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The State of Erica

So it’s been an interesting few weeks, ones of much soul searching and roller coaster emotions. I’ve learned a few things, made some mistakes. And now I think I’m ready to move forward once again.

One of the mistakes I made was breaking my own promise to myself and allowing politics to pervade my blog, Twitter and Facebook. The events of the past few months have consumed me, as they have many, and I let myself get swept up in venting. The reactions were enlightening and depressing at the same time. I got a lot of backlash, but not necessarily from the opposite polarity. I also was ignored, unfollowed and unfriended by people I least expected to do so. In times of emotional crisis, I find out time and again who cares about Erica, the entire person (even in her darkest, angriest, most unlikable times), and who just wants Erica Scott, the witty, snarky spanko showing off her butt. I find out who my friends are. It’s a painful process, but a necessary one, I guess.

Look, I get it. This is a spanking blog. Politics can be read anywhere, anytime, any place these days, ad nauseam. When one comes to a spanking blog, one wants to read about spanking, yes? Same deal with followers on Twitter and other social media. Therefore, for the bulk of my venting, I have found two secret groups of Facebook (“secret” meaning that posts only show to the group members) where people can share their political concerns and fears. Likewise, I started another Twitter account and when I feel like retweeting the Orange Menace’s stupid posts and adding my own comments, or just want to rant about whatever’s going on, I use that. And as for here, I will not be posting anymore strictly political posts. They get crickets, for one, and then I have to put up with rude rebuttals from the likes of people who are so stupid, they need to be told how to spell their own name. So, it’s back to spanky stuff.

There’s just one problem with that; lately, I simply don’t have spanky stuff to post. I am not going to explain why, so please don’t ask, but I have not played (except for a brief moment at a holiday party) in over three months. My parties are few and far between, and my shoots are pretty much down to once in a great while. And I’m tired of hashing and rehashing the same tired discussions we’ve all seen a million times. Therefore, this blog will probably be periodic rather than regular. When the spirit moves me, when I have something fun and topical to report, I will do so. For example, in a couple of weeks we’re going to a big party in Vegas for a few days, so no doubt I’ll have some fun stories from that. But I’m no longer going to rack my brain trying to come up with things to write. I’ve written and written and written, for years. And lately, I’m (thankfully) so busy with work, I don’t have as much time for blogging anyway. So, when time passes between blogs, don’t fret. I’m still around. I’m just going to be here on a “need to post” basis from now on.

Oh, and mind you, I am not saying that I’ll never slip in some political snarky humor again, here and there. I mean, it’s inevitable, since this entire administration is one big punchline.

And with that, on to my most excellent segue*

Last week, Triple A Spanking released a clip that I shot with them three years ago. In it, John Osborne and I play husband and wife, and we are supposed to go to a gathering given by one of his friends. However, because I cannot stomach this friend, I make up a bunch of lies, including that I’m sick, to get out of going. So, what did John call this film about lying liars?

Yup, he went there… 😀


(Yes, I edited that last photo. I hate those freaking straight-on shots! Unless you’re a proctologist, you don’t need to be getting up in there.)

I confess, seeing that title made me laugh harder than I had in weeks. So, who used that phrase better? John Osborne…


… or Crack-Whore Barbie Con-job?


I’d say John Osborne for the win!

So that’s it for now. Back to work with me, and then I’m off to spend the pre-Valentine’s Day weekend with my beloved. ♥ And no, we are not going to see “Fifty Shades Darker”!

Have a great weekend. y’all.

*For those who were educated at Cheeto-face University, that word is pronounced “seg-way,” not “seg-yoo.” 😛

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19 thoughts on “The State of Erica

  1. 0thistle0 on said:

    im so glad you are back!

    love you and look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

    wow! john cleans up nice, doesnt he! 😉



  2. You do find out who your friends are during the not so fun times. I’m so glad you’re my friend. ❤

    Love the video title, he definitely used it more appropriately! 😉

    You guys have a great weekend too! 😘


  3. TFH — doesn’t he, though? Can’t wait to see you!

    Lily — I’m glad you’re my friend too! Huge hugs.


  4. Good to hear from you!!! Love the people who think they know everything about everything but don’t know how to spell their own name. I have to say I understand about not posting as much but still makes me sad. Love love that John Osbourne went ‘there’. So appropriate. Lol
    Glad we are friends!!! Got your back in good times and bad!


  5. I assume by the placement of the asterisk you are not advertising for anal sex
    I too am unhappy with the outcome of the election. I was and still am a Bernie supporter. I saw this coming. But on to spanking things. After three months you probably need one.
    Have fun at your party and glad to see you blogging if only sporadically now.


  6. David Webley on said:

    Good to see you back. I appreciate the effort it takes to run a blog especially when there is not a lot happening spanking wise. I look forward to your comments on the upcoming Vegas party. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to one before too long as I’d love to meet you and a few other American spankos such as Clare Fonda. May I ask you to let me have your ‘Political Twitter ID’ as I’d be interested in what you have to say on that front. These are interesting times to say the least as we cope with Brexit in the UK. as well as dear Donald.


    • Chibob — you are absolutely right, I am not! LOL

      David — thanks. Respectfully, I’m going to keep that ID to myself. It’s just for me; one I use strictly for an occasional release and nothing more, so I won’t annoy my friends on my regular ID. I hope you understand.


  7. I can only hope you enjoy a new burst of spanking play, and then share it. Dry spells happen. That can make any later renewed fun even more fun. Good luck with that. Enjoy.


  8. Anonymous on said:

    I appreciate the effort you put into writing about what is most relevant to your current status. I’m sorry you’ve been disappointed with friends’ regarding political backlash. That’s very scary to me. So I’ve decided that even though 1/2 of my friends have opposing political viewpoints from mine I will let then post in peace and if I hate what they say, I will just bypass those posts.
    I haven’t been spanked in over a year and while I miss the physical sensations I just don’t have the emotional energy to invest in the search to find “like minded” partners. LOL


  9. I hope you know that I both understand and support your decision. These are emotional times. ❤️


  10. Nice to see you back Scotty, just one thing Id like to say regarding all this political fall out of the last several months the conclusion Ive come to is, its like a religious cult, they have you believe if you dont think PartyAs way or you disagree withB`s views then both you and your family and country will go to hell forever and a day. This is total bollocks and all thats happened is people have told the establishment to go get fucked.
    We are still here, doing great………….


  11. Erica, you are so right. Even though this is your blog and you can talk about what you like, it is good to take a break from that number one topic who is on CNN 24-7

    I hope your spanking mojo returns and you are once again able to regale us with stories of your afternoons with Steve.


    P.S. Please spare some good thoughts for our Prime Minister as he enters the lions den on Monday. (Apostrophe omitted intentionally. My d#$* keyboard has somehow switched to French and apostrophe comes out as è)


  12. Downunder Don on said:

    Erica, I have been hoping that your snarky humour would reappear soon. From an outsiders point of view American politics is just so funny; better than any sit-com or reality show. And you guys take it so seriously.
    Anyway it is great to hear from you and as Hermoine said hopefully there will be many stories in the near future.


    • Mark — I certainly hope I will.

      Anonymous — I agree; the process of searching for play partners can be daunting, and exhausting.

      Pam — yes they are, and thank you, my friend.

      Graham — I don’t know. I wonder how well we’re going to do, considering all the bad decisions that have been made so far. But hopefully reason (and the resistance) will prevail.

      Hermione — all the best thoughts for your most excellent (and oh so cute) Prime Minister. He is a class act.

      Don — we take it seriously because we’re living it. And it’s incredibly scary. But yeah… I need to lighten up a little.


  13. Wise words, Erica, and good to hear from you. Hope you’ll be totally back really soon – be well.


  14. ValleysPixie on said:

    Still reading everything. Still enjoying everything. You are still my go-to blogger. Now love your readers, too. Wolfie was my most recent crush. You are a delight and pleasure to read (and you satisfy the spiky grammar nazi in me too!)


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