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Against all odds, SOME FUN!!

The past couple of weeks have been a bit nuts. And fraught with frustration, because our dear friend Joe (DrLectr on FetLife), the host of 50 Freaks, was in L.A. with his beautiful girlfriend Mackenzie Reed, and as much as we wanted to see them, life kept interfering.

They were supposed to be here one week, and Joe had texted me and suggested we hang out. But that first week, I was still sick, and swamped with work, so I had to beg off from the offer to join them at Disneyland. I suggested that we get together on Saturday (last weekend), so John could join us too.

But then last weekend came and poor John had not only caught my cold, but he’d gotten pinkeye as well. He was sick as hell and we were concerned about his being contagious, so we had to cancel. And Joe and Kenzie were supposed to go home on Sunday.


So much for that, I thought. Then I read that there was a huge blizzard where they’d be flying in to go home, so they decided to extend their trip for another week, going home today. They were staying at an AirB&B, run by a scene-ster friend named Dimples, who was a great host and encouraged them to stay.

However, I was swamped with work this week too. And I already had appointments that were eating into work time (dentist, taking my car to the shop, etc.).

So each day, I saw Joe posting pictures on Facebook and FetLife, of all the fun stuff they were doing and the people they were seeing. I only get to see him twice a year, and I just could not believe he was here on my turf and I didn’t have a spare @#$%ing minute to see him.

By Wednesday, this was me…


Beside myself with frustration, I vented to John on Wednesday evening. “This sucks!! I’m grateful to have work, I know this is First World Problems, but this just sucks! I can’t believe Joe will have been here two weeks and I couldn’t even see him once!”

John, ever practical, said, “Can you have lunch with them tomorrow? Why not have them come to the Valley and you can meet them?” He suggested Jerry’s Deli, the original one in Studio City right down the street from Sportsmen’s Lodge, where Shadow Lane had their first spanking parties. Since John was feeling better but was still a bit under the weather, and he had some admin time from work that he had to use, he’d arranged to have Thursday off (he always has Fridays off), and he said he could come join us. “Take some time off,” he urged me. “You can work extra tonight, tomorrow night, and all day Friday. And if you need to postpone coming over Friday night for a couple of hours to get your work done, you can do that too.”

Thursday was our last chance, so with fingers crossed, I texted Joe, suggesting John’s plan. YES! They liked it!

So it was with much joy that John and I met Joe and Dimples at Jerry’s yesterday for what turned out to be a 3 1/2-hour lunch. Sadly, Kenzie had another commitment and couldn’t make it; she was missed! But the four of us had a great lunch and talked and talked and talked. I was able to relax, laugh, take a much-needed break.

Our server snapped this for us; so here we are (respecting Dimples’ request to not show her face):


So much fun! Refreshed and sorted out, I went home, got to work. Today, working and doing laundry and all the other stuff I would have done yesterday afternoon, and it’s getting done. Happy to say that I will go to John’s tonight with everything completed. AND I got to see our friends too.

Oh! And keep your eye out for Shadow Lane’s newest release, “She’s Gonna Get It.” Starring — you guessed it — Joe and Mackenzie. 🙂 So jazzed for them! Kenzie is adorable, and Joe was meant for spanking videos.

Friends are good things. ♥

Back to work! Have a great weekend, y’all.

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10 thoughts on “Against all odds, SOME FUN!!

  1. Anonymous on said:

    How great you were able to get together with them. I know being overly committed to things like work and health management can be a HUGE drain. But it’s great you had John to help assess your time management. Sometimes it takes that extra pair of eyes to find a way to work it all out.


  2. Hooray! Good to hear.


  3. poppamark on said:

    I am loving the fact you are finally smiling again. Hooray for you!


  4. It always sucks when life gets in the way. I’m glad you able to get together.


    • A. — John, ever logical while I’m emotional, is a good voice of reason for me. And he was so right. I had time to enjoy our friends for a bit and still finished everything I needed to do.

      Anon — thanks!

      Poppa — yeah, I honestly thought I’d forgotten how.

      Mike — life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. I believe someone I admire greatly said that.


  5. Friends are a good thing indeed, food for the soul. And John is best: he clearly knws you very well.


  6. So glad it worked out and you got to met up!


  7. MrJ — he says he knows me better than I know myself.

    On — me too!


  8. ValleysPixie on said:

    What a fun, absolutely relaxed photo of you all. Great to be able to see you looking totally chilled, and all as a result of shuffling work stuff. You are the multitasking Queen!


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