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Stress relief, and a runaway bus

OK, kids — no matter what side you’re on, I think we can all agree that this godawful Presidential election, fraught with anger and ugliness, could send anyone in this country to the loony bin. I know that if I’m going to survive, I need stress release, and I need to laugh. Fortunately, I’ve had opportunities for both this week.

First, for the past three days, I’ve been engaging in a war of bratty tweets on Twitter. It started out with Ulf Sayer, Kajira Bound and me, and then it expanded to include Alex Reynolds, Paul Kennedy and Nuna Starks. Ulf had claimed that, because of me, the hashtag #SpankOnSight has become an international necessity. And sometime yesterday, I’ve lost track of who started it, but the hashtag #BlameEricaScott became a thing.

So, I tweeted a photo of myself with a very innocent face, and said, “Who, meeee?” And late last night, Alex tweeted, “YES YOU!!!”

Humph! I then replied to all, “Did anyone get the license plate of that bus I just got thrown under?”

And Miss Alex came back with, “I did! Here you go!” Accompanied by this:


Well, I never! I am flabbergasted! I am verklempt! Or, to employ my beloved boyfriend’s goyishe interpretation, I am kermufft!

Today, Kajira posted a picture of herself about to be spanked by Ulf, and tweeted that this is what happens every time she talks with or quotes me. To which I said, “You’re welcome.” πŸ˜€

But back to stress relief. Steve and I were able to get together for a couple of hours yesterday, and we made good use of it. And finally got some new pictures. For this one, he called out, “Give me your best ‘WTF are you doing??’ face!” Which translated into my signature “righteous indignation” face:


And then, of course, there’s my “Is that all you’ve got?” face:


Apparently, it wasn’t all he had.


Notice that my thighs got a bit of attention too.

All good. I certainly felt a lot more relaxed afterward. And the laughter certainly felt wonderful.

Friends are good things. β™₯ Bus tracks on my ass notwithstanding.

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12 thoughts on “Stress relief, and a runaway bus

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Your posts usually prompt ideas for me – what about this: someone should design a deck of Erica Scott playing cards, 52 in all just like normal playing cards, with the same ranks and suits. The only difference is that each card in the Erica Scott deck would have a different image of you being spanked! πŸ™‚ Perhaps the hearts cards would have marks appropriate for an implement that leaves hearts on sore bare bottoms, and so on.

    The decks could be sold all over the world, and normal games of chance would transpire, EXCEPT any time someone turns over an Erica Scott card YOU ARE SPANKED. That event would be known as “playing the Erica Scott card”. There’d need to be some mechanism to report playing the Erica card, and, say, to tally up your spank count for a day. You might have a hard time sitting down for awhile, but I know I’d have fun watching how this deal played out.


  2. Anonymous — LOL! OK, well… y’know, I think you need some hobbies. πŸ˜‰


  3. Great Post! I love Alex’s response. That was priceless. Thank goodness for friends. Oh, and I love your “β€œIs that all you’ve got?” face. Please never direct it a me unless I have permission to spank you. Unless of course, you’ve always WANTED to see a Top implode. πŸ˜‰



  4. Blue Mark — Alex is indeed priceless, and I love her to bits. πŸ™‚


  5. Graham on said:

    How many millions of people you got over there,350? And the best you have is those two for president,you couldn`t make it up. DT has had to call on Nigel to come over to give his team a pep talk, I don`t know if you are aware of him Scotty but Nigel has given this lot over here a right kick in the balls, the political elite, who think its their right to rule and no one elses


  6. I so agree that we all need a break from the madness. Thanks for sharing your escape.
    I may be slow but if you could explain #SpankOnSight a bit more? Was that towards anyone seeing you in particular and what they should do or in general towards anyone bratty…


  7. Enzo — LOL! You know, I really have no clue. I’m assuming (?) it was assigned to me and to Kajira, at the time. Our behavior was apparently so egregious that tops should automatically spank us on sight, reason or no reason. (Sounds like standard operational procedure to me.)


  8. Great post, happy girl. I just take that final sentence not too seriously.


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