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Sending my lurkers some love


It’s that time of year again: Love Our Lurkers Day (LOL Day), now in its tenth year. Created by Bonnie and now hosted by Hermione, this event over the next two days is for our shy readers, the ones who read but don’t comment. This is your time to peek out, say hello, give voice to your thoughts about what you’re reading. Bloggers love comments; without interaction from readers, we might as well just be talking to ourselves. We appreciate you!

You can be completely anonymous, no worries, should you choose to be. And you don’t have to wax witty or prolific. It’s not a contest where the Best Comment Wins. 🙂

Of course, my regular commenters are welcome to say hello too. Come one, come all. (No, that’s not meant to be dirty. What’s wrong with you people…!)

Every year I manage to get some brand new de-lurkers. I’m hoping the tradition will continue. The floor is open…

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25 thoughts on “Sending my lurkers some love

  1. Jack Madison on said:

    Hi Erica, I spoke with you briefly at SL party. I like your writing and personality. Happy lurkers day. Jack


  2. Happy LOL Day, Erica! Your blog continues to be one of the best, and I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for making the Spanking Universe a fun place to live!


  3. Hi Erica,
    Wishing you a very happy LOL day
    Grumpy Don


  4. Just wanted to say love your blog. Been too shy until now to speak up. Question for you, how do you find a top or get into the scene?


  5. Hello! Not really a lurker anymore. Have a nice day,


  6. Anonymous on said:

    It looks like WordPress has decided to completely de-lurk me….drat, dam, blast and bugger.
    Still I guess it could not have happened on a more appropriate day. As they say in the classics….back to the old drawing board


  7. I do enjoy your posts Erica but don’t always comment. I’m glad you’re here with us in Blogland.

    Happy LOL day to you.



  8. Anonymous on said:

    Happy Lurker Day, Erica!
    I’ve commented only a couple of times so I think I’m still a bit of a lurker. 🙂 I’ve got to come up with a name to use when I comment here. Maybe then my lurker status will end.
    I hope life is treating you well. Smile, pretty lady.


  9. Hi Erica – I am one of those lurkers most of the time. I may have commented a time or two but I do enjoy reading.


  10. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Erica,
    New de-lurker here. Seemed like a good day to finally say hi. 😉
    Thanks. Ripley


  11. Happy LOL Day, Erica! You are definitely one of the reasons I keep coming back to blogland. Thank you for always being here! (hugs)


  12. Anonymous on said:

    I don’t think I’ve commented since least lol day but I’ve been reading. Thank you for sharing you’re stories.


  13. Jack — thank you for coming by!

    Dr. Ken — ah, you’re sweet. 🙂

    Don — thanks. 🙂

    Kelly — welcome to you. That’s a question that’s a bit too complex to answer here, but I will address it in a future post.

    KB — nope, not anymore!

    Don — sorry… I’m not sure what the problem is?

    Ronnie — always good to see you.

    Anonymous — you can call yourself whatever you like; your comments are welcome.

    Leigh — thank you!

    Ripley — awesome! Welcome.

    Jay — hugs back to you. 🙂

    Anonymous — reading is good too.


  14. Lindy Thomas on said:

    Hi Erica, Have visited here before but only just found how to comment as it is different to other blogs. Happy lol day, hope you get heaps of lurkers.
    cheers Lindy from DOWNUNDER DREAMING


  15. Anon E. Mouse on said:

    Thanks for another tear of your “slice of life” blog.

    Former lurker now sometimes commenter,

    Anon E. Mouse


  16. Hi, I visit but don’t always have time to comment. Love your blog though, always have. 🙂


  17. Erica, I love your stories about Steve, and also enjoy hearing about John. Keep them coming! (The stories, I mean. Sheesh! talk about dirty minds!)

    I had a couple of brand new de-lurkers, and hope you will too.



  18. Hi Erica,

    I don’t always comment, but I enjoy your blog for your honest voice and unique perspective. Keep blogging.

    All the best,


  19. Lindy — WP commenting is definitely not intuitive! Welcome. 🙂

    Mouse — you’re always welcome.

    Kenzie — thank you so much!

    Hermione — I believe I did! Thank you so much for all your organizing with this.

    Enzo — I will do my best, promise.


  20. I de-lurked right here awhile back.

    You make it look easy to write about this stuff. Talent.

    This is harder than it looks.

    Thanks. I always enjoy your style.


  21. Hi Erica,

    I’m not a lurker, but I too love your blog. 🙂

    Big hugs,


  22. Elizabeth Jane on said:

    Hi Erica,
    I’ve been lurking happily for awhile now. You’re like a version of who I’d like to be, if only I had the guts. Kudos for you. Bless your courage and may you continue to have new fulfilling adventures, henceforth and forevermore. And may you continue to write about them. 🙂 I also enjoy your S/L videos– the Spanking Professor is my all-time favorite, (2nd half, of course). Anyway, blog on Sweet Lady. You’re a hero of mine, (I’d say heroine but that looks too much like a drug in print, you know?)
    Elizabeth Jane


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