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Yeah, I know. It’s not a word. Yesterday, it’s what Steve suggested should take the place of my back issues and sciatica. Have to agree with him, even though the term is ridiculous. 😛

So I’ve been having on and off issues with my left hip/hamstring/lower back. I can’t even tell what the origin is anymore. I just know it’s been sore and stiff and annoying. If I exercise and stretch, it hurts. If I do nothing, it still hurts. So, per the instructions of my toppy new chiropractor, I’ve been exercising and stretching, icing, and rolling around on a tennis ball to deeply massage the areas. Sounds weird, but it’s quite effective. I’m fully functional, not in major pain, just uncomfortable.

After an hour of deep tissue massage and manipulations on Monday, I was a little leery about having any heavy impact on my butt. Even though the pain isn’t there per se, the adjacent tissues seem to freak out nonetheless. So I told Steve, how about we go for pure sting and minimal impact today? I reallllly wanted to feel that bite and sting, but I didn’t want the underlying muscle spazzing out on me.

Turns out, that was just the ticket. 🙂

Steve went straight to the kitchen drawer to retrieve three different spatulas. (Why do I have all this crap when I don’t cook??) Those, plus the riding crop, made for a wonderful selection of sting, with wrist flicking and minimal thud, but my skin felt like I’d sat on a hornet’s nest.

You can see how, when we started, Steve was a little timid, not wanting to hurt me, concentrating all the strikes in the center. (That changed, of course. But I thought it was cute.) The picture quality is subpar, because he didn’t bring his camera, and therefore we used my antique phone.


As the sting spread and built, I had to remind myself to relax, give into it, don’t tense up. My body still wants to resist, even though my mind and soul crave it. Hearing Steve croon “Breathe, baby” is helpful. Basics. Breathe. Relax. Feel. Accept.

And as you can, by the time we reached the end, he’d spread the burn a bit more. I like the angle of this photo, but it’s also a little rude, so you get the edited version. No complaining. 🙂


It seems Operation Spankatica was a success. Last night and this morning, I felt a prickly residual sting and warmth, but no muscle pain. I’m going to see how the gym feels later. Thank you, Dr. Steve.

And back to my chiropractor for a moment — I swear, the man is a top. Or a wannabe top, anyway. I’ve seen him three times now and every time he’s said something that gives me that kinky startled pause. On Monday, when he had me twisted into a pretzel on the table, he gleefully exclaimed, “This is gonna SUCK!” And when I squirmed around, he said, “Where do you think you’re going? You’re not going anywhere.” Oh, Christ.

However, all kidding aside, he knows his stuff, and I feel like he’s going to be helpful. The one chiro I tried before I found him? She was the pits — barely did anything, her muscle stimulation equipment didn’t work (to which she said, “My machine doesn’t like you”), and she freaked me out, saying things like “I’m not happy with your back” and “This is not good at all” and “I can’t adjust you today; you’re too tight. You’ll have to come back.” (By the way, even though she claimed she couldn’t adjust me, she still charged me full price.) When I saw this guy for the first time and he assessed everything, I asked what he thought, if I was as bad as the other doc said. “Nah,” he said. “Sounds like she was just trying to keep you coming back. I don’t do that; you call the shots and come in when you feel like you need to. I’m not trying to finance a yacht.”

So, more to be revealed on this one, methinks. 😀  Happy hump day.

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6 thoughts on “Spank-atica??

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Erica, my physiotheripist loves me; every time I go into his rooms I am greeted with “Hello new main-sail”. From the amount of time I have spent there I really do think I have purchased his new mainsail. Hope the ouchies heal quickly
    Downunder Don


  2. Don — my mechanic, from back in the day when I had an old car that always was in the shop, used to say that I put his son through college. (sigh) We do pay fortunes to these people, don’t we?


  3. anonymous on said:

    This new chiro sure does sound like a top…and a keeper. Your former chiro sounds like an asshole. I’m way overdue for a series of adjustments because I sit 10 hrs a day on the most suck ass “ergonomically correct” paper thin unpadded mesh chair. My hamstrings jam and when I stand I am stiff as a board because the chair height is sky high and strains my hips, legs, etc, etc.
    However, I’ve NEVER been denied an adjustment attempt-granted some parts were more flexible than others due to injury/strain etc. But there was always some popping and cracking that helped realign the vertebrae.


  4. baxter on said:

    looks like Dr STeve’s treatment helped and produced a very red bottom. Good for


  5. A. — fortunately, the asshole chiro was just two appointments before I said forget this. (My long-time chiropractor recently retired his practice, so I was in a search for a new one.) She also told me that I needed to get new office furniture so I can do my work standing up. Really? You want to pay for that, lady?

    Baxter — Dr. Steve is always good for what ails me.


  6. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ Dr. Steve is awesome 🙂 He can cure whatever ails you 😉 You’re pics are fab. They always come out good no matter what ♡ Your Chiropractor sounds like a top he is definitely a keeper 😉 Much Love and hugs to you always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xoxoxoxo ♡


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