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Sacrilege + a rant

(warning: blasphemy ahead. If that sort of thing offends you, please do stop here!)

I think I’ve already told y’all by now that Steve likes to take my panties home with him. No, he doesn’t wear them. But as for what he does do with them, well, that’s its own fetish. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever been with any man, in any capacity, who loves my underwear as much as he does.

Sometimes when he’s leaving, he’ll look down the hall to see if anyone is there, then do something like put them on his head, or drape them over his shoulder. “I’m going to walk out to my car like this,” he announces.

“You are not,” I hiss. “I have to live here!”

So last Wednesday, even though we were both too busy for our usual session, he did manage to drop by unexpectedly for a quickie spanking, which was much needed by both of us. And when he was heading out the door, he stepped into the hall and started dancing around like an idiot, twirling my panties on his finger.

“Steve, for Christ’s sake!” I snapped, trying to grab them away from him.

He pulled them out of reach, then glanced at the doorway of my across-the-hall neighbor. “Speaking of Christ…”

Yeah. She has a cross nailed on her front door. And Steve started going toward it, acting like he was going to hang my underwear on it.

“NOOOOOO! Will you cut that out??”

Steve just shrugged and grinned at me, then pointed to the cross. “Hey, maybe He wants to smell them too!”

“Get out of here!!”

I swear, that man is a sick fuck. But I kinda like him anyway. 😀

Oh, and in a rather neatly executed Christ segue, may I rant now?

It seems that Starbucks has come out with their holiday cups this year. In the past, they’ve been decorated with snowflakes, reindeer, other Christmas-y stuff, plus “Merry Christmas.” This year, they went minimalist. No pictures or writing, but the cup is two shades of red (cherry and a deeper cranberry) and the logo is green. Still Christmas colors, right? All good, right?


There are Christians out there saying they’re going to boycott Starbucks, because SB is participating in “the war on Christmas” by making their holiday cups so plain. In other words… yup. “Starbucks hates Jesus.”

I’m not making this up, y’all. This is real. You can read all about it here.

Are you @#$%ing kidding me??? People are actually making a stink about a freaking coffee cup?? Hello; it’s a COFFEE CUP. It’s made of paper. You drink your beverage, and then you throw it away. Who CARES?

And it’s red and green; that’s Christmas! WTF do these people want? Santa and all eight of his reindeer dancing up one side of the cup, and a full depiction of the manger and all its critters down the other side? Do the baristas need to be trained in how to incorporate Jesus’s head into the latte foam? Perhaps some new drinks and snacks, like Mary Magdalene Macchiato and Cocoa Crèche-pies?

Here’s a good idea, Starbucks boycotters. Take all that money you save not buying those ridiculously overpriced coffee drinks, and donate it to people who have real problems; you know, like they don’t have food and water, let alone their damned plates and cups aren’t Christmas-y enough. And STFU while you’re at it.

Argh. It’s only November 9. I’m not going to last for another two months. Although this little item I just ordered might help.


Rant over. Back to work.

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15 thoughts on “Sacrilege + a rant

  1. anonymous on said:

    Although I like Paul McCartney, I am not at all looking forward to hearing his “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” rotated over and over and over. I HATE that song and I may have to boycott listening to all radio stations until January. 🙂


  2. I’m a big fan of the holidays. That said my local Macy’s was decorated from top to bottom for Christmas (including their usual “We have a Gift for Giving” signs that were strategically placed all over the store) in early September. That’s right EARLY SEPTEMBER. I was with a friend and we both looked at each other and said “Are they kidding?!? It’s too EARLY”. I once read that Nordstrom had a policy of not decorating for the Holidays until Black Friday. I’m not sure if that’s still their policy. My local mall isn’t anchored by a Nordstrom and I don’t have to time or the energy to drive to their closest store.

    As for the Starbucks’ coffee cub kerfuffle: A) It’s much ado about NOTHING and b) my local Starbucks (which is also already decorated for the holidays but I digress) is selling an Advent Calendar. It’s also available online: If an Advent Calendar isn’t Christmasy then I don’t know what is. As for me, I’ve already been to my local Starbucks twice today. It was just as busy as ever.


  3. Mike — coffee cup kerfuffle; I like that. I honestly don’t get what people are screaming about. If they didn’t have holiday cups at all, OK, then they could question it. But they do! Jeeez Louise, find something legitimate to have a fit over, will ya?

    And I wish I were a big fan of the holidays. But stuff like this drives me up the wall.


  4. The holly and the ivy… red and green….and I’m sure it was all invented by the Victorians anyway, Christmas that is and before then it was a pagan festival. I don’t think Jesus would have anything to do with Xmas in modern times, it’s not exactly how he envisaged his love thy neighbour philosophy.. still waiting on that 2000 years later.
    I shall have to check out Starbucks here, whether they’ve changed their cups, I doubt anyone over here has noticed. Christmas began in September and I’m blanking it out until I have to go shopping.


  5. DelFonte — yeah, love thy neighbor. Not a whole lot of that going around lately, huh?


  6. Anonymous on said:

    Ho ho f*&#ing ho (that was my cat walking across my keyboard,,,she knows when Daddy is using naughty words and is trained to stop him) I hate christmas with a vengeance. And I keep asking the religious bigots what xmas has to do with Christ; nothing as he was born in March.
    I would say the Starbucks issue is just a storm in a tea cup….but that is too crass even for me!


  7. I hate that Christmas seems to start here early September (once the children go back to school) Couple of friends have finished their pressie shopping already.



  8. I saw that item on the news last night and couldn’t believe it! What’s religious about the snowflakes on last year’s cup? Donald Trump said the busiest Starbucks in America was in Trump Tower, and he was going to make sure it was boycotted. He also wouldn’t be renewing their lease.

    Srsly? This guy as possibly your next President? He’ll make saying “Merry Christmas” obligatory.



  9. I can see Steve is quite well in provoking some sensitivities.
    This Starbucks debate… do you mind if I think it is as much American as it is christian? Could not imagine anything like that popping up at this side of the pond….


  10. Ronnie — I know. It seems to start earlier every year. We heard our first Xmas carol on October 30.

    Hermione — do you guys have a guest house? Because if that idiot is elected, I’m moving to Canada. By the way… regardless of what’s on the Starbucks cups, I think what’s IN them is burnt swill. Never touch the stuff.

    MrJ — no, I don’t mind. You’re probably right. It’s just that stupid.


  11. Anonymous on said:

    To my wonderful Bottom Erica. As to what I do with your panties when I leave your place? Well, sometimes I like to see them hanging on the chandelier. Other times I might put them right in the middle of the coffee table. Or I may at times put them on the front seat of the car while I’m driving. Where ever I place them or hang them, they are always close at hand so that I can simply pick them up and smell the wonderfulness of your scent after you have worn them. It’s like putting my face into a bag of coffee beans, not Starbucks of course , and inhaling that wonderful aroma. Your aroma?…muy delicioso.

    And as for Starbucks, there CEO has already been very vocal that his company does not need or want a certain segment of the U.S. population as their customer. Who gives a shit what they do or do not do to their coffee cups. I mean, do you remember that McDonald’s coffee beat out Starbucks in a blind tasting? So, no matter what Starbucks does to their cups, their product sucks! It’s like trying to dress up Obamacare (less). Ooops, did I just write that? Lol.

    So excuse me while I head off to Dunkin’ Donuts for a quick coffee. I hear their cups are all Christmas-like, and all. Oh, and I do look forward to my firm hand connecting with your wonderful bottom tomorrow…and to getting another pair of your worn panties . Perhaps you can put on the same pair tomorrow that you have on today. That would make me really happy. And you know how you like to please your Top.
    See you tomorrow Gorgeous.


    • Dearest top — so, I guess instead of giving you my used underwear each week, I could just give you a bag of non-Starbucks coffee beans? 😉 Roger that. Will have to check the market for sales.


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