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Slow news week

Happy Hump Day. Not a whole lot going on this week; I am busy with work, but otherwise, little to report. I did manage to have a brief visit with Steve yesterday, but it had to be quick, because I had a dental appointment at 1:30. One of my back teeth is bothering me. Not horrible, just annoying. The weird part is that it’s a tooth that’s had a root canal, so how the hell can it be hurting?? The nerves are removed! It’s just sort of a dull ache, and most of the time I’m not even aware of it, but I can’t help wondering what it might be. John, bless his heart, damn near gave me a heart attack by suggesting that maybe I had a cracked root and needed to have the tooth pulled. Auggghhhh! Fortunately, when the dentist took an X-ray, he didn’t see any cracks or infection. He said the gum was healthy too. What gives? Stupid teeth. He said I should monitor it and let him know if it gets worse. Swell. Well, at least I don’t have to have any sort of oral surgery any time soon.

Steve, of course, loved the story of Saturday night and the bath brush. He declared that he wanted to use hairbrushes yesterday (I have two of them) as well as my wooden spoon. All wood! Ugh! But because we had so little time, I guess he was trying to get the most bang for his buck. At least this pain was the good kind. I was so tense and nervous about the dentist, and Steve helped me let go a bit and relax. Of course, once I got there at 1:30, my nerves kicked back into high gear. (sigh) Did I mention that John actually sleeps through dental work? I consider myself lucky if I don’t have a coronary during a filling.

Anyway, no pictures, again. I’m hoping we’ll take some fun ones when we have our fourth anniversary in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I am trying to get the hang of taking decent mirror selfies, but I don’t seem to have the knack. I twist and turn and position the phone in one hand, but then I’m not dexterous enough to maneuver my thumb over the shoot area. I get weird angles and blurry photos and all kinds of nonsense. This was the best I could do:


Sorry, kids. Guess I’m just not going to be doing too many butt selfies (or belfies or buttfies or whatever the hell they’re called).

In the news: Seems like the GOP is going after porn in America, calling it a “public health crisis” as well as a “public menace.” Really? Health crisis? Funny… I did fetish porn for fifteen years and my health is just fine. Everyone I know in this industry is also quite well. But thanks for your concern, guys. Go do something useful.

And finally — in August 2010, I finally got off MySpace (MyWhat??) and started blogging on a designated blog site (first Blogspot, then WordPress). Since then, I’ve amassed quite a few posts. This one is #994, so I am closing in on Post #1000. So, readers… what shall I write about for that milestone? Thoughts?

Off to the showers with me.

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19 thoughts on “Slow news week

  1. Since the dentist didn’t find any cracks, I’d go with the sinuses like I mentioned last night. If the inflammation gets to a certain point, it starts aggravating the nerves that run along the top and bottom of the jaw, which it does for me. It starts in teeth that are already not great, but it can get to the point where it makes all the teeth on the left side of my face hurt!


    • Q — it’s weird, though. My sinuses feel absolutely fine. No inflammation or pressure that I can tell. But who knows. I hate phantom pain! I can deal with things better when I know what they are.


  2. Graham on said:

    hope your teeth settle down soon Erica,I`m ok at the dentist doesn`t bother me,I know its ten times worse when you get bad tooth ache and you can`t wait to get there, I had a wisdom tooth that was cracked and I told my dentist to get it pulled out there and then I wasn`t going to the hospital,it took 40 minutes to get it out( I kid you not) lots of blood and even more pain later lol
    Love the pic of you and FINALLY great knickers


  3. Ariel on said:

    Hmm. Maybe the fetish porn work is causing the problem with the tooth! Good thing you have the GOP to keep you safe. ::rolls eyes::


  4. Graham — ugh, sounds awful! I had all four wisdom teeth out when I was sixteen. Two were impacted. Not fun.

    Ariel — I second that eye roll!


  5. Chibob on said:

    For your 1000 post or whenever you can I would be interested in after effects from your spankings. Are you sore next day?
    Sorry about your tooth. I found that if I hit my thumb with a hammer the tooth ache goes away.😉


  6. 1000 = 10x10x10
    So may be brief references (and hyperlinks) to the 10 best spankings discussed, the 10 worst from the Hall of Shame and the 10 most loving interactions. Or something


  7. Robert on said:

    Sorry about your teeth. Hopefully they will find a solution soon. As for porn being a health crisis etc. I think they better clean out their own house before going after others homes. They have a bigger problem with people in their own house than us (Pastors 80% view porn. I think we as a society would be better off leaving things like any form of porn fetish or otherwise alone along with prostitution or legal drugs. Everytime that they do this they end up catching their own and dragging their tails away

    Look forward to 1000th post.


  8. Chibob — that’s an easy one; I’m often sore, especially after intense scenes or after parties. Sometimes it’s just skin irritation, but a lot of the time, it’s deep muscle pain.

    MrJ — I do like that idea! But that would take a lot of researching back into the archives and I don’t have the time for that lately. Maybe a shorter version of something like that.

    Robert — I really don’t understand why anyone goes after porn. You don’t like it? Don’t watch it!


  9. anonymous on said:

    My idea is to share how you may have “evolved” from your first spanking up to present time. Do you like various dynamics that you once disliked? Or vice versa? I have DRASTICALLY changed over my last 5 years of spanking experiences.

    It’s frightening to me how our “free” country is slowly but surely losing more rights to live that way LEGALLY.


  10. A. — I’ve changed a lot in 20 years, certainly. I don’t know how much my primary tastes and preferences have changed, though. For example, liked M/F then, still like it now. Never switched then, never do now. Interesting to think about though!


  11. Carol on said:

    I’d love a throw back to your first time with Steve for your 1000th post.


  12. Carol on said:

    And, on the subject of your tooth pain…I can only tell you what has caused mine in the past – an ear infection and grinding my teeth.

    Whatever is causing it, I hope you are pain free soon!


  13. Carol — I too am a tooth grinder. Which is why I’ve worn a night guard to sleep in for years and years. Probably saved my teeth!


  14. DefinitelyNotBonnie on said:

    Hi Erica,

    Porn is now a public health issue. That’s an odd choice for a convention hall full of wankers. I read about this plank and wondered how they managed to leave firearms off of the list.

    As for your 1000th post, how about briefly recounting ten spankings you will never forget, with links where appropriate?


  15. DNB — funny name! Hmm… I will add that one to the list, thank you.


  16. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ❤ Oh no I hope that your tooth feels better very soon 😦 Instead of the bloody idiots of the world saying that porn is a health issue which it’s not, they should talk about drugs, smoking, too much sugar and fatty foods etc, that’s a health issue. I think you should write for your 1000 blog entry what was the hardest spanking you ever had 🙂 Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xxxxx ❤ 💖 💜 💛 💚


  17. Jade — I really couldn’t say what that one is, since there have been so very many of them in 20 years! 🙂


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