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You’ve heard of PDA…

…which stands for Public Displays of Affection. In that vein, there should be something known as PDS as well. Three guesses what the S stands for??

As open as I am about my spanking fetish, I’ve always felt a little skeevy about public displays of it in vanilla settings. At a spanking party? Bring it. But on the street, in a store, etc.? I get embarrassed, I admit it. Which delights John to no end. I can’t tell you how many times he’s given me a smack or two in a public place, to which I hiss, “Don’t! There are PEOPLE!” He doesn’t seem to care about that. We’ve gotten snickers, whistles, and even “I saw that!” a couple of times.

This past weekend, we went to the grocery store to pick up a few items; three, to be exact. Because of that, John gleefully exclaimed, “Hey, self checkout!” And I groaned. I hate using the self checkout. Not because I’m lazy, but because it’s temperamental and glitchy. If you don’t do everything exactly right, very carefully, it freezes up and you get a “Checker has been notified” message. Well, crap, if you have to notify a checker, why use the damn thing in the first place? I can usually manage okay on my own, but John tends to rush in impatiently.

So we managed to get all three items scanned. I had put our grocery bag on the floor (if you put the bag in the “bagging area” before you scan any items, it screws up the system, because it thinks the bag is a grocery item you haven’t scanned yet), so I bent over to pick it up so I could put our stuff in it. And of course, you guessed it, John let fly with a loud smack to my butt. I jerked up to standing… just in time to hear the checker standing off to the side (watching for people who screw up the system, of course) call out, “Do it again!”

Oh, my freaking God. I sputtered and spluttered at John, while he stood there laughing his fool face off. Finally we got the transaction done and I started to hustle him out of there, but we had to walk by the oh-so-amused checker, who then grinned at us and asked, “Are you two newlyweds?”


“No!” I blurted, making a wry face and walking by… and then John fist-bumped him. He actually fist-bumped the guy.

I swear, I can’t take that man anywhere.

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16 thoughts on “You’ve heard of PDA…

  1. LOL, love it! Tom loves to do that in public to me as well. I just prefer that he not do that in the town in which we live!


  2. bklynny0856 on said:

    These are the stories we’ve waited for so long to hear again 👍😊


  3. I remember when you wrote about a similar incident John caused a while back at your local Trader Jo’s! It’s quite amusing when it’s happening to you, not me!!


  4. Jade Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica 🙂❤ I will guess what the S stands for in PDS does it mean Public displays of Spanking? I don’t like self checkout either I agree it does mess up, John is so funny that he gave you a snack Lol 😂 but not funny for you because it was in public and the checker saw it. John is hilarious when he fist bumped him HAHAHAHAHA LOL 😂 you know I love you Erica this post just made me laugh 😀❤ much Love and hugs from your friend Jade/Emily Jean


  5. Chibob on said:

    I hate the stupid self checkout too. I am glad it didn’t cause a scene other than the checker getting a little thrill. The whole me too movement makes me a little leery of that type of public behavior. Somebody might catch it on video and call 911.

    I really love reading your blog even though I don’t know what to comment sometimes.


  6. Jay — I know, right? You have to live there!

    bklynny — ha. Yeah, never a dull moment…

    Pam — you have a good memory. Some things never change; I never have been able to take John anywhere!

    Jade — yup, you guessed it, Public Displays of Spanking.

    Chibob — comment whatever you feel like. Damn, I would hope most people would know the difference between a playful swat and abuse, but you’re right, things are awfully dicey these days.


  7. potomacker on said:

    It’s so important to learn when not to listen to the exact meaning of words that a woman speaks


  8. Well, apparently this is spanking-friendly store – ain’t that great?


  9. Anonymous on said:


    Yah I still around ….. PDS MY ASS … or maybe yours…. 🙂


  10. secretspanko on said:

    I want to fist-bump John myself for that. loved this story, and love the thought of you being slightly embarrassed in public. I’m sure the the grocery store self-checker-outer-monitor checked out your ass, and appreciated it. 😉


  11. Anonymous on said:

    Erica, I am so glad you are blogging again. This is fantastic.


  12. SS — harrumph. :-Þ

    EL — thank you!


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