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Couple of scene notes

Happy Friday, everyone. Because no one wants to hear the real news nowadays, I thought I’d pop in with a couple of bits re. scene news.

First, Chief John Osborne  of Triple AAA has written a post about our video that he just released, with lots of pictures. (Warning: a couple of them are a little, well, rude. blushing  Damn those straight-on camera angles… anyway. You can read all about it here. Also, there’s a brief clip of it (which some of you have already noticed) on Spanking Tube, here. So far, none of the ST critics have made an appearance — let’s hope it stays that way!

Finally, John has also put up the first part of the Spanking Awards contest for votes: Creative Blogger. I am nominated, along with nine others. I am not going to say “Please go vote for me.” I can’t. Not with so many great co-nominees, including my sister-in-spirit Alex, and several others I love. So instead, I’m imploring you to simply go vote, for whoever is your favorite. Lots of great choices, as you will see. And these contests are supposed to be fun — and they’re not if no one participates! So take a minute, head on over here, scroll down over the choices and then cast your vote at the bottom. Other categories will be posted soon.

One thing that John does with this contest, which his predecessor did not, is post the second and third place winners as well as first place, so more people get a bit of recognition. Last year, I made third place! Who knows, maybe this year I can make it to second. 🙂

That’s it for now. Still waiting for cold weather so I can wear my new Grumpy Cat sweatshirt. Picture of that to follow when it happens.

Have a great weekend, y’all. Stay safe.

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13 thoughts on “Couple of scene notes

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Looks like a very youchie spanking….I hope you enjoyed
    Downunder Don


    • Don — well, enjoyment wasn’t really the objective this time. It was meant to be a severe scene, to (hopefully) shut up the haters who were saying the past videos I’d shot with AAA were too light. (sigh)


  2. smuccatelli on said:

    Yup. It seemed to be quite, uh… intense. I hope it wasn’t too bad. Although I’m confused about shutting up the “haters”. Why would you care? Fuck em!


  3. Smuccatelli — oh, you know. I don’t like being called a wimp, and I don’t like seeing John being called a wimpy spanker, either. I wish I didn’t care, but bottom line is (no pun intended), there’s a whole lot of content out there and videos don’t sell well unless they really impress people. Sooo… we kinda have to care. Sucks, though!


  4. Erica, this spanking video of yours, was a beautiful Hanukah treat for me. When I saw your voluptuous bare bottom, encased in garter-belt and stockings, receiving this paddling. I was truly in heaven. Thank you. XXX Luv ya


  5. You got my vote because you were the first to open my eyes to the contest. Didn’t even look at the other nominees until after I voted. Good luck!


  6. sweetsong1 on said:

    Wow – I’ve always wanted to see more of you, Erica, but this is a real treat! And that clip – so good to see you ‘in action’! You’ve made a grey, blustery day in London rosy and warm… 😉 X


  7. anonymous on said:

    You’re the only person I’m voting for in any category. The new me is EXCEPTIONALLY jaded, cynical, ETC, ETC.


  8. SH — thanks!

    sweetsong — well, you certainly saw more of me. 😉

    Anonymous — I am honored! I know how you feel about these contests. 🙂


  9. I’m blushing now! I probably forget how “rude” some films might be, poor Sarah Gregory gets far naughtier from me, naturally… he he! I thought I toned it right down… damn those HD cams, eh? Actually the film we did before (The Bartender Incident) I really loved and overall it was received nicely but there are always those that want it harder faster meaner… they are fucking morons, of course… so I just wanted to shut them up.

    As someone I know says… “It’s all about range”. To make someone sob or feel remorse without beating them black and blue is a far more impressive to me… of course, it’s always nice to ensure a bottom is thoroughly spanked too!

    Good luck in the Awards, Erica, & to your fellow bloggers… This is going to be a tough call this year!
    Results on or around 14th December for Creative Spanking Blogs!

    Stay tuned!


  10. Arrrgh. I’m conflicted. Several favorites. I’m going to clone personas, Erica, and vote early and often.

    A tad more seriously, thanks for your blog. Jon


  11. John — (laughing) No worries. Stuff shows! Yeah, enough with the blood-lust — I’m sick of death of it. No, I don’t like patty-cake videos either. But there’s quite the range between pitty-pats and torture!

    Jon — understandable! Wonderful choices this year, including several friends. I’m just gonna let the votes fall where they may. 🙂


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