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Happy ♥ Day

Wishing all my friends a lovely Valentine’s Day, however you like to celebrate. Hope you all have happy hearts… in whatever form they may take.



John and I already had our celebration last weekend. He gave me roses, took us out for a special dinner, and then hid small boxes of chocolates all throughout the weekend — four in all! I gave him chocolates as well and baked him his favorite brownies from scratch.

And of course, what’s hearts and flowers day without a little naughty humor?


Enjoy, everyone. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Happy ♥ Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Erica. You sure had a lovely weekend celebration. We are going out for lunch, weather permitting. I have a bottle of single malt Scotch for Ron when he wakes up.



  2. And the same to you, Erica, except I doubt that anyone has paid attention to any of my photos. . Hope you have a fantastic “second Valentine Day.” 🙂


  3. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Happy Valentines Day Erica to you and John ❤💖💞😘 I miss you, Sounds like you had lots of fun Lol 😂 I like your heart shaped paddle it’s so adorable 💖 Does it hurt? I Love you xoxoxoxo Hugsssss ♡ From Naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean 💕


  4. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you, and I’m stealing that picture, lol! Glad you and John had a good weekend! xoxo


    • Hermione — hope you have a lovely lunch! And may the Scotch inspire some special Valentine fun.

      Mitch — today is a work day for me, but the good feelings from the weekend linger.

      Jade — thanks! Yes, it certainly does.

      Lily — I’m going to guess you mean the last picture? LOL Isn’t that a riot? Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Robert.


  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Erica. Hope it was as goof as the preceding weekend.


  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to both you and John! I’m glad you had a lovely weekend celebrating together. (Hugs)


  7. Oh! Well, er, all right, I’ll gift-wrap a cartoon and send it along!!


    And I hope you had a very lovely day!


  8. Anonymous on said:

    Very nice piccies. And, no, I have not pleasured myself to your piccies so sorry Erica. Maybe next year…

    Happy Spankings



  9. Anonymous on said:

    I don’t think anyone is getting off to my pictures anymore. That ship sailed!

    I take tissue with that. Snort and sorry 🙂


  10. Where shall I send the gift?


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