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Girls’ Night IN

Last night, Alex, SpankCake and I convened at SC’s house for dinner and catching up. It had been way too long! We ordered in from GrubHub, sat around in very comfy A/C and talked the hours away. What else do girls do when they have a night in? Do shots and have a pillow fight? Paint our toenails and do our hair? Please! That’s amateur stuff. We watched spanking porn. πŸ˜€


SC has a reallllllly big screen, as you can see. Neither she nor Alex had ever seen “When Danny Met Erica,” so we watched. I must confess, it was more than a little squirmy, watching my own private bits flashing and gaping on such a huge screen. Still, it was fun to share my favorite video with them. They both pronounced it “hot.” Damn, I miss you, Danny Chrighton.

We also watched the finished result of the custom film that Alex and several of us shot for her client back in February. I think it’s safe to say I’m never going to wear a pillbox hat or gloves for the rest of my natural life. But we all gave it our best and it had been so much fun. Props to everyone involved. And no, sorry, this will not go public!

And this lovely evening was on top of a visit from Steve earlier in the day. It was kind of a thrash-and-dash, as he had a doctor’s appointment and a lot of other things to do in preparation for a four-day hiking trip he’s taking. Blech! Better him than me! But it was still enough time to lay on some sting and leave me pleasantly glowing for the rest of my workday until I met up with my pals.

Today it is going to be 90 degrees. Sounds hot, but after Monday’s 112, I will take it. My A/C could not keep up with 112, but it can manage 90s. I may even brave the gym.

Oh, and happy #NoPantyDay! That’s a thing, in case you didn’t know… June 22.

An All Hallow's Eve Visit From Super Spanko!!

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12 thoughts on “Girls’ Night IN

  1. LOL.
    Do you have any clue why is no/pantyΒ΄s day on the yearΒ΄s shortest day=


  2. anonymous on said:

    A stinging bottom is a happy bottom! It’s more fun to workout at the gym thay way too. Your sexy/naughty little secret.

    I wonder if your movie viewings occurred around the same time I had my solo DYING of laughter over watching the movie “Sisters” starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I saw it a few months ago at my best friend’s house. Her husband HATED it. But she and I were a bit drunk and had tears coming down our faces over the utter absurdity throughout. If you haven’t seen it, I can almost assure you there is a watchable spanking scene delivered by Tina’s character. πŸ™‚ Tina’s another addition to my celeb meeting bucket list-not just because of that- LOL


  3. poppamark on said:

    Ahhh to be a fly on the wall at THAT party.


  4. Bobbie Jo on said:

    A very fun time for the three of you! Happy for you gals.


  5. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hiya Erica β™‘ I am so happy that you girls had a Lovely time πŸ™‚ I saw a video clip of when Danny met Erica it was awesome πŸ˜‰ I didn’t know it was no panty day HAHAHAHAHA LOL πŸ˜‰ I like you’re pics they are always great β™‘ Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xoxoxoxo β™‘


  6. sweetsong1 on said:

    Erica’s peachy bare bottom – yum! πŸ˜‰


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