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Toppy chiropractors and birthday wishes

Yes, I’m still seeing my Uber-bossy chiropractor. When I saw him a few weeks ago, I was in the throes of my cold and my body was a mess of knots. Everything he touched hurt. So when I went in last Monday for a tune-up, he asked how I was doing. “Much better than last time,” I replied.

“OK, so just a mild beating today, as opposed to the extreme beating.”


I think I’ve mentioned how he has a penchant for putting me in various positions and then commanding, “Don’t you move.” Which drives me crazy. So this last time, I challenged a bit. “You do realize that every time you say ‘don’t you move,’ that makes me want to move, right?”

“Yes, absolutely, because you can’t stand anyone else being in charge.” How does he know?

“Well, it’s just that when someone says ‘don’t you’ do something, that implies that there is a consequence for doing that thing,” I persisted.

“Nope, none at all,” he said cheerfully. While digging his fingers into my left hip and practically making me writhe off the table. “Oooh, yes, hello, that sucks, doesn’t it?”

“Sadistic bastard,” I grumbled. Oh, this guy would be such a formidable top.

“Far be it from me to actually try to tell you to do something,” he went on. And then, for the rest of the appointment, he made a point of politely asking me for everything. “Please roll onto your back.” “Please, may I stretch you now?” “Please hold that position.” “Please allow me to lift you to sitting.” And finally, when he put me on the rolling massage table with ice, he said, “Relax. Or don’t, if you don’t want to! Whatever you want.”

He still refers to me as “little girl” and “tiny person.” I don’t get it; I’m really not that tiny. Although I suppose it’s all relative, since he’s 6′ 3″+ and built like a linebacker.

All titillation aside, I really am glad I found this guy. He doesn’t BS me and tell me there’s a million things wrong with me and that I have to come back every week. As he put it: “I don’t want to see you that often.” Thanks, I love you too. And since I’ve been seeing him, the sciatica that had been plaguing me, shooting down my left leg into my foot, has cleared up. OK, so it’s his elbow on my butt, not his hand. Such is life.

Moving right along — today is the wonderful, talented Dave Wolfe’s birthday! AKA Wolfie, of WolfieToons, Dave has created countless delightful spanking toons over the years, and has made countless people smile and laugh. Besides being a great artist, he’s also one of the sweetest men ever. We have never met in person, but have corresponded online for many a year. He’s compassionate, caring, witty, and an incorrigible punster (do not incorrige him!). I have been lucky enough to be immortalized, Wolfie-style,  as he has created several toons for my various birthdays. But since it’s his birthday, not mine, I’ll post one of my favorite non-birthday creations (and interestingly, it’s non-spanking too). Dave knows I am a bit of an oddball and derive the same joy from rainy days as most people do from sunny ones. So here is his image of me dancing in the rain.


Do check out his blog, and his immense catalog of drawings, if you haven’t already. Happy birthday, Wolfie! We love you! ♥ ♥ ♥

And happy hump day, y’all.

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29 thoughts on “Toppy chiropractors and birthday wishes

  1. Anonymous on said:

    There is NO way on earth that chiro isn’t into SOME fetish or other. He’s playful, but playful with KNOWLEDGE. But he’s being ethical so he can’t come right out and ask you to be a partner or directly ask of your spanking interests.
    Fantasize to your heart’s content, though.

    P.S. I’m going to send you an email about THE Bucket list item of ALL that is going to be fulfilled over the 4th of July weekend. I LOVE my life sooooo much! 🙂


  2. Wolfie is the greatest! I love that picture. He has captured you perfectly.



  3. Love your blog Erica, I have an appointment with a chiropractor tomorrow,hope it’s a woman.


    • Hermione — isn’t he though?

      Puggybear — ha! I’ve been seeing chiropractors most of my life; only had one woman, once. Didn’t like her. But she did have amazingly strong hands.


  4. Anonymous on said:

    I love the image that you posted. And I do hope that you get There eventually – I think your 15 year advantage will quickly melt away under his palm (not elbow)!


    • Anonymous — nah. It’s one of those things best left as a fantasy, I think. (But it sure is fun.)


      • Anonymous on said:

        Oh, I love the delicious spanking tension. It reminds me of the “startles” back in the day, except an extended version. And we’ll never know the answer…or will we? Snort!


  5. See – you are starting to actually do it. 😉


  6. Aw! Thank you very much, Erica!

    “Don’t incorrige him!!” Very good!! But, nobody needs to now, I went off to see the Wizard, who gave me corrige!

    I was actually out of action Wednesday with an UTI (notice how I used the initials to spare the squeamish? You’re welcome!) but a visit to the campus doctors got me the antibiotic, and full recovery is nigh!

    My son , his wife and my granddaughters called and sang to me that night, and it was surprisingly good! It was one of the very few times I’ve heard that “Happy Birthday: song sung well! Then my brother and sis-in-law took me out last night, and my nephew and his wife showed up later, too! So all that was great!

    Speaking of practitioners of the healing arts, I’m so very glad this fella has made you feel much better, especially with a sensahuma that clicks!

    Once upon a time when they were walking home from work, it stated raining on my son and his partner. The latter went Gene Kelly and began singing and dancing in the rain. Son didn’t join him. Wotta sourpuss.

    Thank you again for the greeting and loving words!


  7. Wolfie — you’re so welcome! So sorry you had to be under the weather on the actual day (UTIs are the pits), but it sounds like your family made up for it later.

    Honestly, I don’t think I’d dance and sing in the rain either, for real. Did you know Gene Kelly was sick as hell with a fever when he taped that famous number? The show must go on!


    • Y’know, I just found out about that today! Astounding!! No one watching that performance would have known he had a 105-degree fever! What a trooper!

      So, dancing in the rain, never say never. 😉


  8. Yorkie69 on said:

    I know I don’t comment a lot but I really enjoy your posts Erica. I’m really glad you are feeling better and that you are more relaxed. It lifts my spirits.



  9. What is a rolling massage table? I have images of rolling pins and flour.


  10. Anonymous on said:

    Cute post! Ongoing saga of your intriguing interactions with the chiro and (be still my beating heart) a mail from everyone’s fave Wolfman! We don’t get a lot of rain here in the Midlands and I miss the soft rain we had in Wales.


  11. Anon on said:

    Just an opinion, I think this guy probably knows (and appreciates!) who ERICA SCOTT is. After all she’s not exactly anonymous. 🙂 Hints are being dropped. Attention must be paid.


  12. Anon on said:

    oh well, at least it sounds like a good plot for a short story, perhaps you could start a new book? 🙂


  13. Graham on said:

    What`s happened to you Scotty,have you gone on a world cruise?


  14. ValleysPixie on said:

    I’m positively wilting under the stress of being Erica-less, Graham. What do you think – shall we start our own chat hoping she’ll magically appear? Maybe the gorgeous Wolfman will join in? Well, a Celt can hope!


  15. Graham on said:

    well Im just hoping this ISIS mob havent kidnapped her and are asking Don for a massive ransom


  16. Don on said:

    Hi Erica- Just wanted to send you my best wishes, hope you’re just enjoying a break from posting and will return when you feel more energized. I’d also like to state what I’m sure is true for many others, you’ve made my life a bit better through your movies and posts.



  17. Mark Thomason on said:

    Miss you. Erica needs and now deserves a spanking.


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