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A play with spanking… and padding!

I probably am not the first person in the spanko blogosphere to post about this, so apologies if this isn’t new to you, but it’s hilarious nonetheless.

Apparently there is a new play showing in a small New York theater. Written by Robert Askins, it is called Permission (click on the title to read all about it), and it’s a satire on Christian Domestic Discipline. Granted, this won’t be for everyone — it’s bound to offend many with its “Spankings for Jesus!” flavor. And some of the reviews I’ve read are lukewarm. But still… here’s the deal. It’s jam-packed with spankings. OTK, hand, hairbrush, belt. Real spankings, not faked. When it’s live theater, you can’t fake it with camera angles and sound effects. You also can’t use a butt double cough cough Dakota Johnson cough.

Mind you, I’m not into DD, Christian or otherwise. (How come you never hear of Jewish Domestic Discipline? And just what would that entail, anyway? For me, just threaten to make me eat gefilte fish and I’ll be a good girl.) But what a subject to use for a mainstream play! The possibilities are endless. However, that’s not what I’m going to speculate on here. Plenty of others will do that.

Here’s the part that tickled me, and made it very clear that the spankings in this play are real — the costume designer had to purchase specially padded panties for the two women in the play, who endure multiple spankings per performance, and there are eight performances a week. Even die-hard spankos would struggle with this a bit, I think! They could have implied the spankings off-stage, or made them really wimpy, but they wanted authenticity. Hence, these:


In a recent article all about the costuming for Permission (which you can read here, and I heartily recommend that you do), costume designer Paloma Young described the unique challenge of protecting the actresses from undue discomfort without compromising the authentic feel and sound of the spankings. Just reading about all the discussions and experiments cracked me up. Apparently, latex has a satisfying thwack, but polyurethane sounds too hollow. Who knew?

For spankos, delivering and receiving a spanking is kind of second nature. But for non-spankos, choreographing a spanking accurately is more of a challenge than you might imagine. I have to give kudos to everyone involved with this play, for working so hard to keep it real.

Whether or not the play is any good is another story. I’d be curious to hear about it from anyone who sees it!

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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25 thoughts on “A play with spanking… and padding!

  1. I found a pair of these at a $5 Below store and couldn’t resist buying them. Hoping I have the courage to wear them when I know I’m going to be spanked for fun, not punishment. May be crazy, but not insane. Couldn’t be any worse than sticking a plate down my pants (only once), when I was going to get spanked by my mother.


    • Roselips — a plate?? Yikes! I’ve heard of kids sticking a book down their pants, but a plate could have shattered… (shudder). I guess padded panties make sense… after all, we have padded bras.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know, but it had to do with location of where I was always spanked at home and having to stand in the corner sometimes only prior to being spanked if it happened. The corner was right next to the kitchen cabinets and desperation seriously took over common sense. Guarantee that was the only time I tried that. Probably why I would never consider such a thing now.


  2. JoeDimwit on said:

    Hey! I’m calling RED on this whole padded under britches crap. It’s bad enough we poor men get mislead by padded bras, but as an affectionato of ass I do not want to see this trend expand. I don’t stuff a kielbasa down my skinny jeans to mislead the ladies…


    • Joe — LOL! Not that I’m planning on wearing them myself, but if women do, you guys brought it on with all your yammering about how you like nice round bottoms. Not all of us are well blessed back there, ya know. 😉


      • JoeDimwit on said:

        Sure… Then when some random guy decides to do a simple squeeze check to verify authenticity, it’s all “CONSENT VIOLATOR!” and “POLICE!”

        Ok ladies, let’s all set down the pitchforks. I’m kidding.


  3. Joe — oh, you men have such a rough life. (grinning)


  4. Well, well, It is about time to get to NYC again, I guess.
    This is both hilarious and a very interesting for of satirical mainstreaming of TTWD. The costume may lead some girls into temptation – well, not if they are christian, of course.


  5. Mike on said:

    Hi Erica,

    Long time no talk. As you and I have discussed, I’ma bottom who is into M/M spanking. That said I can and enjoy watching the occasional M/F spanking video. — which is how I” met” you.(Did someone say “Naughty Secretaries Week — Part 2”?) Now that that’s out of the way — I have a ticket to see Permission next Friday. I’m going solo. Just because I want to. Part of me is looking forward to it. And part of me is expecting to be disappointed — not because of the mixed reviews but because it’s a “comedy” and I’m more than a little concerned that the spankings are going to be played for laughs. We shall see. I’ll keep you posted.

    BTW — for anyone who might be planning on coming in from out of town to see Permission — it’s a limited run; it’s been extended through June 14th. I guess ticket sales and previous commitments by the cast, etc will dictate if its run gets extended further.

    Given the mixed reviews and the challenges with casting and costuming, etc. I’m wondering if it will play in other cities or if it will end with this run.


  6. Mike — hey! Well, I have no doubt that the spankings will at least somewhat be played for laughs, since it’s a satire. But, given the painstaking (no pun intended) preparations and efforts made, I don’t think they will be of the cringe-worthy, fake-y, patty-cake variety, which would be my biggest concern. Little turns me off more in a mainstream spanking scene than when it looks fake/super light. I hope you’ll like it!


  7. No Jewish Domestic Discipline ,but there certainly is Muslim Domestic Discipline, as ordered by the Qur’an. Plenty of specific instructions if you care to Google them.

    I hadn’t heard of that play. I suspect it will never be permitted in Canada, but would love to see it. The costume article was hilarious!



  8. A.E. Mouse on said:

    The play will receive its share of backlash/

    Now there’s a spanko pun if there ever was one.

    A.E. Mouse


  9. Hermione — I think I’ll pass on that. I can just imagine. (shudder)

    Mouse — ha! It was unintentional. 🙂


  10. Thanks for sharing this Erica.

    As far as your may point about the spankings at least being real, I wonder if the spankings occur over clothes or if skirts are flipped up and at least panties are revealed?

    As far as the fake infomercial style trailer I was confused. Being fond of delivering spankings, I agreed with the majority of the comments that were all meant to be funny.


  11. Enzo — that’s a good question. I have no idea. I’ve seen a few spanking pictures, and they seem to all be over clothes. Hmm.


    • Mike on said:

      We’ll find out tomorrow. (As I mentioned I have a ticket to see Permission. They sent me an e-mail reminder today. I’ll share my thoughts on Saturday.) I’m not expecting much. Especially with regard to bare bottom spanking. I keep reminding myself that this is a legitimate stage production and not a spanking video and that nudity and legitimate stage productions is almost unheard of. Especially these days. That said I did read one article that stated that one of the couples is introduced to Christian Domestic Discipline when they inadvertently witness their friend giving his wife a spanking. The article specifically mentioned that her pants were down. We shall see.


  12. Mike on said:

    SPOILER ALERT. I saw it last night. Parts of it we laugh out loud funny and parts of it made me cringe. There weren’t as many spankings as I was expecting. One spanking was actually kind of wimpy. (It was written that way.) The others were quite realistic. There were no bare bottom spankings. (I wasn’t expecting any. As I mentioned in another post — nudity in mainstream theatrical productions is rarely seen these days.) One of the actresses was spanked on her panties. The spanker’s chair was positioned in such a way that she was facing the audience while OTK. You could see that her skirt had been pulled up but you couldn’t tell if she was wearing the padded panties that had been described in the article about costuming. (I think she was.) There were no hair brush spankings. (There was the threat of one.) The belt seemed to be the preferred implement. Speaking of belts — in spanking videos, whenever a top takes off his belt my reaction always is: “Hope his pants don’t fall”. That actually happens in Permission. It written that way and it’s a very funny scene. The couple who are inadvertently introduced to CCD turn out to be latent spankos. At one point the wife says “I like it when you spank me.” That was a major surprise. The audience responded with nervous laughter. Kudos to all involved. I’m glad that I saw it.

    On a bittersweet note, the theater was next door the video store where I bought my first ever male-male spanking video. (This was in the per-internet days. Cash only and you hoped that you didn’t run into anyone you knew.) I hadn’t been to that part of the City in ages. It appeared that the store had only recently closed. (Probably a day or two before my attendance at Permission.) That made me kind of sad. (Even though my spanking video watching is strictly online these days.)


  13. Erica … just came across your website after a long sabbatical from the genre. Looks like you are doing well and for some reason you never seem to age … your photographs are amazing. Keep the faith Erica and I wish you abundance of happiness and lots of sexy spankings! You certainly deserve them.

    The Grinch (Chicago)


  14. Mike — thank you for the review. As I suspected, the play sounds like a mixed bag.

    Grinch — thank you. 🙂 You’re really not so Grinchy, you know.


  15. Anonymous on said:

    Bah Humshit!


  16. Sorry about the late comment, Erica. I’ve actually been … working!
    The theatre is in New York City, on Christopher Street. This is in the heart of what used to be called the “”Gay District.” It is THE street. If I recall correct, the bar that led to the real public launch of the Gay Rights movement in 1970 was the Stonewall and it was located on Christopher St. A riot broke out around the bar, with heavy handed police response, that became the Selma bridge for the movement.

    Like Mike I expect to see it. I won’t read his comment until after I do. Jon


  17. SPOILERS. Saw the play. Basically both wives talk their husbands into being dominants. One couple grows with it; the other doesn’t. The religious thing is just that – a plot device to explore how people motivate themselves or give themselves permission to do what society tells them not to do. Unfortunately, given that the couples are painted as religious hypocrites, I suspect that most of the audience will not look at the permission issues, the erotic funishment. Or even DD that isn’t Jewish, Christian or Muslim.

    Anyone here would not find much new or interesting.


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