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A brief update

Just a quickie on Sunday night before a busy week. I’m not bursting with news, just wanted to pop in and update on three things.

First, regarding the situation I mentioned at the party a couple of weeks ago, on the last night — all was resolved, in the nicest possible way. It was handled reasonably, compassionately, and I even seem to have made a new friend over it. Rather than hold me in contempt, the parties involved were actually concerned and caring that I’d been upset, and we talked it out. I wish everyone could be this pleasant. So that’s a relief.

Second… I suppose I need to say something about the fact that I haven’t posted about Steve in several months. No, he did not leave the relationship. He always said he wouldn’t, and he was true to his word. However, we have not played for over four months, and the only thing I’m willing to give as an explanation at this time is that we have irreconcilable differences. It makes me sad, and I miss what we had. I’d been with him a little over four years — longer than I was with ST and even my beloved Danny. And I certainly miss having regular play. But honestly, my life is different these days. I’m spending a lot more hours working (which is a good thing), and I don’t have the play time I used to. And being busy with work keeps me productively occupied, rather than spending time ruminating online over the state of the country. So. I hope there will come a day when I have local play again. But for now, it’s not happening.

Finally, I had expressed frustration that I’d gotten so few pictures at the party, and one of my readers pleaded for me to take pictures of the lingerie I wore on Purple Night. So, Friday, I dusted off my old-school digital camera, set up the timer and took some shots. (I’m just not that good with phone selfies.) Hope you like ’em! 😉



Would you believe Target? Yeah, Victoria’s Secret has some really nice stuff, but good Christ, they’re expensive. And I’ve always liked Target. For those poor narrow-minded folks out there with misguided phobias who are boycotting Target over their bathroom policies — go right ahead! More for the rest of us!

Hope everyone is well out there. Please drop by and say hello!

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26 thoughts on “A brief update

  1. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hiya Erica ❤ I am so sorry that you and Steve haven’t played in 4 months, that makes me sad 😢 I hope it goes back to the way it was. You look Lovely in your pic’s, You always do ☺Much Love and hugs to you always 💖 From naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xoxoxoxo


  2. Perfect in Purple! Lovely pictures, Erica! 🙂


  3. Hi Erica,

    I really hope that “irreconcilable differences” does not mean what I think it means.

    Lovely purple ensemble. I loved Target and thought the merchandise was great, when the shelves were actually stocked (which wasn’t often). I’m sorry they pulled out of Canada so soon. They should have given the stores more time to work put the growing pains.



  4. Hi Erica: Glad to hear that you are busy with work, and feeling positive. Hope that things stay on the upswing, and who knows, maybe a spanking and more is just around the next corner. you look great in the photos.
    bottoms up


  5. Sorry to hear about how tings are now going with Steve, Erica. I wish you everything hope for, and beyond,
    Great photographer. 😉


  6. Jade — don’t be sad. It’s OK.

    Mitch — thanks!

    Hermione — no more Target in Canada? Boo! Such a great all-around store, and so inexpensive. I buy everything there from underwear to my new microwave oven (my very old one finally died).

    Red — I hope so.

    MrJ — ha, thanks. Taking one’s own photos is very much a hit or miss thing.


  7. Anonymous on said:

    sigh…I owe you another Valentine’s Day gift. Laughing.


  8. David Webley on said:

    So sorry to hear about Steve and I know how it feels to lose a regular play partner.
    Very pleased to hear that you sorted out the glitch in Las Vegas and that you are able to get more work, must keep the $s flowing! Finally many many thanks for posting the purple underwear pics, you look great.


  9. Erica,

    Beautiful pictures, love the colour.

    Sorry to hear how things are with you and Steve.



    • David — yes, I need those $$. Just got a rent increase and had to pay my car insurance premiums. And don’t even ask about how much I pay for health insurance.

      Ronnie — thanks. It’s OK… it is what it is.


  10. Beautiful photos, Erica! ❤️ Target is pretty great, but unfortunately, the nearest one is about 40 mins away.


  11. Yes! Thank you. I am the one who “pleaded”so I take credit for these pics people. You’re welcome. 😉


  12. (well, I guess Erica gets some credit as well)


    • Jay — oh no! I have two of them within five miles of me.

      Anon — ha! You can certainly take credit. I don’t think I would have done them if no one had asked.


      • Well, I feel very powerful. Perhaps a few more pics? After all you are extremely good at taking your own photo. 🙂


  13. jasnstir on said:

    Love the pic! xo


  14. ValleysPixie on said:

    Really great to see you posting fun stuff. You should get Da Wolfie to draw you in your Purple Perfection!


  15. Thank you, Erica, those photos are stunning!

    Desktops everywhere rejoice.

    Right on Target!

    All seriousness aside (as Steve Allen used to say), I’m sorry to hear that you and Steve have had some problems. I hope those might be solved sometime.

    But, truly, those are beautiful pictures, and even more so because I know a little of the heart of the woman in them!


  16. Chibob on said:

    You look fabulous Erica. So sorry about your play partner. Hang in there.


  17. Anonymous on said:

    I feel bad your play partnership with Steve has been altere. I know your had a strong bond and I can relate to that for past play partners of mine. But for a MULTITUDE of reasons, NONE of them were meant to remain in my life permanently. I’m fine with that.

    Your outlook actually sounds like my perspective. Working ALOT and the ensuing stress which accompanies at least for me diminishes my playful tendencies and energy to muster excitement for a topic which requires SO much work to search, seek and add new play partners for personal fulfillment.


  18. poppamark on said:

    You look simply Yummy!


    • A. — finding and developing a true play partnership/friendship is indeed a huge investment of time and energy. I just don’t have either one of those things these days. I don’t like it, but it is what it is. Life is different now.

      Poppa — thanks you!


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