to have you.


  13. Hang in there! You’re doing everything you can and I’m sure John is appreciative.


  14. Lea — he has told me many times that he is. I guess I have to believe that.


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