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More search phrase absurdity, & other stuff

We bloggers all know about the sometimes bizarre keywords and search phrases that bring readers to us. Since I moved to WordPress, mine have been fairly generic, nothing too weird. Until yesterday. Here, among “Erica Scott,” “Erica Scott spanking” and “Erica Scott blog” was:

mommy kink bathroom bring me some

Um… What?

It was all one sentence, just like this, not separated. What the hell kind of a search is this? What was this person looking for? Not to mention that, except for the word “kink,” none of this has anything to do with me. (Don’t say I remind people of their mommy or I will seek you out and cause serious injury to your person.)

Bring me some what? Water? Lube? Corned beef from the deli? Or, since they mentioned bathroom, maybe it’s “bring me some Charmin”?

And where does spanking enter any of this, pray tell? How did this gibberish land them on my blog? My head hurts.

Anyway. Do any of you remember that last July, I went to Alex’s birthday party? It was a fun night, and Alex looked so adorable in her Alice in Wonderland outfit, I just had to get some pictures with her.

Know when she sent ’em to me? Two weeks ago. Oh, that Alex. But hey, don’t think of it as being nine months late from her last birthday; let’s put a positive spin on things and say this is three months early for her upcoming birthday! 😉

I love love love you, Alex. ♥

Alexme (2)

That’s lovely Maddy Marks on the right, BTW.

Didn’t get to see Steve this week for any spanking therapy, because Tuesday his car was in the shop all day, and that was the only day I had available. I missed him. But next Tuesday is just around the corner.

So, it’s May. Normally, I hate the month of May, as it’s chock full of bad memories of both my brother’s and my father’s deaths. However, after the April I’ve had, May is looking like a freaking cakewalk. (What is a cakewalk, anyway? It just dawned on me that I’ve heard and used that expression many times and have no clue what it means.) John has extended his work leave from six weeks to nine, due to all the complications and setbacks he’s had. However, he is hoping his cardiologist will OK his driving at the six-week mark, which would make life a whole lot easier for both of us.

So let’s review: in the past five weeks, John has suffered plantar fasciitis that rendered him unable to walk without a brace and a cane; blood clots in his lungs; blurred vision when reading (that seems to be resolving, thank goodness); and a UTI that just wouldn’t quit and affected his prostate, necessitating the use of catheters (we’re hoping that’s temporary, too). Oh! and he also had a little matter of open-heart surgery. He’s had two week-long hospital stays and two trips to the ER, and had several doctor appointments each week. He’s taken hundreds of pills and been a human pincushion with dozens of blood draws.

It’s been hell.

But now he’s walking, and reading again, and they are keeping a very close watch on his blood-thinner levels so that there won’t be any more clots. The incision on his chest is healing nicely. Last night, he said he got up to use the restroom only once. That’s quite an improvement over every hour and a half, as he was doing last week. Slowly, things seem to be improving. Trouble is, I’m afraid to believe they are. I keep waiting for the next disaster. I’m jumpy and edgy and overreact to everything. I cry at everything. I even deactivated my FetLife profile temporarily, because things there were upsetting me and I didn’t want the temptation to say anything I’d regret.

I guess we both need to heal.

Gotta get back to work. Have a great weekend, y’all.

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19 thoughts on “More search phrase absurdity, & other stuff

  1. It sounds like things are slowly improving…which is good even if it is slow. Let’s be cautiously optimistic… 🙂

    Today has been one of my rougher days. The state of my office is causing some major anxiety. There is paperwork everywhere – the desk (to do), guest chair (haven’t looked at it yet), and floor (almost completed – waiting on someone else). I feel like I’m doing a ton of things at the same time. (Sigh) And to top it off, I’m still tense from an argument this morning. Sorry, I didn’t mean to dump all this in your comment section… :-/


    • Jay — clutter always makes me edgy, but when my life is out of control, it can drive me mad. So I so empathize. I’m sorry. I do hope your days get better! And no apologies necessary.


  2. Wikipedia gives two possible sources for the term “cakewalk”.


    • In my youth I actually participated in the “carnival game” version of the cakewalk at a small-town 4th of July carnival. For your 25-cent carnival ticket you got a chance to walk around a track of numbered squares as numbers were eliminated one-by-one. Last person standing won a rather large layer cake. It was not me. But for the winner? Probably the easiest cake they’ll ever get, hence “a cakewalk.” Or so I suppose.


  3. MrJ on said:

    So John is recovering! – that is great news. Give it some time, and yourself too.
    I will resist the temptation to try and find you using even weirder ‘catch’ phrases.


  4. Ben — I’m glad to read that it doesn’t actually involve walking on cake. I’d much rather eat it.

    MrJ — yes, I know it will take time, especially considering the setbacks.


  5. Richard on said:

    Found a blog by typeing in spanked in tight white pants ronnie soul has a jodphur fetish Not the first that was a taste of the birch miss alex and his stories Hope all is better with those you love


  6. Glad John seems to be getting better.

    I knew that cakewalk was a dance, but read more on Wikipedia, and it seems like it was done for fun and enjoyment, in an anything goes kind of way.

    I hope you and Steve can resume your normal schedule this week.



  7. poppamark on said:

    First; Great picture, love those smiles!
    Second; you hit it right on the head. You both need to heal. It will take time but the journey will make you and your relationship stronger. BTW crying is a great stress release; embrace those tears.


  8. Hermione — I sure hope so too!

    Poppa — I’m kinda sick of the tears, honestly. But I know what you mean.


  9. Very cute pic! I saw today that your Fet profile was gone and wondered what was going on. I hope John continues improving and you both get a break from all the stress.


  10. Lea — yeah, I’ll activate again soon, I guess. When I feel a little more stable, emotionally, and know I won’t say anything stupid!


  11. Joe on said:

    Sounds like John’s recovery is coming along. It may be slow for now but he’s getting there. Loved the photo. Three lovely ladies. All the best, Joe


  12. Joe — thank you.


  13. Anonymous on said:

    Sadly the cakewalk has its roots in slavery- they were a form of satire as slaves dressed up in ridiculous attire and mocked the social airs of white people… who found it amusing and appropriated and encouraged the practice. In the late 1800s, they were often referenced in minstrel shows and racist depictions of African Americans…
    blah no idea how this became current slang but there’s a loaded history there…


  14. Anonymous — ugh. Yeah, nowadays, it simply means something that is really easy, a “piece of cake.”


  15. Hi Erica — I Love this pic of you 3 Lovely ladies 🙂 So happy that John is getting better, that’s GREAT news 🙂 I don’t like May that much either, it brings back painful memories of my Aunt Louanns death from stupid cancer 😦 She died a day after her 56th birthday. On May 2nd She would of been 58. May 3rd made 2 years of her passing 😦 Everything sucks lately including my health.I do a lot of crying,I can’t handle all the deaths in my family and being sick at the same time 😦 Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean


  16. Jade — I’m sorry. 😦


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