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Fun with Steve

Two weeks in a row feels like a luxury now, after our month off! I am going to fully enjoy every time we have, as I don’t know what the future holds as far as his schedule is concerned. Hopefully he will find work with flex hours; I don’t see him fitting into the 8 to 5 rut very well. We’ll see.

Anyway… he was very much into getting pictures this time, even during our warm-up time. While I was over his lap on the couch, he kept pausing and reaching forward to futz with the camera set up on the coffee table. He took so long at one point that I foolishly snapped, “What are you doing?” “Excuse me, did you say something?” he asked. And then he let his hand do the talking for a while, eventually adding, “Wanna repeat that? Wanna ask that question again? Go ahead, ask it again.” Uh… no, once was enough, thank you!

But he did get some nice pictures. 🙂 I love this man’s hands. And I love the skin contrast, like coffee and cream. (Or in my case, I guess it’s more like nonfat milk.)


Just before we moved into the bedroom for Round Two, I was sprawled on the couch and he said, “Oh, don’t move, I have to get a picture of that.” I couldn’t imagine why, until I saw it later.


I’m so ladylike, aren’t I?

He chose four implements in the bedroom — two that I love, and two that are a bit nasty. So it was quite the contrast of sensations and impact, and at the end when he had me bent over the side of the bed, I was losing it. I was so close to the edge, and he knew it. “Stay with me, sweetheart,” he urged. “Hang on with me.” He took me right to the edge… and then stopped before I could fall.


And then my knees buckled a bit. We were done.


I shook and trembled and wept for a very long time, while he held me close. I don’t know where that all came from, but I get it needed to come out. I love Steve’s aftercare so much — he just wraps me up and makes me feel so safe, re-grounds me when I’m flying off the walls.

Poor guy hasn’t been sleeping well lately. After I had been fully taken care of, he lay back on my bed, and promptly fell asleep. I covered him up and left to go do some work, and he slept for over an hour. Wearing me out wore him out, apparently. 🙂

Happy hump day. And for rabid fans like me, happy SVU day!

Did you miss the super blood moon?

Here’s an indoor version! 😀


Oh, come on. Someone had to do it.

Spanking “startles”

Does anyone remember these? I think they date back to the olden days of the spanking newsgroups, when people would post about seeing or hearing the “s” word in an unexpected mainstream instance. Like when one sees a sports report on the news, and the commentator says that Team So-and-so “spanked” Team Whatsis. I swear, I have been half-asleep in front of the TV and had that word jolt me awake.

Or like the time when my bank sent my statement, along with a notice that they had “BRAND SPANKING NEW BRANCH HOURS.” Do tell.

How many of you get that pleasant jolt in your belly when that happens?

It can be pretty damn funny, the extent of our knee-jerk reactions. Years ago, Danny was visiting me and we were at my computer, looking at something or another with the TV on in the background. I forget which show it was — it was either Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents — but out of nowhere, one of the characters said “spanking.” At the same moment, both Danny and I jerked our heads up from the screen and caught one another’s widened eyes. He said “spanking”! Did you hear that?

In an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon bragged about how hard he “spanked” physicist Stephen Hawking in a game of “Words With Friends.” (Yeah… I could have done without that visual, but it still gave me that jolt.)

And of course, I just had to see the 1994 dark comedy Spanking the Monkey, even though I knew it had nothing to do with spanking. (As it turned out, the subject matter was much darker than any spanking movie.)

Speaking of movies, my latest startle was a film review in the LA Weekly a couple of weeks ago. The headline for the review? “Goodnight Mommy gives the audience a good spanking.” Huh? What? Naturally, I had to read the review immediately, but the writer was being a deliberate tease, it seemed. Goodnight Mommy is a horror movie, and I don’t even like that genre. Apparently the level of fright and gore is “punishing” to its viewers.

More evidence of our wild wiring, I guess. What are some of your startles?

It’s been a lovely birthday week. John has told me that we are continuing to celebrate this weekend, and next as well! I don’t know why, and I don’t know what he has planned, but I am touched that he’s making such a big deal about it. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first birthday after his surgery ordeal? Of course, his birthday is October 5 but he won’t let me make a fuss at all! (sigh) Still, I have bought presents and will bake brownies. He still needs another couple of minor surgeries, but overall, he’s doing so much better, and up to walking an hour twice a day! ♥

Have a great weekend, y’all.

Birthday joy

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, and I do mean celebrated. It was a nonstop day of joy and fun and surprises and love. And cake. And yes, spanking!

My birthday week started when I came home on Sunday and found these waiting for me:


As impressive as the photo is, it doesn’t do proper justice to just how ginormous and beautiful this bouquet was. From my sweetheart, of course. ♥

Yesterday morning, I was up early and found copious quantities of greetings — on FetLife, on Facebook, in my email, on my phone. And of course, it wouldn’t be my birthday without a Wolfie Toon just for me, from my dear and talented friend Dave Wolfe:

Erica Birthday 2015

I then got dressed and ready, very eagerly… because Steve was coming over! First time I was seeing him in a month, and on my actual birthday day? I was beside myself, as you can imagine. So good to see him. So, so, so good. He brought me a sweet little bouquet and a gift card; I hadn’t expected anything, knowing what he’s been going through lately, so these were special extras.

He loved the dress I was wearing, so wanted to get some photos before he made a complete bedraggled mess of me. 🙂 So here I am, acting all demure and sh*t:


Not quite so demure here, however:


But enough of this nonsense; it was time to get down to business. Which we did. If Steve’s hand had weakened during the past month, I certainly couldn’t tell. In honor of my birthday, I got to choose my implements. (Yo, Cane-iac! Three of ’em were yours!) However, in the thrill of seeing each other and playing again, we completely forgot to do the official birthday swat count. John’s comment, when I told him this later, was, “Do-over!” rolling eyes


He left around 3:30. But wait, there’s more!

I met Alex and SpankCake for dinner at Cheesecake Factory at 6:00. The three of us hadn’t been together since Shadow Lane, so it was great to see them and catch up — and on my birthday! I had chosen CF because I wanted their Chocolate Blackout Cake for my birthday cake. It is the platinum of chocolate cakes, with chocolate chips, chocolate frosting, and chopped almonds. But first, I had a healthy salad (which was so huge, I took some home).

Cake time with my girls! (we got lemon cake too, just for variety)


And presents, too. I love coffee, and I love coffee mugs — check out the one Alex gave me (filled with my morning coffee):


And for my sugar withdrawal after last night, she also gave me a little hair of the dog: two Godiva bars. 😀

SC’s gift requires a little setup — some of you know (especially those of you who follow me on Twitter) that I am a major Law & Order: SVU freak. And all of us #SVUDieHards are carrying on about tonight’s two-hour premiere of Season 17. So, SC got a pair of silky black PJs, and did some artwork on them. You’d have to know the show in order to get this, but trust me, it’s spot on. “In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered…”


As for the PJ bottoms… you know that famous L&O double chord? The one often referred to as “Dun-dun”? It could also be “Bum-bum,” couldn’t it?


Grumpy Cat (SC’s present from last year) approves. (Yes, I still have a wired mouse. Don’t judge me; I’m old.)

Anyway, after our usual five-hour chat marathon, we reluctantly said goodbye and I got home around 11:30. After a day so laden with excitement and treats, I was far too keyed up to even consider sleep. So I showered, caught up online, and then, while watching Conan, I ate every last bite of the leftover chocolate cake I’d brought home.

Back to reality — and the gym — today. But my cynical little heart is full to bursting. When the D monster comes to call, telling me how unloved and alone I am, I will pull up memories of Birthday 2015 and tell it to fuck off. Thank you, everyone. ♥

Reality, you stink

OK, I know life isn’t a spanking party. But it’s especially sucky when you come back from such extreme escapism and reality backhands you (and not in a fun way).

As I’d mentioned before, my checking account got compromised and I had to close down my old account and start a new one. Unfortunately, I’d already written and sent out five checks on the old account that hadn’t cleared yet. While I was at the bank taking care of this mess, they had me fill out a form, authorizing them to “force-post” these five checks, even though the account was closed. They assured me the checks would go through and I wouldn’t hear any more about it.


Only one out of the five checks got posted. The rest stayed denied, and in the past few days, I’ve gotten late notices (and late fees). I’ve been on the phone a lot, calling the various companies, explaining, putting the unpaid bills on my credit card, talking to the bank. Oh, and the new checks they sent me? They made a mistake on them, so I have to reorder them. Meh.

Because of pipe leakage, I had water damage in both my bedroom and bathroom. Yesterday, the guy came and plastered up the holes in my bedroom ceiling. Then the manager said, “The painter is coming in the morning to repaint your bathroom.”

Normally, that would be great news. But I haven’t seen Steve in nearly a month, and he was finally going to be visiting me. This morning.

Can you say “bad timing,” boys and girls?

This morning, when it was clear that the paint job was going to take several hours, I had to call Steve and tell him not to come, which was damned hard. It was like being so very hungry, starved, even, and knowing a sumptuous feast was about to be delivered… and then it wasn’t.

I miss Steve. I miss his hands, his strong arms, his voice. His quiet strength. His calm. And I have absolutely no right to complain; his life has been upended in recent weeks, losing his business, and his future is uncertain at this point. The last thing he should have to concern himself with is me. And yet he does. He says he misses me, too. This morning was going to be a respite for both of us, and neither one of us knew when the next time would be.

Anyway. The bathroom is done; it took about four hours. I went in to sweep the copious quantities of plaster dust, and of course managed to bump up against the wall, getting paint all over the back of my shorts. Idiot! Fortunately, I was able to scrub it out. Oh, and with all this other stuff going on, I completely forgot to mail out my quarterly estimated taxes, so I had to make a panicked, last-minute run to the post office. I am just too damned frazzled, and I need stress release. But it’s not going to come in its preferred form, I’m afraid.

Blech. Well, on the plus side, at least my bathroom looks really nice. And I’m getting work done. John is in good spirits. The heatwave has broken. Yes, I am pathetically attempting to be positive and all that happy perky shit.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m grumpy and weepy and I just ate way too damn much peanut butter straight from the jar. 😦 I’m missing Steve, and I’m missing my friends. It is what it is.

Onward. Back to work.

More fun with search phrases

I think I have finally recovered from the Shadow Lane weekend. The days after one of these events are always a bit surreal; it’s hard to get back into reality after a time of pure escapism. I am a little disappointed that there hasn’t been as much post-party buzz, or the usual flurry of lots of pictures, but perhaps those are still forthcoming. Anyway, I am back working, and I went to the gym twice, so things are back to normal.

Since I don’t seem to get much CHoS fodder these days, and since moving to WordPress I do seem to get more crazy search phrases bringing people here, I think I will focus on the latter every now and then. Back on Blogger, most of the search phrases were fairly ordinary — but here on WP, they are completely wacky. I have no idea how some of these words lead people to this site, and moreover, I have no idea what some of the phrases mean. Perhaps you guys can help me decipher them.

The first two seem to be related:

crossdresser erica scott


What?? First of all, I guaran-damn-tee that I really am a woman, OK? If there is a male cross-dressing Erica Scott out there, it ain’t me. And second, how the hell did “tootsie” bring anyone to this blog?? (For those who don’t remember, Tootsie was a movie starring Dustin Hoffman as an actor who cross-dressed as a woman to get a part on a soap opera.) I feel like I should be insulted by these search phrases.

And speaking of insulting:

older spanking lover stuff

Yeah. Stuff this.

spanking smack smack smack giggle giggle

Seriously? Someone actually typed this into a search engine? Why?

These two seem related as well:

spanking cane sorry

whos sorry now spanking

(Yes, I know “who’s” needs an apostrophe. These are verbatim.)

I don’t know who’s sorry, but it isn’t me! 😛

Another mystery to me: How the hell does a search on another spanko personality bring people to me?

chelsea pfeiffer tubes

amber pixie wells topless

I’m flattered at the association with these two wonderful women. But really, the state of Chelsea’s tubes are none of your fucking business. And yes, there are pictures of Pixie topless out there, but you won’t find them on my blog. I suggest you refine your search somehow. Or maybe get a life.

chastitylife spanked blog

(snort) Boy, did you get a wrong number.

And finally, the ultimate WTF search phrase of this entry:

stuffy panty

Huh? What does this even mean? Does the panty have a cold? Is it stuffy, as in uptight? Is just one side of the panties stuffy, and that’s why it’s singular? Wouldn’t that make my butt lopsided? And even if somehow, some way, this phrase means anything coherent, what does it have to do with my blog??

Meh. I can’t spend any more time pondering this nonsense. I have work to do.

So, on this most unfortunate anniversary, take a moment, reflect, and appreciate. And have a great weekend, y’all.

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