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Happy birthday, Steve!

Happiest of birthdays to my most excellent top. Unfortunately, I won’t get to see him this week, as he’s treating himself to a ski trip for his birthday. So, assuming he doesn’t hit a tree or do heaven knows what to injure himself, knock wood, we’ll celebrate next week. However, I just had to give a shout out to the man who came into my life about 3 1/2 years ago, exactly when I needed him most, and — as he promised, many times — hasn’t gone anywhere.

I’m not used to people not going anywhere. But he has remained, and is very special to me indeed.


Funny, I seem to have lost this pair of panties (where do these things disappear to? I think they’re with all my missing socks), but at least I kept the top. 🙂


You’ve seen me at my worst — bawling, depressed, sick, and even fresh out of surgery — and you’re still here. A lot of play partners want just that — play. I don’t blame them. But you’ve been so much more; you’ve been a friend, too.


So happy birthday, Steve! Thank you. ♥



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10 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Steve!

  1. Happy Birthday Steve. So glad he hasn’t gone anywhere.


  2. KB — me toooo.


  3. Great prelude to what will doubtlessly b a great birthday, next week.
    It is great to read how happy you folks make each other


  4. MrJ — I certainly hope so. 🙂


  5. Robert on said:

    Happy Birthday Steve. Have fun on your sking trip.


  6. Robert — he sent me a picture. Looks like he’s having fun so far.


  7. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ Happy Birthday Steve 🙂 I am so happy that he hasn’t gone anywhere 🙂 I know how you feel when you say that you are not used to people not going anywhere. When someone leaves it breaks my heart 😦 It’s one of the worst feelings ever. I am glad that you make each other very happy 😉 I Love you’re pics they are awesome ♡ Much Love always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xxxxx ♡


  8. Jade — I am very lucky to have him.


  9. Happy Birthday, Steve!

    I love the pictures, Erica. I’m so glad you have both John and Steve. (Hugs)


  10. Jay — I am too. ♥ Thank you.


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