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My top is diabolical

Yeah, I know. This is not news. Just the latest installment in the Book of Steve.

Yesterday, after Steve had been here for a while, we’d caught up and then I’d assumed the position, he asked what I had going on later in the day. I giggled a bit, then admitted, “I’m working… and then I have a chiropractor appointment.”

I wasn’t facing him, but I could hear the wheels spinning.

“Are you going to be wearing this?” he asked. I was in a short white skirt.

“No! I’m going to change into a pair of shorts.” (It’s summer in So. CA. I’m wearing as little as possible for the next few months.)

“How much do they cover? Do they go to here–” he touched my upper thigh “–or here?” tapping my mid-thigh.

Oh, good grief. I could see where this was going. He wanted to know what was going to be covered — and what wasn’t. Impatiently, I scrambled up, went to get the shorts, pulled them on under the skirt, and flopped back down, so he could get a visual. “Got it,” he said, and tugged them back off.

I tried to relax into the spanking, sink into the pleasure-pain and ride it, but in the back of my mind, there was a tiny tense part, knowing the thigh strike was coming, sooner or later. Prepared as I was, when the two strikes on each mid-thigh came, I still buried my face in the pillow and screamed.

Later, he ran his fingers over my right thigh. “You’ll have some ‘splaining to do,” he teased. I was too busy trying to catch my breath to answer.

“So,” he said. “If he asks what happened, what are you going to say?”

“Ummm…” I gasped. “I dunno — that I ran into someone’s hand?” He burst out laughing. “Perfect answer.”

After he left, I worked for a while and then got ready to leave. I checked out my thighs in the mirror — nothing on the left, but on the right one, square in the middle, was a bright red streak. Not a hand print, though, so not obvious as to what it was. But still.

It all turned out to be much ado about nothing. My chiro didn’t ask. I’m sure he noticed it, because he notices everything. The first time we met, he asked about the scar on my forearm. But he didn’t say a word about my leg, just asked how my 4th was and said my neck and shoulder muscles felt like a linebacker’s with all the tension in them. (sigh) The good news is that my lower back/hip/hamstring has been improving, and I’ll be seeing him in three weeks instead of two.

Steve said next time he’ll leave a more definitive mark. No way, pal! There won’t be a next time. I’m never scheduling a chiro appointment on a Steve day again! 😛

Last night, I was wrangling about with my new phone trying to get a selfie of my thigh. I am not coordinated or selfie-proficient enough to get the mirror images people capture so well, so I put my leg up on a chair, bent down over it and stuck the phone under me. Yes, it looks stupid (check out that crazy hair!). But you can see the mark! Do you think it looks suspicious, or just like I bumped into something clumsily?


Anyway. What’s my point? Steve is evil. End of story.

Back to work. Happy Hump Day.

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17 thoughts on “My top is diabolical

  1. Chibob on said:

    If that is all you have to worry about your life is good. LOL It looks like an innocent mark. No tell tale signs.


  2. Anonymous on said:

    🙂 *You* look suspicious. I’m glad a different part of you experienced a good spanking…


  3. Anonymous on said:

    Look on the optimistic side. I think your chiropractor is a closet top and he like to spank you.


  4. Anonymous — (are both of the above from you?) I’m thinking he isn’t. I’ve made that mistake before; I don’t seem to have good radar when it comes to sussing out tops in vanilla situations.


    • Anonymous on said:

      Nope – different As 🙂 You might say I’m A1. But I think A2 could be correct :^P (I think you need a sign, some kind of sign, girl 🙂


  5. anonymous on said:

    It passed my test for injury result such as scraping against a bed post or something. LOL
    The fantasies of your chiro are your private domain while you use his ahem…services. But that may be half the thrill of not knowing for sure is he’s into spanking. I think you’re smart to hint around but not directly ask him his thoughts about it.


  6. A. — yeah, I’m thinking it wouldn’t be as much fun if it were out in the open. Keeps things interesting!


  7. Erica, I think that chiro does not need to ask.
    Actually, I think you think so too.


  8. Anonymous on said:

    Let’s face it, anyone you meet in the vanilla world who has the slightest hidden interest in spanking is going to know who you are. Any Internet search of almost any spanking related subject is going to turn up Erica Scott. Girl you’re famous in the scene. Anyone who can recognize you from your photo is going to know who you are.


  9. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ❤ So Steve is evil Lol 😂 No not Steve HAHAHAHAHA LOL 😃 He is evil in a good way. The mark on your thigh doesn’t look bad at all. It just looks like you bumped into something. I like your pic it looks great ♡ Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean ♡ xxxxxx


  10. jim sedrut on said:

    Love your blog. Sexy.


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