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Reality, you stink

OK, I know life isn’t a spanking party. But it’s especially sucky when you come back from such extreme escapism and reality backhands you (and not in a fun way).

As I’d mentioned before, my checking account got compromised and I had to close down my old account and start a new one. Unfortunately, I’d already written and sent out five checks on the old account that hadn’t cleared yet. While I was at the bank taking care of this mess, they had me fill out a form, authorizing them to “force-post” these five checks, even though the account was closed. They assured me the checks would go through and I wouldn’t hear any more about it.


Only one out of the five checks got posted. The rest stayed denied, and in the past few days, I’ve gotten late notices (and late fees). I’ve been on the phone a lot, calling the various companies, explaining, putting the unpaid bills on my credit card, talking to the bank. Oh, and the new checks they sent me? They made a mistake on them, so I have to reorder them. Meh.

Because of pipe leakage, I had water damage in both my bedroom and bathroom. Yesterday, the guy came and plastered up the holes in my bedroom ceiling. Then the manager said, “The painter is coming in the morning to repaint your bathroom.”

Normally, that would be great news. But I haven’t seen Steve in nearly a month, and he was finally going to be visiting me. This morning.

Can you say “bad timing,” boys and girls?

This morning, when it was clear that the paint job was going to take several hours, I had to call Steve and tell him not to come, which was damned hard. It was like being so very hungry, starved, even, and knowing a sumptuous feast was about to be delivered… and then it wasn’t.

I miss Steve. I miss his hands, his strong arms, his voice. His quiet strength. His calm. And I have absolutely no right to complain; his life has been upended in recent weeks, losing his business, and his future is uncertain at this point. The last thing he should have to concern himself with is me. And yet he does. He says he misses me, too. This morning was going to be a respite for both of us, and neither one of us knew when the next time would be.

Anyway. The bathroom is done; it took about four hours. I went in to sweep the copious quantities of plaster dust, and of course managed to bump up against the wall, getting paint all over the back of my shorts. Idiot! Fortunately, I was able to scrub it out. Oh, and with all this other stuff going on, I completely forgot to mail out my quarterly estimated taxes, so I had to make a panicked, last-minute run to the post office. I am just too damned frazzled, and I need stress release. But it’s not going to come in its preferred form, I’m afraid.

Blech. Well, on the plus side, at least my bathroom looks really nice. And I’m getting work done. John is in good spirits. The heatwave has broken. Yes, I am pathetically attempting to be positive and all that happy perky shit.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m grumpy and weepy and I just ate way too damn much peanut butter straight from the jar. 😦 I’m missing Steve, and I’m missing my friends. It is what it is.

Onward. Back to work.

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17 thoughts on “Reality, you stink

  1. You know, Erica, I do not think Steve concerns himself with you.
    I think he loves you. Quite a bit.

    And these bank people – are they spankable?


  2. MrJ — thank you. That was nice to hear. As for the bank people… ugh.


  3. I like bathroom supervision roleplay.


  4. anonymous on said:

    SUCK ass turn of events to say the least! Next to health woes, money loss is the worst stressor I can think of.
    You really deserve your spanking and not for being a brat!
    I got one a few days ago and still have the visuals and tenderness to enjoy. I bruised much more than usual because I asked for frat paddles as part of my finale! 🙂


  5. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ So sorry about all this crazy stuff happening, it totally SUCKS 😦 It seems like everything happens at the wrong time. I hope you see Steve soon.Why couldn’t you go to his house or he could of spanked you in his truck like he does sometimes? I know I need a good hard OTK spanking for lots of different reasons lol 🙂 I crave spanking a lot.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xxxxx ♡


  6. Erica, what a comedown after being away from reality at a spanking weekend. Life sure does suck sometimes. At least your bathroom looks nice – not much consolation though. I hope Steve manages to fit you in later in the week.



    • Hermione — well, we’re looking at/hoping for next week, at this point. But yeah, the bathroom and the bedroom ceiling look great! Today, work and gym; keep the mind and the body toned. Fun may remain elusive for a while, but at least I’m keeping busy and not crawling under the covers. Have to remember that was my old MO. 🙂


  7. Erica, ” “Let a smile be your umbrella, on a rainy rainy day, When SNAFU gets in your way. XXX Luv ya.


    • Six — do you remember the Peanuts cartoon, with Linus standing in the pouring rain? He grins up at the sky, getting even more drenched, then says, “Actually, a smile makes a lousy umbrella.”


  8. Doesn’t life suck at times?

    Sorry no Steve this week so I hope you have work to keep you busy and you see him soon.

    Happy to hear John is good.



  9. Dang, that is horrible timing. Being welcomed back to reality is never as fun as taking a vacation from it for a while. I feel like I need a vacation. There is always something that tends to interfere with plans…and it down right sucks.


  10. CarolBeth on said:

    Erica, sorry to hear your step back into reality has been such a downer. I hope that the lack of blogging is because things have turned around.

    And no, wanting to take a vacation from life is a common feeling, at least for me!

    Take care of yourself. Here’s hoping you and Steve have a walloping good time soon. (I know – terrible pun, but I couldn’t resist.)


    • CarolBeth — well… the lack of blogging has been from lack of anything to say. Just been dealing with tedious crap. BUT… I am hoping to have a fun and happy post soon. Don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll just say fingers crossed.


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