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What happens in Vegas…

…ends up on my blog, apparently. πŸ™‚ Well, at least the pictures do.

A few more from our wacky weekend. Here’s the “prisoner” lineup from the Judicial Punishment roleplay scene. I would do a “left to right,” but honestly, I don’t remember who’s who. It’s me on the far left, though. Photo taken by FunAllowed. And yes, I complained about how lousy I look in orange.


This one was taken by FunAllowed after the epic scene with him, Adriana, Alex, and the Hitachi. (I cut off his “Vegas ’16” signature only because I thought the photo was too wide.) Alex is having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, it seems. Actually, so is Adriana. FA spanked her so hard, her earring fell out.


And finally… I did tell you we had a naughtier photo from the bathtub scene and I needed permission to post it, no? Well, I got it.

So, this happened… Β (photo by Englishman_in_CA)


I think the only way this photo could be more awesome is if I could show SC’s face. She looked rather diabolical, take my word for it. The three of us in a bathtub in Vegas is shaping up to be an annual tradition!

But speaking of faces… just what the hell is going on with mine? LOL! I was going for an “Uh oh, busted!!” face. Instead, I ended up looking like… yeah, this guy:

jerry lewis tony curtis mouth

Or this one…


Oh well. I’m being egotistical. Never mind my face — how cute is Alex? πŸ˜€

Finally getting over this flu or whatever the hell it was. Might even see Steve tomorrow! (fingers crossed) It’s been way too long. Meanwhile, work beckons.

In case you missed them, the three-part adventures of 50 Freaks are here, hereΒ and here.

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5 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas…

  1. I think the naughtiest part of that picture is your gals faces!


  2. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica β™‘ You’re pics are so awesome πŸ™‚ The expression on your face and Alex’s face is Priceless LOL πŸ˜‰ The pic of the kitten is so adorable πŸ’– and funny LOL πŸ™‚ Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean β™‘ xxxxxx


  3. MrJ — pretty much.

    Jade — thanks.


  4. Yes,, Erica, Tony Curtis, and Jerry Lewis. Two famous Jewish boys. XXX Luv ya


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