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Still here…

…but frazzled.


No, this graphic is not really intended to represent me. I don’t have her boobage. But this is how I’m feeling lately. It’s good stuff — lots of work — but it’s stressful.

I was already busy with work, but last week, a client I hadn’t heard from in at least a year burst out of the woodwork and slammed me with projects. And informed me that there are many more to come. Meanwhile, they sent six documents and wanted the first two ASAP.


Two things I’d forgotten about this particular client. One, they want everything yesterday. And two, they produce online medical courses… complete with graphic and gross photos. You guys know how horribly squeamish I am. Do you know how hard it is to focus on dry medical copy when it’s surrounding a closeup of an ulcerated foot??

But it’s work. Still, I find all my craziness kicking in. “No, you don’t have time to work out!” “No, you don’t have time to blog!” “No, you don’t have time to run errands/do chores/socialize with anyone!” “No, you don’t have time to breathe! Gotta work, gotta work, gotta work work work…” Ugh.

However, I know this is nuts, so Tuesday I did take a break to see Steve for a couple of hours. He was stressed out over his own work situation, and I was tense and preoccupied — we thought perhaps we might skip playing. But of course, after a few minutes of relaxing and talking, our natural instincts kicked in and we got down to pleasure.

I so welcomed the stress release; it was like blowing steam out of a pressure cooker. Yeah, I know, a lot of you don’t know what those are. Do they even make pressure cookers anymore? I remember my mother having one. I never understood how they work or why they were used; I just know that you had to watch them carefully, because if you left them unattended, they might explode, and then whatever you were cooking in there decorated the entire kitchen.

Of course, since time was of the essence, Steve decided he needed to choose an implement with the most bang for the buck. I rolled my eyes when I saw what he went for: the dreaded Lickin’ Stick. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate that @#$%ing thing??


There it is, peeking out in the right corner of the photo. I swear, if I had a fireplace, I’d reduce that thing to ashes.

Ah… but you all see through me, don’t you. You know I’m just bitching and moaning. When all was said and done, I was a happy girl.

My Gorgeous Girl

Well, for a little while anyway. The stress came back. But the respite was nice while it lasted.

Anyway, kids, I don’t know how much posting I’ll be doing in the next couple of weeks. The Shadow Lane party is coming over Labor Day, so once August is over I’ll have a couple of new adventures, but until then, posts will probably be brief. My readership is way down, and I’ve come to accept it. Things just aren’t the way they used to be, especially since Chross has stopped doing Spankings of the Week. I used to average between 1000-1500 views per days, skyrocketing to nearly 3000 if I was Chrossed. Now I’m lucky if I break 500. Such is life.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, no, I’m not watching the Olympics. John is. Me? I couldn’t care less. We were watching last weekend at John’s — he was doing excited running commentary on the biking, while I struggled to stay awake. I know, I’m awful. What else is new. (I do like gymnastics. But swimming? Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and… YAWN!!)

And now I must get back to work, so I can head out to John’s with a (relatively) cleared deck. Have a great weekend, y’all. 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. jim sedrut on said:

    I love happy girls with pink bottoms!


  2. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica, I am pleased that you are swamped with work, it pays your bills, I am pleased that you ass is being taken care of by STEVE, but I am not pleased that you do not like the Olympics, for there are some interesting events in them taking place. XXX Luv ya


    • Six — yeah, I figured people would be perturbed with me about that. I do prefer the Winter Olympics; I think the figure skating is beautiful. Overall, I’m just not a sports person.


  3. Chibob on said:

    That is a nice red bottom. It’ll be interesting to compare that pic to the after Shadow Lane pics. Assuming there will be pics after the party.
    In the mean time, think of your bank account while working on graphic subject matter.


  4. I didn’t realized Chross stopped “chrossing” people. Is he still around in the blogosphere? Never read anything of his, but do remember who excited you would be to get his seal of approval.

    If there are any more gymnastics’ events left, they are well worth a watch. The USA Women’s team is especially fun to watch. They are doing a stellar job and make it all look easy.


    • Chibob — I always intend to get pictures, but it doesn’t always happen! And yeah… I will try to keep money in mind when I’m reading that awful medical stuff. It’s pretty sickening.

      Pam — he’s still posting, but hasn’t done the Spankings of the Week since last April. It’s amazing how much that list would do for those of us on it.


  5. I’d swear the first picture WERE you. And the last two show you in a really happy state. I’m sure that will help you through that med stuff- just replace, mentaly, their pictures by yours.


    • MrJ — nope, not me. I wish I could unsee those pictures! But thanks to a friend, I may have a way to temporarily delete them while I’m reading. I’ll have to test it out next week.


  6. Anonymous on said:

    I’m happy you have work but not too pleased with your stress levels.

    I’m not watching the Olympics either. Rio is a ridiculous venue.

    Have a nice weekend,

    Anon E. Mouse


  7. I’m with you on the Olympics. I’m happy for all of them, aside from venue, but so don’t want to watch. OTOH, I fell asleep to Johnny Depp playing a middle aged balding gangster, too.
    Jobs are good, money is good, paying bills is good. Pictures that go with are temporary at least.
    Have a great weekend!


  8. chrossed!


  9. Mouse — I’m not too thrilled with them either! Fortunately, I’m at John’s now and feeling quite relaxed.

    Ariel — yeah, I just don’t get the fascination. Although there are moments that are fun to see, but I don’t want to sit through all of it to catch them!

    MrJ — seriously???? He hasn’t had his list since April!


  10. anonymous on said:

    This is a gorgeous post spanking satisfactory expression on your face! 🙂

    I haven’t watched one single live action event of the Olympics. Facebook, however is flooding the web with countless Michael Phelps poses. I get he’s considered a swimming icon. But I can’t get past his idiotic picture from a few years ago where he was captured smoking from a bong. I’m no good two shoes by any mean. That blatant action just annoyed me. LOL

    ALSO…Work for you and me seems like a “be careful what you wish for” situation. I HATE both feast and famine situations. When I worked part time it didn’t generate enough money to pay all of my bills on time. I found a permanent full time job that initially appeared to be a “dream” job. A year later it’s a COLOSSAL daily tension fest. My newest bucket list item is to hit the Powerball! 🙂


    • MrJ — I did! 😀

      A. — at John’s, we did watch Phelps’ final swim. I have to say 28 medals (23 gold) is mighty impressive. But what’s he going to do now? He’s 31 — going to retire and smoke weed? And he named his son “Boomer” — WTF??


  11. Anonymous on said:

    I may have inadvertently stolen this from a Michelle Obama speech, or some online source with a sh*tload of information about stuff: apparently a pressure cooker cooks food much faster than other alternatives (except microwave). The increased temperatures due to pressure cooking are also used to promote the Maillard reaction to develop more desirable flavor profiles that would not be obtainable using temperatures typical of boiling.

    Amazon still sells a ton of them, including, get this, a not-your-Mom’s bluetooth pressure cooker for $350, just in case you need it to communicate with your smartphone.

    Sadly, pressure cookers have been used in nefarious ways lately. But that aside, I understand the nostalgia. Also, the color variety available in the 70s was stunning! Was your Mom’s orange, or avocado? 🙂


    • Anonymous — a Bluetooth pressure cooker?? Now I’ve heard everything.
      LOL — my mother’s was just plain stainless steel, and very heavy! Hers was ’60s vintage, maybe even earlier. I remember being fascinated as a little kid by the thing on top that spun around and spit steam when things were cooking.


  12. I heard about Olympic Paddling and to my shock and dismay all these guys crawled into kayaks.

    But it’s a delight to see your quietly delighted face in that third picture!


  13. NJSpank on said:

    Nice post and lovely red bottom. Ah the satisfaction of a good spanking. Love it


  14. Christin on said:

    I hope you never stop blogging. I love reading you blog. My life has been increasingly busy as well over the last year and I have to confess it’s been awhile since I read but have been catching up over the last few days. Huge fan.
    from Jersey


  15. sweetsong1 on said:

    Thoughts on your lovely blog:

    1. My beloved and I use a beautiful beech shoe horn both for its intended purpose and for its alternative use; it’s equally delicious to use and to be subjected to its use! Here it is at Amazon:

    2. I’m equally devastated that Chross has stopped Spankings of the Week, which has deprived me of a much-enjoyed weekly trawl through his favourite sites. Do you know why he stopped? And can we start a petition for him to bring it back?

    3. I’m similarly uninterested in the Olympics, although if I happen to switch them on and there are girls in wet swimsuits (the diving is particularly good for this, as they spend lots of time walking around dripping wet) I do start to enjoy very naughty fantasies about punishing them for not training hard enough… 😉


    • sweetsong — right after I posted this blog, Chross posted one of his Spankings lists again! He said he won’t be doing it every week, but doesn’t want to give it up entirely. As for that shoe horn… noooooo, thank you! 🙂


      • sweetsong1 on said:

        Hmm, I might just send one to Steve and tell him you particularly wanted to try it out… 😉


  16. Congrats on all the work! But I too hate clients who want it yesterday.

    I still have a pressure cooker. Ron gave it to me the first Christmas we were together. Isn’t he romantic? We use it to precook ribs before barbecuing, but that’s about it.



  17. Robert on said:

    My question is: who cares about “boobage” with a great ass like that?

    You’re a beauty, little Erica. Stay just as you are. 😉


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