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(sigh) What’s a bottom to do?

Had a lovely visit/session with Steve yesterday. He didn’t bring his camera, but he took a few nice post-scene shots with his phone.

As he’s preparing to leave:

Me: Let’s load the pictures onto my computer.

Him: I’ll send them to you later. The pictures on my phone tend to look yellow and I want to fix them first.

Me: I can do that.

Him: Nah, I really want to get on the road before the bad traffic hits. I’ll send them to you tonight.

Me: Promise?

Him: Promise.

At the door:

Me: Don’t forget to send me the pictures, ok?

Him: I won’t, I promise.

Guess what? No pictures last night. This morning? Still no pictures.

Hence the sigh. What is a bottom’s recourse when a top fails to deliver on something he promised? Not much. Except to snark at him here!! :-Þ

In other news… there isn’t any. Work has been painfully slow — I wonder if this is the beginning of Holiday Lite? (groan) So far, I have cleaned out my closet, finished a 750-piece jigsaw puzzle and watched nearly all of Orange is the New Black Season 2. (Yes, I’m behind. I still use the old-time Netflix discs, not the streaming.) Everything else I think about doing costs money, which is probably not a good idea right now.

So, a few short-term reminders during my down time:

  1. Don’t watch/read the news. It’s all bad.
  2. Stay the hell out of the ever-present scene dramas and traumas.
  3. Keep the A/C on and the windows closed. It’s the end of October and in the 80s outside, which makes me cranky.
  4. Stay focused on the positive.
  5. Flap my arms and fly to the moon, which is about as likely as a depressive staying positive. Oh well.

Hope everyone out there in BlogLand is having a good week so far.

UPDATE: It is now 2:30, and he has sent them. Exonerated. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “(sigh) What’s a bottom to do?

  1. Maybe not exonerated, but given a pardon. He WAS a day late with them after all! Any update on his job search or new place to live? Here’s hoping he has made some good progress.


  2. anonymous on said:

    Limiting my “exposure” to spanking participants was the wisest decision I made. I KNOW my zero to ten temper tendencies. AND I am not a person who likes to take the high road. I’ve learned I prefer to stand my ground at all costs. I’ve greatly distanced myself from poisonous blood ties. I couldn’t be more content. 🙂

    No offense to your spanking dynamic but it seems Steve KNOWS he’s imperfect…knows how YOU feel about broken promises, missed connections, etc and he still comes up short at times even with the best intentions.
    But the important thing is you both enjoy your times together and make efforts to stay on track in spite of all the external distractions.


  3. It gets really slow for us, up until the holidays as well. What did you think of season 2 of Orange is the new Black? I haven’t finished it yet, but season 1 really hooked me. Season 2 not so much.


  4. Pam — nothing yet, but fortunately, his brother has a very large house with lots of room, and Steve gave him a lot of his furniture, so he’s welcome to stay there as long as he needs to.

    Anonymous — yeah, there are days when I want to kiss FetLife goodbye as well! But then I see a picture I like or get a nice comment or whatever… (sigh). I am hopeless.

    Spankaholic — I love it. I am up to the very last episode. There have been some amazing moments and incredible acting.


  5. Holidays and freelancers – either feast or famine. More often the latter, but I’ve had the former happen. I wish that pretending to leave town worked as well as really going on vacation for making the work appear, but the Universe seems to know when one is faking it. Hopefully you’ll be comfortably overwhelmed with projects soon.


  6. Hi Steve, there is sb around here ready for the next photogenic scene.


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