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Jenga — my way

Anyone ever play Jenga? For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a tower of 54 rectangular blocks that interlock in a particular pattern, and you play by choosing a block at a time, pulling it out, and placing it on top of the tower, which gets more precarious as more blocks come out. The game ends when the tower collapses.


What does this have to do with anything, you’re asking. With Shadow Lane approaching, there’s been talk about party games and events, and it reminded me of a spanking version of Jenga that I’d played years ago.

Someone (I don’t remember who) had taken each Jenga block and written some sort of instruction on it, all spanking-related. Things like “Five hand swats” or “Three strikes with the paddle.” Each person, after removing a block, would read what was written on it, and then would either give or receive the designated strokes. Sometimes you got a free pass, or you got to choose someone else to take your swats; it was rather creative. But… it was also lame. Five? Three? BO-RING! I wanted more action! Plus, I suck at this sort of game; I get nervous and my hands shake. I was never good at Blockhead! as a kid, either.

So, when several others had had their turn and it was now mine, I studied the tower for a moment, then said, “What happens if I do this?” And I swept my hand dramatically across the tower and sent the blocks flying all over the room.

Oh, she did not do that. Yes, I did.

Much spanking ensued, way more than three or five swats. As I recall, implements were involved. That’s how I play Jenga. 😀

And speaking of games — anyone ever play Spankopoly? Now that looks creative. (Yes, I know it’s hard to read what’s in the squares. If you click on the picture, a slightly clearer version comes up. It’s worth the effort.)


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10 thoughts on “Jenga — my way

  1. Eve is mumbley peg freak.


  2. Way to go, Erica! That’s surely livened up the party.

    I wonder if Spankopoly is still available, now that Todd and Suzy have split up.



  3. Anonymous on said:

    Cool! Love your blog and how you play Jenga!


  4. I have a “make your own” monopoly board…I’ve been wanting to make it spanking related but have always been too embarrassed/shy to even come up with ideas to get started. (sigh)

    The dart games we used to play worked pretty well, but we’ve stopped playing. The game room is a mess right now and we’ve been too busy to clean it. I think we will probably start playing again if we ever get around to cleaning up the room.


  5. Erica the only spanking game I enjoyed. Was “Knickers Down. One Two Three. Over my knee, you’ll soon be”. Six of the Best, you’ll soon get. For I’ll enjoy that you can bet”.


  6. Jack — never played that, myself.

    Hermione — I wonder that as well! It certainly looked fun.

    Anonymous — thanks!

    Jay — oh hell, who says game rooms have to be neat anyway! 😉

    Six — ok, that works.


  7. Love the monopoly. I would play the bank.


  8. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ I Love the way you play Jenga 🙂 You really got the game started off right LOL, I agree the other way is boring. The Spankopoly looks very awesome and fun 😉 I would definitely play it. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean ♡


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