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What Wednesday?

Today on Twitter, #AshWednesday is trending. Naturally, I misread this and wished everyone a happy #AssWednesday.

One of my followers then said that it’s not a proper wish unless a photo is attached. Really? OK. Let it not be said that I’m uncooperative.

So, once again, happy #AssWednesday, y’all.


What, wrong ass? OK, OK, let me try again.

Happy #AssWednesday!


Still not right?? Good grief, you people are picky.

Happy #AssWednesday!


Come on, that was close. He’s certainly married to the biggest ass in existence.

All right then… for real, this time. Happy #AssWednesday!


Yes, this is an older picture — check out that monitor! (What monitor?) But I figured it still works. 🙂

Uh huh. I’mma going to hell.

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15 thoughts on “What Wednesday?

  1. That was naughty!


  2. MrJ — (gasp) It was?


  3. Nice collections of asses. Of course, yours is the best



  4. Lol!! As far as going to hell, I always say I want to be with my friends..


  5. Happy Ass Wednesday to you to you beautiful lady you.


  6. Baxter — thank you!

    KB — yeah, me too. All the fun people are going there. 😀

    Robert — 🙂


  7. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ Happy Ass Wednesday 🙂 Those pics are so funny HAHAHAHAHA LOL 😉 Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xxxxx ♡


  8. Jade — glad you enjoyed it.


  9. poppamark on said:

    A collection of Jack asses and a lovely one… 🙂
    I come so often because you always make me think but also because you make roar with laughter…


  10. Poppa — whew! Glad to hear. The response to this was so minimal, I was thinking perhaps it was too blasphemous for most. 🙂


  11. anonymous on said:

    It looks like Mr. Congeniality Kanye is wearing his wife’s robe.


  12. A. — ha!! Yeah.


  13. Anonymous on said:

    > The response to this was so minimal, I was thinking perhaps it was too blasphemous for most.

    Not here. Your bottom bent over that leather chair is divine. It looks like you may have had a spanking not too long before the pic was taken, but I’m sure you were ready for another by then!


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