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A bit of Friday humor and distraction

Taking a quick work break to share a little search word silliness. I don’t have a lot this time, but one of them was so off the wall, I couldn’t wait.

desi wife mirro spanking land

What the ever loving… Luuuuucyyyyyyy!! ‘Splain! I’m assuming “mirro” was supposed to be “mirror.” Unless they’re talking about that wonderful British actress, Helen Mirro.

And my other favorite:

erica spanked by steve scott

LOL! Several people on FetLife refer to John as “John Scott.” So now Steve is “Steve Scott”? Not very toppy, is it. 😀 Particularly amusing when you recall that Scott isn’t even my real name.

In other news… drama and stress with John continues. He’s having a rough time of it lately; not just work, but last week he got rear-ended on the freeway (no one was hurt, fortunately, but it was a three-car pile-up, with his car in the front). And all his work stress is affecting his teeth, which are costing a fortune in repair. Poor thing is having a root canal today as I type. (sigh) But on the good news side, my stepmother had her second surgery and compared to the first one, this was a breeze and she was home the next day. I will be going to visit her soon. Oh, and yesterday, I lost my prescription sunglasses, couldn’t find them anywhere, and had resigned myself to having to replace them (just bought them this year and they were $250). But then last night, I found them in my car, underneath the driver’s seat. I don’t know how they got there, but I was so relieved. I am very precise about where I put things, so I don’t lose stuff as a rule. When I do, I start wondering if I’m losing my mind. You know, genetics and all that.

Someone asked me if I would be spanked for carelessness, misplacing my sunglasses. I guess that’s how some spanking folks would handle it. Me? I punish myself enough, feeling stupid and upset and wondering if I’m dealing with early senility. John, rather than threatening to spank me, offered to pay for new glasses. I do love that man. ♥

There needs to be a spanking party, or something like that. Fun is needed. Some wild abandon and forgetting about all the shit going on is needed. I’ve had a bit too much life lately.

So, here’s a picture of a hot couple, Jonny and Stacy Stockton, pre-spanking. Because yum.


Have a great weekend, y’all.

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13 thoughts on “A bit of Friday humor and distraction

  1. I wouldn’t let a matter of misplacing your sunglasses make you start worrying about early senility, Erica. That kind of thing happens to everybody. Thanks for the picture of the young couple. That girl is a real beauty, and that head of red hair is awesome!


    • Biker — delicious, isn’t it? She’s lovely, but I confess, I’m looking more at him…


      • Well, of course, and I would expect nothing less from you. Still, that look in her eyes kind of trips my trigger. I’m sorry, also, to hear about John’s accident and his other troubles. Best wishes to you both.


  2. He really loves you indeed. Wish him well – and keep jolly, he’ll need it.


  3. Anonymous on said:

    The sunglasses mishap seem to be a case of stress overload. It sounds like you take on some of John’s stress because you care so much about him. I hope the man catches some breaks and a reduction in stress, soon.


  4. Or maybe the upcoming election is making everybody crazy! It is me. I stopped drinking for seven months, but I’ve started again with wee bits of whiskey at bedtime, just until the election. Stone-cold sober after that, I pledge. Unless Trump wins. Then all bets are off. Sorry, Erica, to bring politics into this, but I know you worry about these things too.


  5. Anonymous on said:

    Sunglasses and cell phones have minds of their own. The often enjoy little excursions.
    Deep breaths; November 8 is on its way!

    Anon E. Mouse


  6. Biker — I worry about everything. Which is not very good for me, I’m afraid.

    Mouse — I have yet to misplace my cell phone. Then again, I have designated spots for it, and I don’t use it as much as some other folks use theirs, so… And I’ve never permanently lost glasses, or my wallet. My checkbook, yes. I don’t know if I’m just lucky, or if I’m that efficient, but I get very unnerved when I misplace something. It’s too close to home, you know?


  7. “Me? I punish myself enough, feeling stupid and upset and wondering if I’m dealing with early senility.”

    Now, that sort of beating yourself up is cause for a spanking. Clears the head.


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