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Happy Halloween

So last night, John and I went to our favorite dim sum restaurant. The food was delicious, as always, but jeeezus, the service sure was slow!


Nahhhh, I’m just kidding. See, here I am! I don’t think this woman died of starvation, but of bad taste. What’s up with that hat??


Hope everyone who enjoys Halloween and costumes and stuff has lots of fun. Me, I’m just in it for the chocolate. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. jasnstir on said:

    Want some chocolate for a spanking little girl…?


  2. I think that table of skeletons is cute. My wife would love it. It would give my daughter (age 24) nightmares and she’d never go into that restaurant again; she’s prone to that, still. Yet another example of the wonders and fun of being different.


  3. MrJ — you should have seen the whole setup. They had a lot more stuff, like a witch and bats and spiders.

    Mark — yes, we are all different. I’m not bothered by skeletons, but if they’d been creepy rotting zombies, I would have left.


  4. Anonymous on said:

    The restaurant had all but two great Yelp reviews. Those two felt the service was a little slow, and make no bones about it, they have a point.


  5. So that’s you on the left (in the first picture)? You’re so damn skinny! Thanks for a little Halloween treat. Oh, by the way, you’re friggin’ beautiful.


  6. Anonymous on said:

    I’ve been so sick all week I haven’t been online much. HALLOWEEN is my most favorite holiday EVER!
    Skeletons are creepy cute-bats are adorable. Remember the original 1st 2 seasons of Scooby Doo? The opening theme showed bats flying out of a haunted mansion and screeching in a cute way. I SOOO wanted to find a vintage t-shirt of that visual. I did not. 😦 LOL


    • A. — I recall that about you! I don’t remember the Scooby-Doo image, but I’m not actually sure I ever saw it. I know a lot of people who love Halloween; I can take it or leave it.


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