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Happy Easter

It seems I’ve gotten into the tradition of, on Easter Sunday, posting something completely inappropriate. Why should this year be any different, even though I’ve temporarily lost my mind?


I could sing “Peep peep, peep peep, the chick went peep peep peep!” But only people my age and older would get that reference.  making disgusted face

Hope everyone had a happy Easter, and has a happy keister. I sure as hell hope that I get to have one soon.

Good Friday, my ass

My apologies for the blasphemy. But it’s been a rough week.

John is proving to be a very difficult patient. He has been home since Sunday: on the plus side, he has managed a walk each day, has been able to bathe and wash his hair, has been able to sleep, his intestines seem to finally be settling down a bit. But he still has that cough, which is causing a lot of pain to his torso and chest. He’s had no appetite, which worries me. He says he’s not doing anything so he doesn’t need that many calories, but I say his body still needs nutrition in order to heal. He’s weighing himself every day and says he’s not losing weight, but still… He’s had a strange swelling and pain in his right ankle, which has worsened instead of getting better. This wouldn’t be an issue normally, but I am concerned about some sort of localized infection. Plus, he needs to be able to walk — it’s crucial for his recovery.

Every day, I have asked, then begged him to call his HMO and arrange for the home-care visits he’s entitled to. Every day, he’s given me an excuse why he didn’t. When we spoke this morning, he was talking about going into urgent care. Just exactly what he should NOT do — go sit around with a bunch of sick people in a waiting room for hours.

I’ll spare you all the arguing and the tears. Upshot? He has a home-care nurse coming this afternoon, and a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. These are good things. But arriving at them was a battle. I’m worn out… and the weekend hasn’t even started. I’m headed over there to spend three days.

Deep breaths. Will work out before I go. Am eating. Am taking Airborne every day.

On the plus side, people continue to be kind and supportive. I am hoping to see Steve sometime next week for some desperately needed stress relief. Alex’s Paul even offered to help out with that, if Steve weren’t available. I was very touched by that. ♥

Speaking of Alex (go check out her new blog home!), we had lunch together yesterday, which stretched into an epic 5 1/2 hours of chatting and catching up. First time I’ve socialized since John’s surgery, and it was very good for me. During our time there, a couple sat in the booth behind us and they had one of the cutest dogs ever. This itty-bitty morsel of a dog, a teacup Yorkie. Normally I don’t care for dressed-up dogs, but it worked for this one — she was wearing a little sweater, had her hair pulled back out of her eyes with a topknot bow, and even had a tiny barrette! We both couldn’t resist going over to say hello, and she was very friendly, lapping up all the attention.


All right. Onward. For those who celebrate, hope you have a happy Easter weekend. Eat some chocolate for me. Naturally, I don’t do the giving things up for Lent bit, being Jewish, but this year, I do believe I gave up my sanity. Wish me luck in recovering it, will ya?

Sorry, guys…

I really do hope to get back on topic here and have a bit of fun again. Just not sure when that will be. Hope you’ll all stick around until then.

John is walking a bit every day, showering and washing his hair, etc. We talk twice a day. He is very tired and weak, as is expected, but the bizarre thing is that his biggest complaint right now is the sore throat and cough he has from the breathing tube being in there so long. This morning, he said, and I quote: “This cough is killing me.” I begged him to please choose other verbiage.

I will head there Friday, do his laundry, change his sheets, replenish his groceries, spend the weekend as per usual. Here’s a bit of silver lining in all this mess: I finally, finally got him to throw out all his old sponges. I swear, that man keeps sponges until they crumble into dust. It’s disgusting. When I told him that I read sponges are the germiest thing in the house and we were getting rid of his, period, he didn’t argue.

He’s eating a little, but still has no appetite, which bothers me. But then again, he’s not moving much either. So he doesn’t need that many calories, I guess.

Heading for the gym for the first time this week. The Basket Case needs some endorphins. Later…

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