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Clothed or unclothed — what do you think is sexier?

Bear in mind, this isn’t a test. There is no right or wrong answer. I’m just curious.

In the world of spanking (and its various photos and videos), there is a lot of nudity, or at least partial nudity. We spankos see a whole lot of bare bottoms and other body parts on a daily basis, if we peruse the blogosphere, FetLife, what have you. Sometimes, I wonder if we’ve gotten so used to the naked form, we overlook the fact that sometimes, a body left to the imagination can be plenty sexy too. A clingy dress, a peek of lingerie. A flash of cheek peeking out from under some high-cut panties. Legs encased in stockings.

On FetLife a couple of years ago, I got miffed because I had posted some spanking pictures with my panties still up, and people actually complained. “Those panties need to come down!” I’ve also seen photos of women in beautiful underwear, and many of the comments posted are along the lines of “I just want to tear those off.”

Have we become jaded? Or are there just as many people out there who find it sexy when they see a wisp of fabric hugging a curvaceous body, without actually revealing anything?

Me? I like both. There is something really mind-blowing about seeing a beautiful naked body, male or female. But I also appreciate the tease. The glimpse. The imagination coming into play (mmmm, what’s under there?) And as for my own body, most of the time, I prefer minimal clothing to no clothing. I do like the element of making people wonder.

I did some research on some of my older photos on FetLife, and came up with this parallel. Two photos, similar pose, same general location — a hotel at a spanking party. Here’s photo #1:


On FetLife, this got 64 Loves and 32 comments. Not bad at all. Nothing showing, except a brief glimpse of the top of right stocking, and my upper back and shoulders bare save for spaghetti straps.

And now, Photo #2:


This one, in which I’m completely nude, got a whopping 153 Loves and 81 comments. Fascinating.

On Tuesday when Steve and I played, I was wearing a long, drape-y summer dress. He commented about how sexy it looked when I was over his lap, or over the pillows, the way the dress conformed and clung to my bottom. We weren’t going to take any pictures because he didn’t have his camera, but he said he just had to get a shot or two with his phone. Not the greatest of quality, but it would do. So here is a thoroughly G-rated shot with my dress down — what do you think? Does this pique the imagination? Or does it simply make people think, “Pull it up already!”?


(Don’t worry. He pulled it up eventually.)


Thoughts? What are some of your favorite pictures? (Remember, no right or wrong answers.)

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39 thoughts on “Clothed or unclothed — what do you think is sexier?

  1. I like the tease of clothes, especially small, lacy clothes. I enjoy it when there is just a little bit left to the imagination. A skirt that barely covers the bottom or a backless dress do wonders to draw the eye and activate the imagination.


  2. Firt, I uess that FL and Steve are diffrent cases. I’m more with hm – enjoy the tease, while knowing it lasts no longer thn you like.;-)


  3. Anonymous on said:

    You are such a lovely lady in any form. I do like the progression though.


  4. Anonymous on said:

    I think each situation is different and like anything else in life there is a time and place….but….it is, in my view, hot to start with a peek of cheek or a short skirt exposing the upper thigh while being spanked and then the option to pull panties down or skirt up is there as a teaser


  5. Downunderdon on said:

    I agree that the advent of the interwebs and the plethora of semi and fully naked bodies has made me, and I think the world at large, jaded. It presents us mere mortals with a vast array of perfect flesh in every conceivable state of (un)dress but in doing so has erased the life experiences written on everyone’s bodies. Oh the joys of the editors airbrush!!!!

    For me, spanking is both sexy and fun, so anything that amplifies either, or both, moods is good. Mumski and I usually start off fully clothed but quickly progress much like unwrapping a birthday present….such fun.

    Of the four photos I like the progression, but number 4 gets the cake. Still a little yet to be revealed, but a nice glowing bottom framed for our viewing pleasure.


  6. Ben — I think so too.

    MrJ — true, Steve gets to see what he wants in his own time. πŸ™‚

    Anonymous — thank you. πŸ™‚

    Anonymous 2 — the progression is fun!

    Don — yes, photo-editing software is our best friend. I am no different — I erase all the dark spots off my arms, for example. Probably would be more courageous to leave ’em on… but I hate them.


  7. poppamark on said:

    Personally for me its the whole gift idea. Always so much fun to unwrap. The right pair of panties can take average poise and turn it into something much more erotic. But then I still want to see them taken down.
    The pretty lady about to be spanked as she slowly peels her panties over an arched bottom……. Half way down just sizzles!


  8. poppamark on said:

    Let me add starting a spanking over a dress and then slowly easing it up to expose the undies; working your way to bare as the spanking proceeds, Damn that is a sensual overload for me.


  9. Poppa — lots of visual treats, huh?


  10. I think be said for there is something to be said for both clothed and naked pictures, sometimes a fairly standard picture can be improved by the right clothes. As a male submissive I am sometimes punished clothed and sometimes naked and both are enjoyable. Sadly male clothes tend to be less interesting than ladies. On the rare occasions I do spank ladies I find a nice outfit and the right underwear can greatly enhance the experience.
    I think you look great in all the pictures and it would be rude to pick a favorite.


  11. Michael in Texas on said:

    I agree with the consensus here; there’s room for everything. As I recall, the classic attitude (Playboy during the 60s?) was that some clothing made a nude sexier — even if it was merely a garter, or shoes, or a flower in the hair. I love revealing clothes; it’s interesting to speculate what’s under there, or (with some of the red carpet gowns) how on earth they stay ON, even WITH toupee tape. Thin cloth, wetted down; yoga pants; crop tops showing underboob. Those are sexier than naked.

    There’s also the fact that most of our bodies need some help. I’m enough of a perve (by a large margin) that I collect nude photos of celebrities, and there are many very attractive women who are actually more attractive if you let them leave their bra or panties on. People should be allowed to present themselves how they believe they look best; in the way about which they are most confident.

    In spanking, specifically, I think the situation has a lot to do with it. A realistic schoolroom scene is fully clothed (maybe after the spanker leaves, the spankee takes down her pants to examine her bottom). A realistic dungeon scene is naked (for the psychological intimidation). I DO think a spanking should be on the bare when possible (for safety AND esthetic reasons), but unlike some I have nothing against thongs, or panties that have been “wedgied.”

    I think comments about panties being pulled down are a power thing, used by obnoxious online trolls. “If you are going to post a photo you have to show your bare ass, including your coochie, or we will harass you off the internet.” Those people deserve … well, I don’t want to go too far. My first thought was that they deserve to be struck blind, so they can never see a coochie again, but that may be excessive.

    Michael in Texas


  12. I prefer some clothing. I guess that makes me a dinosaur. Nude photography is very difficult to do correctly. Most do not know how to handle lighting. Case in point, I much prefer the picture of you in the dress simply because it’s a decent exposure. The nude one is harsh, taken in the mid-day sun.


  13. Erica. as you might know from my past experiences, I have always loved a naughty woman to be dressed in garter-belt and stockings. Which in my opinion accents the bare bottom. You have always looked scrumptiously beautiful when you wore this type of sexually and exciting lingerie. Yes, also showing your bare derriere, with you panties down. XXX I love ya.


  14. A.E. Mouse on said:

    Okay, I like it all but lovely panties make for a wonderful spice. I don’t usually enjoy spanking pictures that feature a completely nude woman. who can say why?
    a bare bottom over a spanker’s knee is great but a little offset angle enhances not detracts.

    Anon E. Mouse


  15. Simon — I don’t think you’d be rude if you chose a favorite, but it’s sweet of you to be sensitive. πŸ™‚

    Michael — LOL! A few years ago, I posted a pic on FetLife with panties pulled down, and Steve had written on my butt cheek in Sharpie: “Happy now??”

    OBB — I wouldn’t say you’re a dinosaur for liking clothing. And you’re right; lighting is very tricky.

    Six — thank you. πŸ™‚

    Mouse — I agree about the angle thing. Personally, I don’t like the straight-on-the-butt camera shot; a little off to the side is way sexier to me.


  16. I’ve always liked that top photo. Classically elegant.


  17. Pam — thanks! That’s my favorite LBD.


  18. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica β™‘ I agree with you because I like both πŸ™‚ I always Love all your pics.You are beautiful in every way β™‘ I like to wear clothes that tease, it’s fun.I also want to wear a garter belt and stockings, that looks so hot and sexy πŸ˜‰ Wishing you and John a wonderful weekend.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean β™‘ β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜†


  19. They are both good shots of a sexy looking woman from the back. I also like the progression!


  20. I prefer clothed to unclothed. A little clothing leaves something to the imagination. Most nude photos make me feel like a voyeur. The ones artistically done, with good lighting and an interesting pose, are few and far between.



    • Sexy, I think, means something a little more complicated than ‘sexually attractive or exciting’. I don’t think that it’s easy for clothing to generally be more evocative of sexual desire than nudity. Perhaps it’s possible, perhaps if one imagined a society where everyone went around naked we might become so inured to the human form that clothing would actually become more sexually appealing. And for a connoisseur of the pornographic arts it’s probably possible to inure yourself enough with blatant sexuality that the development of an interest in any sort of variety.

      But getting back to the word ‘sexy’, I do think it has some other meaning. I think sexy is about creativity. When you watch a comedic television program with network and FCC censorship often a good portion of the humor is from watching the writers work within those restrictions. You can have comedy without restrictions, and it’s not necessarily more or less funny, but it’s different, it has different standards and different reasons for being funny. Comedy with restrictions is less ‘pure’, but that doesn’t mean that it’s less worthwhile. Sexiness is like that, we live in a society where we’re expected to not just go round naked and sexiness is a game we play within society where we do our best to still demonstrate our form (and lie about it, as well) without actually breaking the rules.


  21. Fatherjim on said:

    Dear Erica,
    I have said for years that you are the true “Everywoman” the ultimate spanking model. You can be any age, any role, and you are perfect! In answer to your query, however, it is not the clothed or unclothed that sells the shot, it is your beautiful face and its’ reactions that makes for excellence in a spanking shot!Even your sublime acceptance to your sore fanny drives a man wild with visual gold!

    Yes, though I do so love the cherry red in your beautiful behind, and I love its’ form in your choice of clothing, it is still your face that I truly adore!

    Thanks for all the years of sharing what you do and what we all love!



  22. LB — thank you! Nice to see you again.

    Hermione — I feel like a voyeur not so much with nudes, but with really graphic nudes, if you know what I mean.

    elk_deer — well said. I like the comedy analogy.

    FJ — thank you for the kind words. πŸ™‚


  23. Ian Foster on said:

    Sometimes the right clothing ,usually lacy or barely there, can be sexier than unclothed. As for the 4 photos you show, the only one I don’t find sexy is the one where the summer dress was down. This would work better (for me)with a lacier or more diaphanous dress.


  24. Douglas Lee on said:

    Erica – clothed or unclothed, you are a very beautiful woman. X


  25. I worry that we’re losing our sense of imagination and anticipation. I enjoy both kinds of pictures, but pictures where the spankee is clothed or partially clothed definitely piques my interest just a little bit more. When I spank, it almost always start on a clothed bottom. I enjoy going in stages. First over the clothes, then over the panties, and finally bare bottom. I enjoy taking my time in those stages, I like the look and feel of the different clothing and how it all feels to my hand. In the last two photos above, I really like the way the dress drapes over and accentuates your bottom. The last photo is quite nice, too, but the first one really makes me sit up and take notice.


  26. ValleysPixie on said:

    I do like a little covering. You look delicious in the black dress. I think the point is that I like anticipation.


  27. Ian — I didn’t think it was all that hot, either! My top thought it was, but ya know, he’s kinda weird. πŸ˜‰

    Douglas — how sweet; thank you. πŸ™‚

    Dr. Ken — I would imagine it’s fun as a spanker to see all the different layers, and know where it will end up.

    VP — me too!


  28. Favorite pic? ALL of them. Dressed – half dressed – panties – naked, I enjoy all of the pics that you post.
    Now you are thinking this is some pervert, just a little bit.
    You are a beautiful lady and I enjoy reading about your life and the things you do. I also enjoy spanking lovely butts, but don’t have the opportunity these days to spank as often as I would like to.
    Keep up the wonderful work of sharing your life.


  29. Mike — that’s very sweet of you, thank you. πŸ™‚ Pervert? Nah.


  30. Pygophilous1 on said:

    You look great either way!


  31. A few well known quotes explain my feelings about clothes for a woman.

    “A woman is closest to being naked when she is well-dressed.”

    “What a man most enjoys about a woman’s clothes are his fantasies of how she would look without them.”

    “A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to take it off of you.”

    “It’s not what you wear – it’s how you take it off.”

    And if in taking it off, I spank her too, that is the best of all.

    And I love to see it off too, no strain on my imagination.


  32. Mark — ha! I like these!


  33. I prefer progression. Fully clothed, partially clothed, and no clothes can all be sexy, but I like the transitioning from one state to another. πŸ™‚


  34. Anonymous on said:

    It really depends. The moment. The attitude. The eye of the beholder. Loose Dress. Long skirt. My favorite: A sexy woman wearing a man’s pajama top (preferably mine) which barely covers her bottom.

    What makes it sing: the warmth in her smile and the twinkle in her eye.



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