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Scenus Interruptus

So I got up this morning, anticipating my visit from Steve. Dressed, straightened up the place, put some makeup on… the phone rang. It was my apartment manager. Said they’re coming in to do some work in the kitchen, because there’s a leak somewhere and they have to replace the pipes.

Within minutes, I had two plumbers and the manager tromping through my kitchen, taking everything out from under the sink, drilling, hammering, and basically trashing the kitchen area. Asked the manager how long this might take, and he said probably a few hours.

Well, clearly, Steve and I wouldn’t be able to play. I don’t think that would be too discreet, smacking away, even if it’s in the bedroom with the door closed, with the plumber within earshot.

I got on the phone to call Steve, and discovered I had a voicemail. As coincidence would have it, he’d already called me earlier that morning, before I’d gotten up. He had a work situation come up and he couldn’t make it.

So there you have it. Clearly, we were not meant to see each other today. I guess if we had to have cancellation issues, it’s a good thing we both had them at the same time.

What do you do when you’re all geared up for a good spanking, and it gets yanked away at the last minute, for whatever reason? When you can practically feel it, it’s so close, and then poof! I’m sure this happens a lot to spankos with children, or people who have demanding jobs. Sometimes, life interferes. How do you shut off the spanko mode and redirect your thoughts elsewhere?

First thing I did was change my clothes. Took off the sexy spanko underwear and put on the day-to-day Fruit of the Loom cotton boyshorts and boring bra. Put away the capris and tank top and got into baggy shorts and t-shirt. Might as well be comfortable, ya know?

I know some people use the self-spanking option. Believe me, I’ve tried it. More than once. First, I can’t get a decent enough swing with anything to really feel it properly. Second, something about twisting my arm backward like that makes my shoulder hurt. And third, possibly most important… I feel like a complete ass. And frustrated. For me, it’s actually worse than going without altogether. Ever try to tickle yourself? It doesn’t work. Same thing, for me, with self-spanking. Without all the other dynamics — another voice, another hand, the head space — it’s just an exercise in time-wasting.


Of course, some may have perfected the technique via lots of practice. More power to you! But it’s not an option for me.

So, moving forward. Re-channel the energy. Throw myself into work, or into a workout. Shut off the part of my brain that is screaming for that special stimulation. Remember there will be a next time, soon.

Fortunately, I have work to do, so I can be productive. I do need to switch gears, though. I’m having trouble concentrating, as I’m still in spanko mode. Plus, this is going on in my kitchen right now, just a couple of feet away:


Isn’t that lovely! Noisy, too. I know what you’re thinking: Erica, just take your laptop/tablet and go work in your bedroom! Um… no. Because this dinosaur still works on a desktop. I actually love my work space. It’s roomy and comfortable and has everything I need nearby. However, there are occasions when I wish I could be mobile. Adding this to my Bring Erica into the 21st Century list, along with flat-screen TV (yes, I still have tube TVs). I had planned to get a laptop for the longest time, but never got around to it. Now, I’m considering bypassing that and going straight to a tablet. We’ll see.

So how do you quell the cravings when you have to postpone your play at the last minute? What’s your go-to plan for distraction?

Side note: judging from the absence of comments, it appears that people don’t enjoy my silly food rants anymore. OK. I’ll stop.

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15 thoughts on “Scenus Interruptus

  1. Until you mentioned that Steve had called to cancel I was all set to suggest another road trip.

    I don’t dislike your food rants, but I will admit that the hot dog/hamburger combo looked intriguing to me, even with the potato chips thrown in! I didn’t want to look like a boob who wanted to eat something others saw as disgusting, so I silenced myself. Rant on, sister! And let the (potato) chips fall where they will!



  2. Michael in Texas on said:

    Was the entire wall at the back of the cabinet busted out and open to the inside of the chase before they got there? That doesn’t look right at all. The ragged edge of the opening suggests it was done carelessly. I hope they fix that — at least a plywood panel, if the wallboard can’t be repaired. (Former architect here; it’s hard to stop noticing things.)


  3. Anonymous on said:

    The only thing worse would be if the workmen were eating those foods from your previous posts!


  4. Michael in Texas on said:

    I wrote too soon — I reached this blog post via your Twitter feed, and a later Tweet makes it clear that the torn-out wall is these plumbers’ doing. I hope they have a plan for fixing it.


  5. I still haven’t figured out if having a fixed time to play every week would work for us. Things had been changing every other day that I did my best not to expect anything even if I really wanted it. Tom and I do need to play with the louder implements before we go pick up his daughter this weekend. She will be here for about a month or so which means quiet implements and/or trying to get spanked in the narrow master bathroom with the TV, shower, and overhead vent running…not exactly ideal but I suppose it’ll have to do. It is still difficult to explain the need/craving when you experience it but he doesn’t. We usually play at night, so when it doesn’t happen I just go to sleep. :-/


  6. Michael — not to worry, they’re going to fix the hole tomorrow.

    Anonymous — that would have been pretty bad. Although it’s six of one and half-dozen of another. Considering how horrid the soldering of pipes smelled (like something was burning), I would have almost preferred the smell of triple pork!

    Jay — blech! I’m so sorry — how inconvenient! An old boyfriend used to refer to kids as “virus factories.” I think an even better name is “scene killers”!


  7. A.E. Mouse on said:

    Sorry your fun got cancelled. I never could understand how self-spanking worked either. Good for those that can make it work.

    Could be worse, your girlfriend could be moving to the Virgin Islands – oh, wait that’s me.

    Rich irony there I’ll tell you.

    Anon E. Mouse


  8. O my. Any time a plumber shows up at a girl´s home, it seems to spoil the plot.


  9. Hi Erica — I will never get tired of your food rants, they are very funny and interesting 🙂 Self spanking is not for me either 😦 When I did it, what a joke
    LOL it didn’t even hurt.It was so lame. I guess it could never,take the place of the real thing, getting spanked OTK by a top etc is definitely a whole lot better 🙂 Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean


  10. Erica,

    i guess i’m of a different hue than you but my bum burns just the same with self- spanking. i used to use weapons of ass-destruction like switch, paperback book, soft slipper, wooden spoon, paint stir stick, etc. But i’ve found for the best over-all red glow on my bum cheeks, my own hands work best.

    As a submissive man in my late 60s, i’ve discovered self-spanking and recording same in photos ( looking back, i call it ) to be a delight. In my younger days i had occasion to play Dom to willing women who enjoyed the sub role and a good spanking. But those days are gone and i am left behind to tend to my own behind.



  11. Jade — I’m glad someone likes my food rants!

    Victor — I guess this is a case of “whatever works.”


    • It works for me as i imagine another person’s hand in command. The physical feeling is the same and i am in total control of how submissive i need to be.

      Watching my bum get redder and redder and it feeling warmer and warmer is a delight



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