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Friday odds and ends

MIA again — busy! All work and no play is making Erica very dull. I haven’t seen Steve in two weeks, but I’ve been so work-crazed, I really didn’t have proper time for him anyway. In fact, I actually had to turn down a girls’ night out with Alex and SpankCake last week, which sucked! But life interferes with one’s fun. But fun is coming next week! Shadow Lane, here we come (leaving next Friday morning). I’ve already arranged for a work break, so my plate will be cleared.

Meanwhile, how about some weird search phrases for your Friday amusement?

First — folks, my name isn’t that complicated. Really, it isn’t. So why did I find these in my search phrases?

earica scott

euricka scott

jane erika scott

EAR-ica? Really?? I know I have big ears, but that’s just mean. :-Þ

For those who like it rough:

belt spanking video not for the squeamish brutal

dress down brutal girl belt spanking stories!

That last one especially confuses me. Is the belt spanking brutal, or is the girl brutal? And is her dress down, or does she get dressed down? And why the ! ?

I can’t resist spanking my gf

What do you want, my permission?

my boyfriend spanking to red ass desi story

WTF is a desi story? Lucyyyyy! You got some spankin’ coming!

And while we’re on weirdness, I got a bizarre tweet last night. Some guy I don’t know, has a really creepy profile, clicks “like” on a bunch of my tweets. OK, fine. But then he tweets to me:

I love you erica. Thought u wuz dead.

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. I’m not THAT old, for Christ’s sake!

Anyway… so last Friday, I had a bit of a meltdown. I was overwhelmed with work, John was having major problems with his own work, I’ve been having computer issues, and I was so stressed out, one side of my face had broken out in hives. (Either that or something or things bit me — I never did figure out what it was. It went away after a few days.) I seriously considered cancelling Shadow Lane — it seemed like too much work and hassle to prepare for, I didn’t have time, I wasn’t in the right head space, blah blah blah. Fortunately, when I went to John’s that night, he convinced me that we’d be OK, everything would work out, and we really do need the getaway. “When am I going to get stuff done for the party?” I asked. “I’ve been so slammed with work, I haven’t even had a chance to go shopping.”

“Let’s go to the mall tomorrow!” he suggested. “I need pants, and we can shop for a dress for you.” And so we did; we made an afternoon/evening of it. And what did John do? He picked the perfect dress for me, straightaway. We walked into H&M, and there were some dresses at the front of the store. He plucked one off the rack and said, “This is it.” I demurred, saying we should look at everything else, so we wandered through the store and selected a few more items. But in the dressing room, it was clear… the dress he’d chosen was THE dress. He zipped me into it and it fit perfectly, looked fabulous. “Who knows you better than you know yourself?” he teased. “Who’s the perfect boyfriend who picked the perfect dress?” I also managed to slip into a store this week and buy some new panties, so I am set.

My enthusiasm for the party has been restored. And so, I am looking forward to next week. Monday, something special is happening, but I don’t want to jinx it so I’m not going to talk about it until after the fact. Tuesday, John and I will have been together for twenty years (the Shadow Lane trip is our celebration). And then we head off early Friday morning for three days of spanko debauchery with our friends. I need to play. I need to laugh. I need this so, so much.

But for now, I still have work to do, including some more of that nasty medical stuff. However, thanks to my most excellent computer tech friend Jesse, I now know how to set placeholders for the photos, so instead of those disgusting images, all I see are plain white boxes. 😀  And unfortunately, it does seem that my computer needs a new hard drive, but that can wait until I come back. It’s still working, and every time it’s crashed so far, I’ve been able to fix it with Disk Check, so fingers crossed.

Life is good today. Have a great weekend, y’all.

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11 thoughts on “Friday odds and ends

  1. A boyfriend who takes you to the mall for a dress, finds the perfect one, still follows you in going to the rest… And more, of course! You’re a lucky girl!


  2. Anonymous on said:

    I hope Shadow Lane brings you all the fun and happiness that you are looking for. We are all waiting for reports. And congrats for the 20 year anniversary.
    Downunder Don


  3. Graham on said:

    I didn`t know you had big ears……………


  4. Anonymous on said:

    I think the searchers were all going for Eureka Scott (with “eureka” being an interjection that has since been adopted on a much wider scale) which was exclaimed by the very first person to draw down your panties and see what a marvelous bottom was just begging to be spanked. At least that’s my understanding 🙂


  5. Anonymous on said:

    I would like some spanking party advice. I have never attended a spanking party but I think I might like to attend one of the big ones. I hesitate because, for vanilla business reasons I simply can’t afford to get outed. My question is, can I register and attend the party using a scene name only. I’m sure you have to have a credit card, but could I get a prepaid credit card in a scene name and use that? My concern is the possibility of their data base getting hacked. That’s something the kink world and politicians have in common. Everybody’s getting hacked these days. I’m very uncomfortable about having real personal information in a spanking party database. So can I use a scene name all the way?
    Thanks for the advice


    • Anonymous — I’m sorry, but I’m not an expert on this matter. You’d have to contact whichever party you were interested in, and ask the people who run it if you can get by without a credit card, cash only. I know there are some parties that require a full name, and others that do not. Say if you were interested in attending Shadow Lane, you would have to look up the contact on the Shadow Lane website and email them. Sorry I don’t have a better answer!


  6. I think Euricka Scott is my favorite. At a quick glance here are a couple of misspellings I’ve come across:

    as spanking. jeans, pixie wells sapnked, pixie amber welles, dsni daniels fm spanking, dallass spanks hard amelia, and spanking badingsuit. So quick recap, ass, spanked, wells, dani, dallas, and bathing suit all spelled in interesting ways. So I guess it’s not surprising that “Erica Scott” is very advanced for some of these people.

    Also do you ever get searches anything like these? 종아리 스팽, 싸대기 품번, お仕置き 靴べら. How that brings people to my site I have no idea.


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