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Do you have a room preference?

No Steve this week, and I’m not sure when we will be playing next. He’s having some life issues, unfortunately. So while I’m waiting for things to get better for him, I’ve been busy with work, and in my down time, looking through old pictures and posts and so forth, which made me think of a couple of spankers who thought it would be fun to spank me in every room in the house. I’m assuming that a great many of us choose either the bedroom or the living room (those are my two favorites). But what about other places?

The dining room, for example. A dining room table is a great place to sprawl across. (Don’t know the source for this one; anyone recognize it?)


Then again, some of us have too much of a mess on our dining room table. Probably why I was taken to task, or some other such nonsense.


Or how about the kitchen? A very domestic place indeed. Look how cute Pixie looks there in this Punished Brats shot:


Or the ever mischievous Samantha Woodley, with Earl Grey: (I’m assuming this is Firm Hand)


Or yours truly. I don’t spend much time in the kitchen, admittedly. Here I am with my sweet Danny Chrighton — some of you may remember this from a few years back. I had just smeared birthday cake on his face. 🙂


Then there’s the bathroom. I guess a bathtub is a good spanking place, although I would imagine the spanker gets soaked. (I would hope so, anyway!) This is Firm Hand as well. Not sure who the players are.


Outside of the tub would certainly eliminate the splashing factor. This is Paul Kennedy, with… not sure. Sarah Gregory? Either Sarah’s site, or Northern Spanking, not sure:


Personally, I’d just as soon stay out of the bathroom, but tops have other ideas sometimes. (eye roll)


Den/play room? In front of the fireplace, maybe? (Amelia Jane Rutherford)


This is a regrettably blurry, but still hot shot from my all-time spanking video, Spoiled Rotten from Shadow Lane, with Keith Jones and Tanya Foxx. Tanya is being spanked/strapped over the pool table.


After watching this, I had a fantasy about being spanked over a pool table for several years… until it actually happened. Some things are better in fantasy than reality! For one thing, the side of the table was very hard and uncomfortable on my hipbones, and it wasn’t like I could say “Time out — can I have a pillow?” (Well, I could, but you know, scene-kill. Don’t want to lose the momentum.) And for another, when you have your ear down on the table like that, every swat reverberates right into your head. So much for that hot fantasy. (sigh) Oh well.

Some people have attics/cellars, or garages. But I couldn’t find any photos for those.

So what is your location of choice? Do share. 🙂

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27 thoughts on “Do you have a room preference?

  1. Erica, I mean every word I will say now. When I have spanked a lady on her knickers down bare bottom, I am in HEAVEN. Would you except such an answer . By the way, I loved your nostalgic room photo’s. Especially the ones that you are on. XXX Love ya.



  2. My preference is the dining room table , mostly because it is a place that is usually not accessible to Mistress and I (kids). Absent that option, my preference is to be pressed against a wall and being required to stay pressed there for the duration of my spanking.


  3. Six — no, didn’t see that one coming. 🙂

    SH — my dining room table is my designated clutter area — mail, bills, receipts, my keys, purse, odds and ends. It’s used for everything but dining. 😉


  4. Downunderdon on said:

    Hi Erica,
    We are strictly bedroom warriors; we can lock the world outside, its all soft and warm (especially during winter) and especially the fur babies don’t get to interupt.


  5. I guess my, ahem, bottom line, is that there should be sufficinet swing space. At he other side of my spectrum of preferences are places which, in your words, make her eyes roll.


  6. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ I like all the pics you are in 🙂 You always look great in pics 🙂 Myself I like the bedroom or the living room.I like a wooden back chair for a otk spanking 🙂 I sent you a message on FB can you please pm me back your email address I misplaced it and I need to talk to you it’s important thank you 🙂 my email address is ☺ in case you forgot. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean ♡ ☆ ☆ ☆


  7. poppamark on said:

    I think the most unusual place I ever spanked a lady was in her garage. She had driven home drunk and put her car in a ditch. I arrived before the Police and towed her out and got her home.
    A few day later she was bent over the hood of her car, garage door open so she could see any one who happened to walk by as I belted her behind. RL – true story.
    That said I love Tanya Fox and think she is under appreciated as a spanking actress. Spoiled rotten was a great film!


  8. Jade — yes, I will PM you.

    Poppa — quite a story! And yes, I love that video. Have watched it more than any other, I think.


  9. Whatever happened to Tanya Foxx?
    My all time fave spanking model.


  10. Let’s see… I’ve been spanked in the living room, game room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. I think that only leaves the utility room, the “dining” room (open floor plan with the kitchen and living room), and the two guest rooms. I don’t think I really have a preference though. One of these days I’ll clean off my dining table and we might make use of that. I’ve also wanted to be spanked over a desk, but my desk isn’t exactly made for that with the way I have it.


  11. Jay — I’ve been spanked over a desk! Years ago, I went to visit a friend’s office after hours. That was fun… except when the janitor showed up to clean the office!! 😀


  12. Lets face it where ever I can be spanked or spank someone is my favorite place for the moment. I find bathroom spankings a bit cramped and a similar problem arises with kitchens. I have only once spanked someone outdoors and that was quite memorable.


  13. Hi Erica,

    I love to be caned over P’s desk at our office. Always seems quite naughty:)

    Hope John is OK. Have a good weekend.



  14. Simon — outdoors certainly opens up a new realm of possibilities.

    Ronnie — yum! That is classic. 🙂 John is slowly but surely getting better; thank you for asking. ♥


  15. Bobbie Jo on said:

    Based on the body language in the first pic, I think it is David Pierson. I can find out if you want.

    I guess my favorite place, if I have one, is the bedroom or living room. Since I have a very hard time being otk over a chair, I prefer a couch or a bed I can lie over lengthwise. I can relax and get what I need.


    • Bobbie Jo — so I guess that first one would be Punished Brats, then. Agreed; it’s nice to be able to relax and sink into it.


      • Bobbie Jo on said:

        I sent it to David and he said it isn’t him. It sure looks like him from the body language. One caveat, though, and that is the hand in the pocket. I have yet to see him do that. Oh well… I have seen this one before, but I don’t know who it is.


  16. I’ve always fantasized about being spanked in the garden shed. In reality, it would be way too hot and airless in here, with the sun beating down on the metal roof and no windows. My indoor choice would be the living room, where the risk of someone coming to the door and seeing us would add to the fun.



  17. Anonymous on said:

    I don’t know that I have a room preference especially at this point in life where the mr and I find adult children moving back in makes life all kinds of interesting and leaving little opportunity for choice. I’ll take whatever I can get and keep telling myself that this is only temporary and the younger adults will find a house and move forward with their lives. {knocks wood 😉 }
    {Look at me following through with another comment. I have figured a work-around to the ridiculousness that is leaving a comment on WordPress via my iPad!}
    Smile pretty lady! Happy weekend!


  18. Hermione — what about in winter?

    Anonymous — yay for work-arounds! Not so yay for adult kids moving back. Hope that ends quickly!


  19. A.E. Mouse on said:

    Bedroom works best for me since it usually happens before, during or after sex. Yes, after sex. Dessert is always nice and this one isn’t even a little fattening.

    Anon E. Mouse


  20. Mouse — I think I prefer before, rather than after. After spanking, I just want to curl up in my top’s arms, or lie quietly and come down.


  21. Wanted to spank my sis inlaw over the back of the car seat but only got one swat that was enough to get a stare from my wife still worth it though she a very nice arse and was not bashfull about showing it of in tight jeans or shorts


  22. 1st pic is Sophie from Spanked-Cutie/Girls-Boarding-School in ‘caned for lateness’


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