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More fun with search phrases

I think I have finally recovered from the Shadow Lane weekend. The days after one of these events are always a bit surreal; it’s hard to get back into reality after a time of pure escapism. I am a little disappointed that there hasn’t been as much post-party buzz, or the usual flurry of lots of pictures, but perhaps those are still forthcoming. Anyway, I am back working, and I went to the gym twice, so things are back to normal.

Since I don’t seem to get much CHoS fodder these days, and since moving to WordPress I do seem to get more crazy search phrases bringing people here, I think I will focus on the latter every now and then. Back on Blogger, most of the search phrases were fairly ordinary — but here on WP, they are completely wacky. I have no idea how some of these words lead people to this site, and moreover, I have no idea what some of the phrases mean. Perhaps you guys can help me decipher them.

The first two seem to be related:

crossdresser erica scott


What?? First of all, I guaran-damn-tee that I really am a woman, OK? If there is a male cross-dressing Erica Scott out there, it ain’t me. And second, how the hell did “tootsie” bring anyone to this blog?? (For those who don’t remember, Tootsie was a movie starring Dustin Hoffman as an actor who cross-dressed as a woman to get a part on a soap opera.) I feel like I should be insulted by these search phrases.

And speaking of insulting:

older spanking lover stuff

Yeah. Stuff this.

spanking smack smack smack giggle giggle

Seriously? Someone actually typed this into a search engine? Why?

These two seem related as well:

spanking cane sorry

whos sorry now spanking

(Yes, I know “who’s” needs an apostrophe. These are verbatim.)

I don’t know who’s sorry, but it isn’t me! 😛

Another mystery to me: How the hell does a search on another spanko personality bring people to me?

chelsea pfeiffer tubes

amber pixie wells topless

I’m flattered at the association with these two wonderful women. But really, the state of Chelsea’s tubes are none of your fucking business. And yes, there are pictures of Pixie topless out there, but you won’t find them on my blog. I suggest you refine your search somehow. Or maybe get a life.

chastitylife spanked blog

(snort) Boy, did you get a wrong number.

And finally, the ultimate WTF search phrase of this entry:

stuffy panty

Huh? What does this even mean? Does the panty have a cold? Is it stuffy, as in uptight? Is just one side of the panties stuffy, and that’s why it’s singular? Wouldn’t that make my butt lopsided? And even if somehow, some way, this phrase means anything coherent, what does it have to do with my blog??

Meh. I can’t spend any more time pondering this nonsense. I have work to do.

So, on this most unfortunate anniversary, take a moment, reflect, and appreciate. And have a great weekend, y’all.

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6 thoughts on “More fun with search phrases

  1. Erica, first let me wish you s Happy Jewish New Year 5776. While you were having a ‘spanking good time in Las Vegas, your namesake Erica Jong, came out with her new book “Fear of Dying”, about sexual love between elderly people in their 60’s. Do you have an opinion of it. Also did any of the SPANKO’s. in Las Vegas, talk about the new regulations on Spanking Blogs in Great Britain. XXX Luv ya.


  2. Hilarious!
    It is about time that someone writes a Semantics of Internet Search Engines.


  3. That is so weird I had to try it. It wasn’t as much fun as it sounded like it would be. Maybe I shouldn’t even write it down, but I like to write.

    It turns out a “stuffy panty” is a brand that has cute stuff printed on panties, like a small cartoon figure or a motto, like something about spanking the wearer. I think I’ve seen a picture or two of you with cute things on panties. That would do it.

    Also, I suspect that for some of these you were not the top line first page result. How many pages did the searcher go through? That is a sad idea, given some of these searches.

    Chelsea Pfeiffer is a beautiful spanking star, and so within a few pages down they’d get other beautiful spanking stars.

    Keep going down, waaay down, and any kinky video search at all will catch every company that markets a kindy video, and everybody who ever made a kinky video that they market. There are some sites that have cross dressing video and also a video you made, which is all it takes.

    So you are beautiful and prominent. Things could be worse.


  4. Six — well, she’s not my namesake, as she was born before me. I don’t know the book, but I’d just as soon not read about sex in one’s 60s just yet! No one talked about the ATVOD at the party; probably too much of a downer.

    MrJ — someone else, maybe. I sure don’t want to do it! 🙂

    Mark — wow, you’re thorough. Thanks for the clarification on stuffy panty. Ugh! That’s a terrible name for a company! I’d never buy from them.


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