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RIP, Robert Horton

When I was brand new to spanking, nearly 20 years ago, and first learning about the wealth of material out there, a man I met from the ad I’d placed (the same one that John answered) loaned me a bunch of VHS tapes. One was one of the old Cinema Swats compilations, a series of spanking scenes from mainstream movies and TV.

Personally, I thought a lot of the scenes were silly and contrived, the spankings looked fake, etc. Until one particular scene came on. From a western I’d heard of but never seen, Wagon Train, starring an actress I knew of (Susan Oliver) and an actor I’d never heard of (Robert Horton). The episode was called “The Maggie Hamilton Story.”

I sat mesmerized as this handsome, hunky, dark-haired cowboy with the calm voice and the steely eyes faced down the impertinent runaway who had pulled a gun on him. Unbeknownst to her, he’d already removed all the bullets. And then he spoke one of the yummiest, toppiest lines in the history of spankdom: “You’re going to grow up. All the way. Right now.”

The spanking looked real. You actually saw contact, and he lifted her dress and spanked on her pantaloons — pretty risqué for 1960. But what really did it for me was what he did after the spanking, when she apologized and began to cry. He took her in his arms and comforted her. My heart melted like butter on a skillet and other parts got kinda warm and squishy too. So. Damn. Hot.

I watched that scene again, and again, and again. I even searched the Internet for an old VHS tape of the full episode, which I bought.

I didn’t develop an affinity for Wagon Train — westerns weren’t my thing. With one exception, I never watched another episode. But I never stopped loving that one scene.

I just read that Robert Horton has passed away at age 91. I know, I know. He had a good long life. But I always liked knowing that this sexy man who was such a small and yet important part of my spanko awakening was still around, still with us. It makes me cry that he isn’t anymore.

If there’s anyone left in the spankosphere who hasn’t seen the scene I’m referencing, you can see it here. (thanks, Chross)

RIP, you beautiful sexy man.

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21 thoughts on “RIP, Robert Horton

  1. anonymous on said:

    It’s funny after watching this clip which was a pleasant surprise, a link to a show called ‘Lancer” showed Stefanie Powers getting a pretty forceful spanking over clothes. That’s the 3rd time on camera I’ve seen her get one. McClintock!, Hart To Hart and this one. Also I remember when I was under the age of 12 watching “MacMillan and Wife” and she played an uppity character and he threatened her with…Guess What?! LOL


  2. A. — makes one wonder if Stefanie was/is into that sort of thing. Wasn’t that clip delicious?


  3. anonymous on said:

    I’m betting YES even though there was no mention of spankings in her autobiography. But she was pretty non graphic discussing her marriage and romances, too.


  4. LizBee on said:

    This has always been my favorite mainstream scene from the moment I first watched it. You described it perfectly! His stern look and steady voice, the efficient punishment, and especially the aftercare (so rarely included in a mainstream scene!) all made me melt. It was and still is absolutely perfect.

    I’m sorry to hear of his passing.


  5. LizBee — it holds up, doesn’t it? Timeless. Damn, he was swoon-worthy.


  6. Trevor on said:

    Yes, thanks for the reminder Erica, I remember it well, and the one in Rawhide, Elvis in Blue Hawaii…sigh, easy to say but in these days of PC, they don’t make movies like they used to!


  7. Trevor — I loved the Blue Hawaii spanking. Actually, that was the only good part of the film. 😉


  8. Erica thanks for showing us that spanking scene R I P Robert Horton. I am sure you would have loved to have been the beautiful and naughty lady being spanked. XXX Luv ya


  9. Six — I absolutely would have, yes.


  10. There are few genres as romanic as Westerns


  11. Hi Erica,
    Thanks for sharing, I had never seen it before. I can see why this left such an impression on you (and others). Flipping her skirt up was pretty risque for any mainstream regardless of when I would think.
    And in all fairness you have to admit that Susan Oliver is pretty hot herself; at least in my opinion.



  12. Thanks for posting that clip, Erica. I had never seen it before.

    But why was he wearing his little brother’s shirt? I kept waiting for a button to pop.



  13. Hermione — LOL! I think that was on purpose. He was the resident hunk, after all. I read about the show and how he was often shirtless. Gee, I wonder why.


  14. Daddy on said:

    Well girl I know it probably wont happen , But I Hope you get your bottom spanked today until its bright ……… Green ! lololol


  15. D — you’re right. Not happening. 🙂


  16. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ Thanks for sharing. May he rest in peace 😦 I saw,that scene before and I agree it is a very hot scene 🙂 Otk is my favorite position to get spanked 😉 Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xxxxx ♡


  17. Jade — he was 91, so he had a good long life.


  18. I did the same thing Erica. I have my old VHS tape of the Maggie Hamilton Story in a box right now getting ready to move with me next Tuesday from Iowa to IL. It’s on my top ten list of mainstream spankings for sure. Two vary attractive people in an excellent scene. Although, to this day, I don’t know why he had the foresight to empty the bullets from his gun? Anyway, thanks for the specialized obituary I was hoping someone would write just this post.


  19. SS — what most people missed by not seeing the entire episode was just how big a brat she was! Remember she bit his hand? Good question about the bullets — I guess he had the foresight ’cause the writers said so. 🙂


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