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Guess what’s on my brain?

It’s been a while, kids. Two weeks ago when Steve and I had our outdoor adventure, the focus was more on exhibitionism and very little on spanking. Last week, Steve was away on a ski trip. And this week, he has a cold.

In times like these, I find that pretty much anything and everything makes me think of spanking. Can any of you relate? I’m sure you can.

Yesterday, I had my first appointment with a new chiropractor. I have lifelong back issues and I have been seeing one chiro or another since I was twelve. Recently my regular guy closed his practice, and I’ve been searching for a new one. Finding a good chiropractor can be quite the needle search, as many of them want to claim your body and soul and have you lying on their tables in perpetuity.

But I liked this new guy. He was quite jovial, but clearly knew his stuff, and he’d gotten several five-star Yelp reviews. He kept marveling at how “little” I was, which is ridiculous, but I guess he does get to wrestle some rather sizable bodies. Plus, he’s a big bear of a man at about 6′ 3″. “What do you weigh, about forty pounds?” he joked as he manipulated my spine.

At one point he left me for a minute or two while he checked on another patient, and then popped his head back in the door.

“You doing OK there, little girl?”

I am embarrassed to admit the ridiculously intense jolt of arousal I felt when he said that. Of course, because it’s a phrase a grown woman might hear during spanking play. Even though I’m not into age-play, the phrases “young lady” and “little girl” have always pushed my buttons. I covered up my embarrassment by answering, “Wow, it’s been a while since anyone has called me that.” (Actually, it hasn’t.)

It was pretty amusing when he was checking out my sciatica and commented that I had a lot of tightness in my butt muscles. Gee, I wonder why. I wanted to ask if twenty years of regular ass pummeling affects the surrounding muscles and tissues, but refrained.

Then last night, Jimmy Fallon had one of his “Tight Pants” skits. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s one of those comedy bit that is so dumb, it’s funny. Basically, Jimmy lives in a small town where he’s the only one who wears tight pants, and so he dances around in tight white jeans, a brightly colored shirt and a bowl haircut, bragging about his tight pants. Then someone else — a guest star — will challenge him, also wearing tight white jeans and a bowl haircut. Challengers have included Will Ferrell, Christina Aguilera, and of course, the greatest ass in tight pants, Jennifer Lopez. Jimmy always ends up getting threatened and chased out of town.


In case you’d like to see the short sketch, go here (it’s worth it just to hear Lopez call Fallon “a little bitch”). But be forewarned: the inane “Tight Pants” song will worm its way into your brain and never leave.

So of course, all this business of tight pants and butt wriggling makes me think of next week’s spanko extravaganza in Vegas, where I will get to wear my own tight pants (and have them taken down). I want and need this party so badly, I’m jumping out of my skin.

And finally, a blast from the recent past — remember my Spanking Court clips? I had mentioned a while back that although the studio was out of business, their entire clip library was being re-edited and re-released, little by little. Last week, I saw on Twitter that they released one of mine — the one where the judge ordered the court disciplinarian to give me 200 strokes with a heavy wooden paddle for mouthing off. Holy crap. I think that was the hardest scene I’ve ever done on video, and it was the first one where I cried on camera. You can read about it here. Aptly, the clip has been named “For Crying Out Loud.” So of course, memories of past shoots have flooded my brain.


So there will be no pre-party warm-up for me. But it’s OK. Just have to get through this week and next, and my massive itch will be scratched repeatedly.

Hurry hurry hurry February 25!

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9 thoughts on “Guess what’s on my brain?

  1. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ I can relate when I was having a few tests done at the hospital last year I was put in some strange poses, All I did was think about spanking. I think about spanking everyday LOL. When someone calls me little girl or young lady that sets me off as well. I can’t wait to read about the details of the party you are going to. You always write a great review on it. Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean xxxxxxx ♡


  2. That guy DOES have an expert gaze, I must say.


  3. anonymous on said:

    Right now I would love to trade my horrific back ache for the butt ache you got in that Spanking Court scene. It looks like it would be a fun challenge. OF COURSE you don’t help your cause when you mouth off…but would you want it any other way? 🙂
    I wish I were married to a chiropractor. After shoveling snow the other day I did an extensive cardio workout for the next 2 days. Yesterday while I was doing squats using 12lb dumb bells and I felt a horrible spasm/pain starting in the middle of my back and it’s gradually worked its way down into my low back. I’ve tried stretching from side to side, legs outward, etc. When I move it’s a little better, but standing still for an extended period of time makes it hurt like a bad earache pain. I fear it’s my 10 hr a day desk sitting which has initiated this recurring pain so I try to power through workouts as best as possible. I could tolerate the pain better if it were in my tailbone/ass cheeks instead of the CENTER of my effing back! LOL

    By the way did you happen to catch any of the Hart To Hart marathon movies this weekend? I have a suspicion Stefanie Powers is a bit of a playful spankee. In at least 3 of the movies “Johnathan” gave “Jennifer a playful pat. In another he was giving her a back massage and gave her a VERY hard crack to her ass-like a takeoff from “Adam’s Rib.” It was unexpected and thrilling to watch. 🙂


  4. Jade — soon, I will write all about it.

    MrJ — if you’re talking about the last picture, they both do. 🙂

    A. — ouch! That’s no fun at all. If it doesn’t resolve on its own, you might want to see a chiropractor or a sports massage therapist. I haven’t watched Hart to Hart since it ran originally. But considering Stefanie Powers is in of the most famous movie spankings, I would tend to agree with you!


  5. Erica, “For crying out load, I will nominate you for the next supreme court justice job, For this acting ability. XXX Luv ya.


  6. Six — oh dear, don’t even get me started on that! I’ll get myself in all kinds of trouble. 🙂


  7. Sarah Rocks on said:

    My skin is crawling with the amount of need I have for the spanko marathon that will be next week!! I’m dying to see everyone and be really truly physically exhausted and subspacy for days. I need to fill my cup soooo bad, and make it last for so long that I’m even dragging out the build up :p xoxoxo can’t wait to see you!!



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