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Sometimes, we don’t take pictures

I know, I know. People like pictures, according to the ever-growing list of Tumblr blogs. And I do enjoy taking and posting them, not just to liven up my blog, but for my memory banks. But you know, sometimes, we just don’t go there.

Sometimes, it’s all about the experience and the connection.

I think both of us felt especially needy yesterday, because we knew we wouldn’t see each other for two weeks. Steve will be away for a family wedding next week, so we’ll have to skip. Hopefully, I will be as busy with work then as I am now, and will be distracted. But who knows. So, I had make yesterday a good one, to last for a while.

We didn’t even use implements. No fancy positions. Just lots of OTK with his hand, powerful, firm. He has a way of building me up and up, increasing the intensity, until I’m just at the edge between soaring and tumbling over the edge into too much, and then eases up. He watches my hands. He says sometimes my palms turn upward, as if I’m reaching for something. Other times, my fists clutch the blanket on the couch. But when I’m really feeling it, my hands disappear altogether, as I bunch up both arms under my chest, hunkering down. That seems to be my go-to position; I’m not even aware that I’m doing it.

He laughed because he could still faintly see the Sharpie on my butt from last week. I tried to wash it off, but you know, it’s pretty stubborn. Plus, scrubbing at sore spanked skin is not a fun kind of pain.

I think we were both in the same dreamy, sleepy head space afterward, because when he said, “I need to hold you,” I readily agreed. And during our aftercare time, we both fell asleep. The world went away. Even Steve’s phone, which is usually relentlessly active with rings and chirps and notifications, was completely silent for the next couple of hours.

When he left, he promised that he’d send me pictures from the wedding. Yeahhhhh, well, we know how he is about stuff like that sometimes! I told him, “Don’t promise unless you’re really going to,” and he answered, “Tell you what. On the day of the wedding, if I don’t send you anything, shoot me a text and say ‘Where are my @#$%ing pictures?’ ” Deal.

So… no evidence this time, sorry. But for those who must have a photo, as timing would have it, Triple A has just released the video I shot with them at the last Shadow Lane party. It’s called “Slip of the Tongue Thrashing,” and this is the one where I was remorseful and teary at the end, a rare departure for me in professional video shoots (it’s only happened once before, for Spanking Court). And even though I normally hate impact shots (or, as I call them, the dreaded mush-butt shots), this one is OK with me. It’s not as hideously unflattering as they usually are.


And no, I’m not laughing. I’m gritting my teeth.

In other news… oh, wait, there isn’t any. Just work and gym, both of which I need to get to now. Happy Hump Day.

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15 thoughts on “Sometimes, we don’t take pictures

  1. Erica, I love the photo, because you are wearing two favorite female undergarments, these being a garter-belt and stockings. And they make your voluptuous naked rear end even more sexually and erotic seen. Thanks. XXX Luv ya.


  2. We seldom remember to take a picture and when we do, it interrupts the play. Still we wish we had more that we could look and remember the “old days”, when we were both slim and fit.


    • Bogey — it’s true, it is somewhat of an interruption. We usually take pictures after the scene is done, so it doesn’t interfere with the activity. Steve always has the camera handy. But yeah… it takes a little getting used to.


  3. Very charming picture!


  4. I actually just watched the clip for that last night. It’s up on 🙂

    I’ve actually noticed some of your hand positions, particularly in one of the “tears” videos. I did wonder if the “reaching for something” is an unconscious and silent request for him to hold your hand and sort of help support you through it. “It” being your emotional state, not necessarily the spanking.

    I’m glad you and Steve got what each of you needed. (Hugs)


  5. Jay — yes, the clip is up! Here’s hoping the ST critics will shut up. Hmm… interesting about my hands. I do like it when he’ll lean over during a scene and hold my hand for a bit. 🙂


  6. anonymous on said:

    I take it that was a STINGY little bastard! 🙂 You said SIR! lol


  7. CarolBeth on said:

    Just want you to know how much I love reading your posts.


  8. Awww Erica, I for one love the “the dreaded mush-butt shots”.


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