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So far, so good, I think?

My welcome back to the blogosphere has been gratifying. I’ve gotten some lovely comments and also some very sweet PMs. It does feel good to have this special place that’s all my own. Social media sites are fun, but the fun can be fleeting. Your posts on FetLife are popular for a day or two and then quickly forgotten. It’s nothing personal and it’s no one’s fault; it’s just a sign of the times, the way things are now in the age of digital distraction. People at any given moment can be carrying on fifteen conversations at once via texts and so forth and concentration is a lost art. Same thing with Twitter. Getting focus on there is a crap shoot, a matter of timing. Some days you can tweet something completely silly and it explodes into myriad conversations. Other days, you could post, “Hey, that hemorrhoid turned out to be Stage 4 cancer and I have six days to live,” and get crickets.

It seems my post about depression resonated with many. I suppose that could be a direction for me in the future — relating to spankos with depression and how to cope. Because depression is the antithesis of spanking fun, you know. When I’m in play mode, I feel sexy and happy and alive, filled with energy, clever, creative, on top of my game. Depression sucks all that away and leaves a shell that looks somewhat like me. And the damnable contradiction is that when I need attention the most, I feel the least attractive. My outsides are saying “Go away” while my insides cry “Please don’t go away.”

So I look at pictures, old and recent, and remember, “Hey! You are capable of this. Look at that smile. Look at that thrust-out confident butt. That woman is still in there.”

I remember that no matter how unlovable I feel, I must be doing something right. Yesterday, John said to me: “I would take you on your worst day over anyone else on their best day.” Somehow, I brought that to myself. Always there, John is. No matter who else comes and goes. ♥

Don’t watch the news when you’re down. And for God’s sake, don’t listen to music. You never notice how many depressing songs there are until you’re depressed yourself.

Sing it, John.

Or how about, “She aches, just like a woman, but she breaks just like a little girl.”


Yeah, I chose this picture on purpose. It captures my mood… but it also reminds me that I’m still a damn desirable woman, no matter what my screwy head tells me.

Anyway, y’all, I’ve got work to do, and a body to work out. Happy Monday.

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22 thoughts on “So far, so good, I think?

  1. Jade Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica 😍❤ What John said to you is so sweet i totally agree 🙂 I also agree with you to not listen to music when you are depressed because some of the songs can be sad. I am so happy that you got so many wonderful comments on you bring back. That’s awesome I am very happy that you are back you are the BEST 😘☺💕 Love always your friend Jade / Emily Jean


  2. bklynny0856 on said:

    Magnificent photo. You are very desirable as far as I’m concerned. I’d say I’m jealous of John, but I can’t because he seems to be too nice of a guy. But if you ever need a fill-in, I’m available 😊


  3. Jade — thank you.

    bklynny — ha… thank you. Even if I can’t take you up on it, I appreciate the thought.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Erica,

    So far, so great! Your photo is absolutely beautiful.



  5. I enjoy reading your blogs so much. Lots of common sense delivered in an open and light-hearted way…even the darker bits…well done.
    Love the are beautiful and so natural..delightful..


  6. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Erica, glad to see you’re back. Of course you’re a very desirable woman. Any man who would disagree with that surely must be gay.


  7. Bonnie — you’re the best! Hugs back.

    Joe — that’s a lovely comment to wake up to. Thank you.

    Anonymous — (laughing) I wouldn’t go that far; I’m not every man’s type and I know it. But I appreciate the sentiment!


  8. Hey, glad you are back to blogging. Its always interesting to hear your thoughts on many subjects, especially spanking. As you mentioned in your earlier posts, a blog gives you the voice we all love to listen to. Oh, and nice picture too!


  9. Jon — always nice to know that people want to listen to me!


  10. Erica, your John is lovely and your picture absolutely beautiful.



  11. Hi Erica,

    You are so right about music. One line I recall daily when listening to oldies stations on the computer is from The Sopranos. Tony is consoling his son, whose girlfriend has just broken up with him. Tony tells him that the entire modern music industry is built on breakup songs. He’s right. Most of the lyrics are depressing, even if the song itself is lively with a good beat.

    John is a gem (but you already know that).



  12. Ronnie — thanks; yes, I do believe I will keep him.

    Hermione — music is killer sometimes! That John Lennon song I linked made me weep. (What else is new…) I tend to listen to classical music a lot; no lyrics.


  13. Anonymous on said:

    Welcome back, Erica! I am new to you, but you are not so new to me as I have seen things around the internet here and there. I am a new ttwd blogger. Not new to spanking with the hubby though! I just want to encourage you to keep writing! It is a healthy thing for a lot of us. Something about the written word just really gets to a lot of us bloggers, I think. Sending you some good thoughts and letting you know that you are not alone in your struggles. It’s very common and just a part of life to deal with anxiety and depression. Keep reaching out. Hugs, Windy


  14. secretspanko on said:

    Perhaps a cure for depression is returning to blogging and receiving an outpouring of appreciation? You definitely brought a smile to my face knowing that you’re blogging again. and that pic… you’re a desirable woman for sure.


  15. That’s a gorgeous picture of you. Keep blogging awesome woman.


  16. John from Australia on said:

    Erica, Something made me check just in case you were back, and there it was! Such a joy, such happiness! And a picture so full of emotion! Thank you for so much giving of yourself.


  17. ValleysPixie on said:

    Hi, Erica. I’m not at all surprised you are welcomed back, and so warmly. This safe, kind, secret blog is the only place I have ever dared share myself in this community: it is challenging, it is fun, it is really thought provoking. I’m guessing, though, that those quiet-day-crickets happen even here! As a reader, it can be too hard to get the thoughts down and write a response, even in this lovely medium, from time to time. Music can be a variable conduit for writing. Yes, your reflections are right, getting hit in the feels by the music is risky, and can sometimes arrive as a surprise. It was an old Willie Nelson song that got me all tangled up today while I was driving. Couldn’t speak for a bit as I wasn’t expecting to be overcome. I’m still feeling nostalgic, many hours later. This too will pass but I’m not pushing it away for now. As a final return to your blog thoughts, it is true, the photo here is a glorious picture of you, whatever you were feeling. Your blog, indeed, speaks of energy; let’s keep on feeling that energy!


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