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Time for another road trip!

Much as I prefer to remain indoors, Steve loves the outdoors. And I must admit, when he coaxes me outside on occasion for our little trips, we do have fun. He knows some very pretty places and he had spent some time researching somewhere we could go that was a bit secluded. Plus, although the sun was shining brightly and the sky was pure blue, it was in the 50s yesterday, so he figured not a lot of people would be out and about on the particular trail he’d chosen.

He picked me up yesterday about 10:45; I wore jeans, sneakers and a sweater, and carried a hoodie (inside which I’d wrapped two small implements, by his request). We had a nice drive up Topanga Canyon, which led us to a winding road we took for several miles and put us deep into the Santa Monica mountains, overlooking the ocean. We parked, and hiked up a short trail, maybe a half-mile or so. A lot of it was on an incline, so it was a mini-workout. I was grateful for my hoodie, because the cold was pretty biting. But it was worth it when we reached the top. Such incredible views!


The above doesn’t do justice to the blue of the sky. There was also a bizarre circling of stones, which I guess had some sort of spiritual meaning to it. So I struck what I thought was a spiritual pose.


Unfortunately when we first got there, there were a few people. First there were two women who were taking pictures, and then they left, only to be replaced by two more women. We waited and waited, taking vanilla photos and drinking in the view, until they left as well. Then Steve led me off into the bushes, on a very narrow path that ended at a sharp drop. We stopped there… and he told me to take off all my clothes.

Y’know, it’s not like I was surprised by this — I mean, he’d told me that’s what he envisioned when we went on this hike. Part of me wanted to do it, but the other part was screaming, “Wha?? What if someone comes? It’s freezing! This is too risky! I don’t wanna!” But yeah, I kinda did. My exhibitionist side was nudging the worry-wart side out of the way.

My first shock was when I took off my shoes and socks. The dirt path was covered with small stones and bits of branches, and they cut into my feet! Steve, although he’d thought of pretty much everything, had not brought a blanket or a towel. Argh. So I pussy-footed around, trying not to injure myself as I stripped. He took a few shots while I was still in my underwear — I kind of like the attitude in this one. 🙂


But of course, the underwear had to go too. Shivering and exhilarated and scared to death all at the same time, I struck poses.


Of course, we had to have a spanking-themed shot, so everyone could see that the top was fully clothed! (eye roll) And really, could I be any whiter?


(Yes, I have a spine curvature. But I guess most people aren’t focusing on that. Hope not, anyway.)

But then Steve, who was constantly keeping a lookout toward the opening into the bushes, hissed, “Someone’s coming!” Oh my God. I freaked out, snatching at my clothes, fumbling with them as I put them on, my hands shaking. “Where are my panties?” I screeched, not seeing them. “Shhhhh,” he said, indicating them on top of my pile of clothes, and I hurriedly stepped into them, then yanking on my jeans and my sweater over my head. “Deep breaths,” Steve reminded me. I braced myself against him as he helped me put my socks and shoes back on, then he went to look again. “Sorry, babe,” he said. “I didn’t mean to scare you. He went the other way.”

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My nerves snapped and I actually wept. Don’t get me wrong; I loved what we did and I would do it again. But sometimes, this risky fun stuff is nerve-racking! Fortunately, both Steve and John know I get freaked out about stuff (John calls me his panic bunny), and they take it in stride. Once we walked out of the bushes, sat on a bench and I drank a little water, I was fine, and back to good spirits once we started the hike back to the car.

Driving back, the views were so spectacular, we pulled over a couple of times to take more pictures. I took this one with my cell — I think my crappy little phone camera actually captured the blue of the sky better than Steve’s fancy one with all the bells and whistles!


Anyway. That was lovely. And now I can stay inside for the rest of 2016. 😀

Steve got me home around 1:30, and I was able to work all afternoon until it was time to meet Alex and SpankCake for dinner. We hadn’t had one of our nights out since mid-December, so we were overdue. It seems 2016 is starting well for all of us: John’s health is better so I’m not as stressed, Alex is engaged (squeeeeee! so exciting!), and SC has a new job and a great new top. We made all sorts of naughty plans for our time in Vegas at the end of the month. Can’t wait!!

But for now, it’s back to work with me.

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22 thoughts on “Time for another road trip!

  1. So what is it that scares you, precisely? Just wondering (seriously) what you think repercussions could have been.
    Oh – and thank you for the hoody hint. It is appreciated.


  2. MrJ — not sure, exactly. Having the police called on us, maybe? Busted for indecent exposure? What makes it fun in turn also makes it scary, because it’s forbidden.


  3. I’m pretty sure I would have cried too! LOL, but I’m glad you both had fun and enjoyed your outdoor adventure!

    Congrats to Alex!!! I love that so far 2016 is treating all of you well. It’s definitely great to hear about all the good news lately!


  4. Jay — and I want to hear some from you too! 🙂


  5. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ You are so brave 🙂 Because I would be nervous to, I would be afraid that I would get caught LOL 😉 The pics you took are beautiful I Love the sky it’s so blue 🙂 You and Steve do have some cool adventures. Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xxxxx ♡


  6. Jade — we do, don’t we? 🙂


  7. Robert on said:

    I am glad to here that you had a good time and out among nature.


  8. Robert — yes, because I love nature SO much. 😉


  9. anonymous on said:

    Sounds like it was an all around perfect day.
    It’s great that John’s health is improving. Is he able to work out at all?


  10. A. — he definitely isn’t the exercise fiend he once was. However, he walks to and from work every day (about 2.5 miles each way), and his docs have told him walking is the best thing he can do.


  11. Anonymous on said:

    So beautiful! More please!


  12. Anonymous — thank you! Wellll, as far as this outdoors business is concerned, a little goes a long way with me. But we’ll see what the future holds. 🙂


  13. What a lovely part of the country you live in. The views must have been incredible.

    When you said a circle of stones, my first thought was “Seven or eight?” as I had recently read Stephen King’s short story “N”. Never mind, there were millions of stones in your circles, so not to worry (although I hope there was an even number of them.)



  14. Hermione — it helped that we caught one of the best possible days, right after a bout of rain and wind. It was like everything had been freshly washed. 🙂


  15. Anonymous on said:

    I don’t know if it’s true that youth is wasted on the young, but I wish the younger me would have known how exhilarating it is to stand naked in a beautiful outdoor setting (even without others around). I’m starting to think there might be something to this World Naked Gardening Day thing too.

    And speaking of ageism, which we weren’t in this post but that we can always get around to quickly somehow(!) , the idea of “old people” destroying the attraction of a clothing optional beach, say, it just plain sad 🙂

    Glad you got spanked on your adventure. Not too surprised, but happy for you all the same.


  16. NJSpank on said:

    Love the post and the freedom. It is snowing here! Ah and your bottom is panties…..amazing


  17. Ron — would you believe it’s going to be in the 80s here this weekend??


  18. Wonderful Erica. I love the pictures. What a beautiful part of the country you live in.

    Happy to hear John’s health is good.



  19. Hi Erica –
    Lovely shots all around and the nature shots are great too. LOL.

    Not sure if you were being sarcastic about the rock formation or if you were honestly not familiar with rock labyrinths?
    Take out the added emphasis some religions like to add to them, labyrinths are simple metaphors for our life journey.



  20. Ronnie — we do have some pretty places, I’ll admit that, even though I’m an indoors person. 🙂

    Enzo — nope, not familiar. I know what a labyrinth is (a maze), and I’ve heard of crop circles (not the same thing at all), but I didn’t know about rock circles. Remember, I don’t get out much.


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